Julie Gourinchas
Literary Assistant
she/they 🌿 literary flâneuse @BLM_Agency . 🇫🇷🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧. intellectual (non-practicing). likes: literary fiction, cheap wine, Aragorn II Elessar. views mine.

- folklore and mythological retellings, particularly non-Eurocentric/non-Greco-Roman/non-Christian traditions
- neo-western
- unconventional, unreliable, unlikeable narrators and central characters
- trans and queer joy, but also trans and queer rage
- diverse perspectives


Kelly Dyksterhouse
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, The Tobias Literary Agency, Kidlit, Hiker, Writer, Professional Daydreamer, MFA from VCFA. AALA. SCBWI She/Her

I am so excited to be opening to queries again! I will be open beginning tomorrow, June 3-June 10. #amquerying #writers , my #MSWL remains much the same but this month I am especially on the hunt for #YA and #mg genre fiction from diverse perspectives.

Emily S. Keyes
Literary Agent
Founder of the Keyes Agency, LLC. Bookish. Short. Invisible Disability. Brooklyn, NY. She/her
100 MSWL
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I am going to open again to queries next Monday. I would really like to see a romance (either YA or mainstream adult) that will sweep me away, a character I will fall in love with in chapter 1, and to add more diversity to my list overall. #mswl QueryManager.com/1621

Morgan Wilson
Literary Agent
SFF Author. Enby. ND. Demi. @belcastr Agent Apprentice. Host/VA for @itsallinthecard podcast. They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 Layout @ana_scribe

...fantasy romance/romantasy and obvs anything with horror elements. I also really want queer norm worlds, accessible fantasies and diverse casts (please give me more disability rep in fantasy!) 7/

Morgan Wilson
Literary Agent
SFF Author. Enby. ND. Demi. @belcastr Agent Apprentice. Host/VA for @itsallinthecard podcast. They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 Layout @ana_scribe

MG Fantasy: I honestly really love it all, but am really wanting a magic school with diverse cast and magical creatures (esp dragons!!)

MG Horror: Again I love it all, but would love a summer camp setting, haunted house/school, monster hunters and sentient natural settings 4/

Daniele Hunter
Literary Agent
Junior Agent, @mcintoshandotis , KidLit!! Queer, disabled. Wife/cat lady; she/her. Ambidextrous optimist. #WeNeedDiverseBooks #BrainTumorSurvivor #Endometriosis

-Disability, in both fiction and nonfiction

-Diverse cultures, holidays, traditions, identities (THE PROUDEST BLUE by Ibtihaj Muhammad, YOU ARE THE COLOR by Rifk Ebeid)

For both—again, open to any format/premise here!

Antoinette Van Sluytman
Literary Agent
@IGLAbooks SFF junior agent. Member of AALA & MDI committee. @Antoinight author account. 🥷🏾anti-literary imperialism🥷🏾✨She/Her✨
Weaver Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds & perspectives in adult & children’s literature. 🕯 @aalitagents

We are back open & I've updated my #mswl and genres I'm looking for. Anything not on the drop-down menu, I am not accepting at the moment.


Angela Kim
Also 김미나 🇰🇷 Associate Editor @berkleypub @penguinrandom and HSP. Never not obsessed with my dog. She/her. All opinions are my own!

I acquire contemporary romance, book club fiction, suspense, thriller, and mystery in the commercial and upmarket space. Would love to see more diverse suspense and thriller in particular!

Rebecca Podos
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at the Rees Literary Agency. Lambda Award-winning author, sometimes. FROM DUST, A FLAME out now, AT MIDNIGHT up next. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
128 MSWL

In YA and Adult:

- Fantasy rooted in folklore and culture, featuring diverse characters, myths, and monsters
- Horror as a vehicle for exploring identity, otherness, and trauma
- Fresh genre crossovers/subgenres like cozy sci-fi, horror romance, literary historical fantasy, etc.

Morgan Wilson
Literary Agent
SFF Author. Enby. ND. Demi. @belcastr Agent Apprentice. Host/VA for @itsallinthecard podcast. They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 Layout @ana_scribe

I love genre blends like sci fantasy and strong horror elements. I also really want to see queernorm worlds, accessible fantasies and diverse casts.

For YA specifically, I'd love to see retellings! 5/?

Morgan Wilson
Literary Agent
SFF Author. Enby. ND. Demi. @belcastr Agent Apprentice. Host/VA for @itsallinthecard podcast. They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 Layout @ana_scribe

First I'm looking for Adult, YA and select MG. I'll start with MG since it is the shortest!

MG Fantasy:

I love all these fantasy here, I would love to see magical creatures, especially dragons. A magic school with diverse cast? Send it my way! 2/?

Colleen Oefelein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent MacGregor & Luedeke Lit Christian Disabled Veteran PTSD warrior Penn State alum Also Author CM McCoy: EERIE Loves Irish dance, space & Pokemon
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In ADULT 💘Romance:
* Dark or Light*
* HEA required (even if the HEA not everyone's preferred HEA)
* Please indicate the heat level/sensuality in query
* Includes but not limited to: LGBTQ / work from diverse authors / chars with diverse backgrounds

- Esp. Settings in Alaska, Nat'l Parks, Outdoors, Wilderness, etc)
- Romantic Mystery
- Romantic Suspense
- Inspirational Romance (especially suspense: kidnappings, cold cases, witness protection, etc)
- RomCom
- Contemporary
- Historical (including Regency/England early 1800's)
- Paranormal (light/grounded in real world)
- Fantasy (light/grounded in real world), no fae, no dragons.

#MSWL March 2024

Ciara Smith
Literary Agent
AuDHD, disabled, and LGBTQIA+. She/her/they/them. Writing screenplays and editing books. Literary Agent Apprentice @ Corvisiero Literary Agency

#mswl ok but hear me out. A League of Their Own but for esports. Where feminism isn't *the plot* and it's a quirky good time. I know it's different from my usual but somebody have that for me? (And of course filled with diversity lol)

Molly Ketcheson
Literary Agent
Agent @wolfsonliterary | St Andrews ‘22 | Creative Writing & Publishing MA | A hopeful writer | Probably listening to Taylor Swift right now
Aiden Siobhan
Literary Agent
Aiden Siobhan | they/them | associate agent @LDLAInc | seeking MG & YA | #AMMR9 | UNCSA ‘23 | 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

YA & MG:
- I am looking for fast paced, high stakes adventures in all genres!
- fantasy and horror in particular — send me your gothic, psychological, magical tales
- diverse stories & queer romance
- clever, voicey protagonists and villains!

Heather Cashman
Literary Agent
literary agent, agent mentor @StormLiterary motorcycling | kayaking | mountain biking | writing
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I'm very open to #diversity of every kind. It's such a given in my house (with gay kids), and my sales list is very diverse, so I didn't really think about specifying that. I'm sorry for any confusion.

Amy Giuffrida
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @belcastr & wrangler of #TheATeam Lover of books, reality TV, Buffy, coffee, rescue dogs, and tattoos. 💀 My opinions are my own. She/her.
108 MSWL
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I am DYING to find a diverse ensemble cast series that could comp shows like One Tree Hill, The O.C., or 90210 in my inbox.

Super specific #MSWL I know, but damn I loved those shows with their gossip, romance, friendship, and family.

Meg Gaertner
Senior editor @fluxbooks + @jollyfishpress . YA fantasy/sci-fi writer. Swing dancer. Music lover. Philosophizer. Tweets are my own. she/her. meggaertner.com

I'd love to see standalone stories that address difficult and/or weighty topics in age-appropriate, compassionate, and thoughtful ways, and that are ultimately hopeful, as well as stories that increase the diversity of experiences reflected in MG literature. #mswl

Haley Casey
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent at CMA. Feminist. Interested in watching TV shows I've already seen and owning ALL books. All opinions are my own. (she/her)
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Finally, some of my favorite books last year were by trans, genderfluid, and Native American authors. While I'm always looking to support diversity, I hope to see more stories from creators who don't often cross my desk (or my bookshelf)—with Palestinian voices top of mind #MSWL