Ernie Chiara
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @FuseLiterary ⟡ Seeking underrepresented voices in Adult & YA Fantasy & Sci Fi ⟡ SFWA ⟡ he/him ⟡ #WeNeedDiverseBooks

#MSWL for trans voices in speculative #A or #YA that comps @ryka_aoki's The Light from Uncommon Stars. I'm blown away not just by the voice, but by the originality of the story, the heart, the narrative scope. It's breathtaking. We need more trans joy in SFF. Send them my way.

Noah Grey Rosenzweig
Literary Assistant
either reading a book or dreaming about writing one. big dog guy. proud(ish) to be from NJ. tweets my own. literary assistant @RossYoon (he/they) 🏳️‍⚧️

Noah Grey Rosenzweig @ng_rosenzweig

A #MSWL mini thread since I'm just dipping a toe into the querying world. 🧵

I love all fiction, with a soft spot for magical realism (think 100 YEARS, of course!). Lit fic, spec fic, and sci-fi are also high on my list. Fantasy like BLACK LEOPARD. Psych fiction that slowly unravels, like RED PILL. And not always, but sometimes, a great love story.

Kayla Lightner
Literary Agent
Rights Manager+ Agent @ Ayesha Pande Literary. Loves books, hates cantaloupe. Sometimes tells jokes and writes things, mostly wonders what the hell is going on.

Hi folks, a quick lunchtime #MSWL: While I absolutely love narrative nonfiction, I am positively dying to see more literary and upmarket speculative fiction (especially from BIPOC authors!!!) in my query inbox.

Sabrina 민용 Pyun
Assistant Editor
🌺Assistant Editor @ScribnerBooks 🌱she/her🌸Foodstagram: @sablikesfood 💐JHU Writing Sems ‘19🍄All opinions my own🪴Now acquiring🍁
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I loved THE DREAMERS by Karen Thompson Walker. Send me more grounded spec fiction, even better if it has an environmental angle. Adult and graphic novels welcome!” @readbystephanie #MSWL

beth phelan
Literary Agent
she/her. mg & ya literary agent. founder of 501c3 NPO @_DiverseVoices (#DVpit/#DVart, DVcon & more). submissions:
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I’ve been getting thru my requested submissions and looking for more!

YA grounded thrillers, high concept contemporary with a speculative twist
MG non-portal fantasy, speculative twists, intergenerational stories

Everything with and by marginalized people please!

MJ Johnston
Associate Editor at Sourcebooks. Adult Fiction/Nonfiction. Can be frequently heard saying "yes, I read books for a living" and "yes, I know guac is extra.”

Calling all smart, uplifting commercial fiction with a speculative slant that basically encapsulates how my heart grew watching the last season of The Good Place and somehow emotionally attaches me to a weirdly wonderful cast of characters like this elite crew. #MSWL

rebecca kuss
senior editor @ rick riordan presents+disney hyperion. 🇰🇷✡️. she/her.
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i love contemporary YA full of heart that plays with speculative elements in a way that hinges on the emotional connections between people.

i want stories that tackle weighty sociopolitical issues from an emotional, character-first POV, & with a thru-line of hope & joy #mswl

Kim Lionetti
Literary Agent
Literary agent of adult and young adult fiction. Autism mom. British period drama addict. Gosling aficionado. Penn State alum. She/her.
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And women's fiction/romance with magical realism or a speculative twist, like You Were There Too and In Five Years.

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Delighted to announce that our colleague Meredith is now accepting submissions in the genres of young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, speculative and horror fiction. More details here:…

Kaitlyn Johnson - Closed to Queries
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I am really dying to find historical fantasy or with spec fic touches. There are SO many locations outside of US/UK that I need to see in historical.

This goes for paranormal, too. Give me more cultural creatures (think the series Trese) #amagenting #mswl

Masha Gunic
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at the Azantian Literary Agency. Books, dogs, and cakes are life.
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Leslie Varney
Literary Agent
Fierce in friendship and in vengeance, she/her pronouns, lover of stories in all forms , agent w/ Prentis Literary, Leo, hippie, jackass
Emilia Rhodes
Editorial director at HMH Books for Young Readers and Etch. I tweet a lot about dogs, and think a lot about dessert. All opinions are my own. (she/her)

On the speculative side of YA, give me a world or a circumstance I’ve never seen before. I love high-stakes, plot-driven fantasy and sci-fi, where the world enhances the story more than is the focus.

Emilia Rhodes
Editorial director at HMH Books for Young Readers and Etch. I tweet a lot about dogs, and think a lot about dessert. All opinions are my own. (she/her)

Again in MG, I’d love to find more grounded or just slightly speculative adventure stories. Spies, detectives, quest and adventure seekers. I’m a sucker for a good competition!

The Blair Partnership
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I’m a huge fan of classic detective fiction, everything from Agatha Christie to Raymond Chandler, and really keen to find something in this area, whether more conventional or with a high-concept/speculative twist. Would love a gripping locked-room mystery #mswl

The Blair Partnership
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I'm also on the lookout for high concept love stories - ones with a strong central pitch. This might be a techy twist, or perhaps something slightly magical or speculative. #mswl

Allison Remcheck
Literary Agent
Professional reader and literary agent at Stimola Literary Studio. @StimolaLiterary

For YA, I love contemporary coming of age, fantasy grounded in reality, near-future dystopia, and high-concept speculative. Psychological thrillers that push the envelope. Truly twisty mysteries. Literary ghost stories. #MSWL

Natascha Morris
Literary Agent
Senior Lit Agent at Tobias Literary Agency, kidlit all the way.
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And if you are doing something spec fic wise, well I can't tell you the secret I am keeping that perfectly comps some of what I want, but for spooky spec fic #MSWL