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Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

I'm also often drawn to books with strong water elements. Moody lighthouse keepers! Sleepy coastal towns! Ship captains! Merpeople! If there's lots of fog and salt air, I'm likely to be intrigued. (This goes for both romance and mystery.) #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

Also, according to my high school writing journal, one of my long-standing favorite things in romance is an extremely, explosively hot person who's deeply into their more average-looking love interest. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

Historical romance with protagonists of color and queer leads. More. Of. This. PLEASE. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

Give me something like the Crowley/Aziraphale pairing dynamic in Good Omens, but overt romance. (Yes, even more overt than that.) Doesn't have to be paranormal—I'm talking loose character types here. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

Magical realism is a thing I absolutely love. Think Practical Magic, but more romance. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

Some of my favorite romance tropes include enemies to lovers, marriage/relationship of convenience, and forced proximity. If the characters are annoyed by how into each other they are, the book is probably for me! #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 24 Sep 2019

I'm super in the mood for more cozy mysteries, especially those with paranormal or historical elements, and/or queer protagonists. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 20 Aug 2019

I'm super jonesing for more F/F romance in my submissions inbox right now, just FYI. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 18 Sep 2018

Authors, please send me all your coffee shop romance submissions, for real. #MSWL

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 14 Sep 2018

I still really want to see more vampire romances in my inbox. And not just your standard Lestat type—I want fresh, unusual perspectives and plots that make me sit up and take notice. #MSWL