Meggnog 🎄 ~ Closed to Queries Until 1/6/20 @Megan_Manzano · Jan 1

#MSWL for the new year pt 8: survival stories or a new take on dystopian worlds. Would love something with Last of Us of Wilder Girls vibes.

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 2 Dec 2019

I would love a dystopian that is smart and 2019 like THE GRACE YEAR. #MSWL

Rachel Cone-Gorham @rcgnyc · 18 Oct 2019

#overheard two 20 somethings talking about #books yesterday. Readers still want more of the same - just different? I wonder what a #dystopian, #postapocalyptic #domestic #thriller might look like? #bookslike #mswl

Dana Leydig @DanaPotter1 · 24 Sep 2019

My #MSWL: ALL the romance. Give me love triangles and quadrilaterals. Give me hate to love and slow burn, and firsts. Contemporary & historical & dystopian & speculative. Stories from marginalized voices and new perspectives.

Jinglebelle 🎄(Away) @alibelle · 24 Sep 2019

Since everyone is tweeting their #MSWL, I will join in!

I would LOVE a YA dystopia with a new twist. The Hunger Games is my fave, just FYI.

Some MG with bags of heart and tons of humour, across all genres.

Graphic novels for MG/YA, any genre.

Melissa Gaines @MelissaGaines42 · 24 Sep 2019

I'm breaking my Twitter hiatus for #MSWL Southern Gothic, Romance that goes beyond the I Do, Complicated Friendships with a Judy Blume feel, UF that isn't following a formula, and Military Scifi/Dystopian @VictressLit

Meggnog 🎄 ~ Closed to Queries Until 1/6/20 @Megan_Manzano · 24 Sep 2019

I'd love a survivalist horroresque novel or survivalist dystopian YA. Think Wilder Girls by Rory Power! Give me off the grid islands, plagues, a trip gone gone wrong, the end that begins as a whisper.


Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 24 Sep 2019

So I found my witch writer, my pirates writer, and my ballet writer this year! WOOO!!! What am I looking for next?...

...Sci-Fi, gaming, and dystopian/futuristic sci-fi. I'm not a space opera person though! Sorry! #MSWL This goes for MG and YA! =)

Kaitlyn Johnson - Closed to Queries @RedPenKaitlyn · 1 Jul 2019

Thoughts: would anyone read a dystopian that takes on what might happen when - world ends - and people no longer have government barrier to raid Area 51?

Could be horror. Sci fi. But... I’m curious lol #amagenting #mswl

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 20 Jun 2019

#MSWL Futuristic sci-fi (not set in space) and...dare I say it...


Dun dun dunnnnn...

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · 7 Oct 2018

Agents, I have updated my #MSWL on my site. If you have something that matches my current wishlist, feel free to send it my way! enigmaticeditor.blogspot.com/p/wish-list.ht…

Kaitlyn Johnson - Closed to Queries @RedPenKaitlyn · 12 Sep 2018

I would love to see dystopia or fantasy/sci fi with abandoned theme parks. Think Doctor Who "Nightmare in Silver" episode or Chernobyl playground feels. Points for setting as haven to homeless kids #MSWL

Ali Herring @HerringAli · 2 Jun 2018

#MSWL Thinking about the dichotomy of things & I want a near-future DYSTOPIAN where nothing is cleaned up & pretty. Want the horror (w/out major gore) of floods, earthquakes, death etc w/the thread of hope. Both pain & beauty. Give it to me...would love this with a literary feel.