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@kuangrf she's been vampire hunting for decades, and now these jiliguala youth think they know what they're about, but they do not, and all unburied things cause trouble for the living.

mostly this entire thread that is rapidly getting out of hand with publisher duels & puppies but also a genuine #mswl for the general concept of an old school auntie vampire hunter—if we can have 25 van helsing adaptations we can have 25 of this!

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#mswl 2019: YA Paranormal: I want a big vampire or werewolf book or paranormal series that feels new and different and unlike what we've seen before. And YA SFF unlike anything we've seen before. (5/13)

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I still really want to see more vampire romances in my inbox. And not just your standard Lestat type—I want fresh, unusual perspectives and plots that make me sit up and take notice. #MSWL

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I made the mistake of starting The Vampire Diaries on Netflix (it's my first time watching the series) and now all I can think about is vampire lore. I am ready for a vampire resurgence.

To be more specific when it comes to books, my Young Adult vampire-themed #MSWL would look something like this: new twists on classic tropes; more interested in a badass character than "vamp with a soul"; the Pink Ladies or T-Birds... but vampires!

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The Mary Sue @TheMarySue

"What We Do In the Shadows" Is Officially Coming to the United States With Series Order at FX…

I want a vampire book that reads like this show. Funny, sweet, and from the POV of the vampire, *not the victim*--or at least not the victim alone. Another great example is BLOOD SUCKING FIENDS: A LOVE STORY by Christopher Moore. #MSWL

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Isabel Ibañez Davis @isabel9thLP

I leave twitter for all of two hours and suddenly VAMPIRES are making a comeback.

My heart guys. I want all the stories. But this time around can we also do latina and black and asian and indian and egyptian vampires, too?

I mean, please?! 🙏🏽

These might be the only kind of vampire stories I’d be interested in reading: based on non-European tradition/folklore and not of the Dracula or Twilight variety. Tales of creatures (part human or not) that prey on human blood have existed for centuries across the globe. #MSWL