Roz Foster @RozFoster · 2d

Seeking bold, fresh, literary #specfic #scifi with a strong feminist lean like Naomi Alderman's THE POWER @NaomiAllthenews, Lidia Yuknavitch's BOOK OF JOAN @LidiaYuknavitch, Sophie Mackintosh's THE WATER CURE @fairfairisles. See how to query me in my bio. #mswl

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 4d

Western, set in Northern California. Any genre: historical, scifi, fantasy, contemporary, etc. Diversity a must. #MSWL

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 4d

Biology-based science fiction. Stories that explore the future of evolution, ecology, zoology etc. #MSWL

Matt Belford @MWBelford · 4d

And now’s a good a time as any to talk about my #MSWL !

I’m looking for adult SciFi and Fantasy stories—bring me into your worlds! I’m also open to any graphic works: graphic memoirs, graphic novels, or other graphic nonfiction.

I’m open to queries, so bring it on!

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 4d

If I missed your #IWSGPit pitch, paste query & 1st 5 pages in email. Adult: Horror, thriller, cont. romance, rom-com, & mystery. YA: thriller, SFF, horror, mystery, & cont. MG: SFF, mystery, cont., & horror. #diversity #MSWL #ownvoices querylynnette (@) theseymouragency (.)com

Tricia Skinner - Closed to Queries @4triciaskinner · 4d

OPEN TO QUERIES: Please note the genres I rep or don't rep. Adult, young adult, and middle grade. Authors in marginalized communities encouraged to query. #mswl

Judi_Lauren @Judi__Lauren · Jan 6

For our #YA #MSWL, we’re seeking lovable, well-developed characters who’re falling in love for the first time (such as Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things!) whether it’s contemporary, sci-fi, or fantasy.

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Jan 6

It begins. I'm open to queries again at @PSLiterary!

You can check out my #MSWL over on my blog.

Happy New Year, let's make some books.…

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · Jan 6

Kelly is OPEN to Queries @LitAgentKelly

Good Morning! I am OPEN to queries for 2020, which means it's time to do a #MSWL thread!

For 2020, I am mostly looking for Middle Grade (Upper) and Adult stories! This includes MG Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, and Historical or any mix of the above! It also includes Adult Contemporary Romance and Adult Fantasy and any mix of the two! #MSWL

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Jan 3

I open up to queries again at @PSLiterary on Monday, so I've updated my wishlist!

I'd love to see more adult fiction and non-fiction this year. Send me your messy genre-blending stories, niche cookbooks, and complex memoirs.

Details on the blog!… #MSWL

Marisa A. Corvisiero 📚🍂 Ready for Autumn! @mcorvisiero · Jan 2

Aaron Webber @aaronwebberjr

@mcorvisiero What do you enjoy most about sci-fi? Just so I know if you might be interested if I send mine :)

Replying to @aaronwebberjr

In Sci-fi I love unique science and or well developed world, proper plot arc, multidimensional characters, and a tidy ending. Twists are a huge plus! #MSWL I'm a huge fan of time travel and anything in space- from the Martian to Star Wars. @CorvisieroLit @AuthorWorkshops

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Jan 2

-Character-driven sci-fi, always (YA/adult), & sci-fi grounded in the earth/plant life/climate change issues (like ANNIHILATION, WILDER GIRLS)

Happy HollZABÉs ⛄️🌲❄️ @ZREllor · 26 Dec 2019

Current adult sci-fi #MSWL

Epic gay love stories in space
#ownvoices stories about women of color finding their place in a vast galaxy
Complicated, morally grey characters

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 14 Dec 2019

Seeking: Adult: suspense/thrillers, horror, contemporary romance, rom-com, & mysteries. YA: suspense/ thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, & contemporary. MG: Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, adventure, mysteries, & humor. Picture books too!!! #diversity #MSWL