Speculative Fiction

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · 6d

Also on my #mswl always is YA contemporary, including mysteries, thrillers, and contemporary with a touch of magic or a speculative element. I particularly love grounded stories with magic such as THE RAVEN BOYS.

Hattie ☀️ @hatteatime · Oct 3

My #MSWL: love stories - high-concept love stories (maybe with a speculative twist?), fresh takes on millennial dating, big historical epic romances, romances in beautiful dream destinations...

Dana Leydig @DanaPotter1 · Sep 24

My #MSWL: ALL the romance. Give me love triangles and quadrilaterals. Give me hate to love and slow burn, and firsts. Contemporary & historical & dystopian & speculative. Stories from marginalized voices and new perspectives.

🎃 Chelsey Emmel-haunts 👻 @CKEmmelhainz · Sep 24

I'm also a speculative fiction (set in the contemporary world) and magical realism junkie, so dystopian elements, accessible science, and lite, real-world fantasy elements can catch my eye, too #mswl

Tiffany Liao @Tiff_Liao · Sep 24

Tiffany Liao @Tiff_Liao

My Friday #mswl: a story with an "Arrival"-like twist that unfurls across many layers rather than pulls the rug out from under you

Huzzah #MSWL day! I'm still yearning for this speculative, twisty YA, something ambitious in scope and structure that doesn't forsake emotions or characters.

Devon Halliday @devonrhalliday · Sep 24

Devon Halliday @devonrhalliday

Happy #MSWL day, #amquerying #writers! In no particular order, a list of what I’d be psyched to see in the inbox:

Literary speculative fiction like SEVERANCE by Ling Ma or STATION ELEVEN. Particular weakness for apocalypse, dystopia, unusual storytelling structures, branching possibilities or timelines (RUSSIAN DOLL, Detroit Become Human)... #mswl

John Cusick @johnmcusick · Sep 24

I'd love to see more #YA fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction with queer characters at the center. Basically just take your fav HBO hits and give them some LGBTQ leads. #MSWL

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Sep 24

I'm looking for genre-blending literary fiction, stories that give us something magical or speculative alongside prose that stirs up FEELINGS.

Perfect examples: The Night Circus by @erinmorgenstern, Here & Now & Then by @mikechenwriter, Station Eleven by @EmilyMandel. #MSWL

KC&A Literary Agency @K_C_Associates · Sep 24

Kimberley would like a mashup of AD ASTRA and THE MARTIAN. On the other end of speculative fiction, she'd love a book in tune with THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY #MSWL

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · Sep 24

For YA, I love mysteries, historical, contemporary, magical realism, psychological/literary horror, contemporary w/ a very light speculative touch. I love funny books, I love serious books. #MSWL

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Sep 24

#MSWL - in YA, I'd love something really fun and soapy, maybe with a speculative twist, maybe not.

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · Sep 24

I just finished WESTSIDE last night, and it has a lot of qualities I'm looking for: historical, noir, speculative element, gorgeous writing, great voice. #MSWL

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Sep 24

I want to see YA or adult horror/spec fic that's deeply rooted in character (We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Baby Teeth). A lyrical spec fic like The Dreamers. I am forever dying for something you could comp to Never Let Me Go. #MSWL

jen is #RedForKashmir @bookavid · Sep 24

4) speculative YA Horror

Please. I beg you. I like anything not involving mental illness. I just want spooky stuff. Especially ghosts! Pls feed me 👻 #mswl

Hillary Jacobson @hillaryjacobson · Sep 24

I am dying to find the next big speculative novel. Where is the next STATION ELEVEN? The next NEVER LET ME GO? 99% of editors I lunch with beg me to send them this! Authors, please send my way because my sub list is already ready to go!! 🙏 #mswl