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Penny Moore @literarypenny · 5d

I’m reading a WEBTOON called My Deepest Secret and it’s about a girl who is dating a serial killer. It’s so good. #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · 6d

There’s a K-drama called Revenge Note (I know it’s kind of sounds like Death Note). It’s about a teen who has an app called Revenge Note that appears on her phone one day. You can enter the name of someone you want to take revenge on. I want this in a YA!!! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · May 21

I know this is specific but I’d love a contemporary MG or YA where the MC has to wear a back brace bc they have scoliosis, kyphosis, or scoliokyphosis, and has to deal with all the complications it inflicts on socializing and fitting in. This was me growing up. #MSWL

Penny Moore @literarypenny · May 9

I’m still looking for a YA or MG fantasy rooted in Korean culture. #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · May 3

#MSWL YA contemporary along the lines of The Last Summer on Netflix!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Apr 3

Now I want a #YAGoesToProm story where crazy stuff happens. It can be fun, ridiculous, and lighthearted OR dark if it makes sense. #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Mar 4

I’d really love a YA or MG fantasy rooted in Korean culture right now! I’ve been looking to sign once since I’ve started agenting, so yeah, let’s catch this great white whale! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Feb 28

I’d love to see graphic novels land in my query inbox! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Feb 27

I’m going to put it out there again. I’d really love to see younger YA contemporary that focuses on young teens starting high school for the first time with all of the mixed up feelings that come along with them!

And as always, send me great MG of all genres! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Feb 6

I’m in a query reading mode thanks to finally switching over to Query Manager. So if you have a fantastic YA or MG, now would be a great time to query me! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Feb 3

Send me your YA/MG fantasies featuring mythical beasts. @nickipaupreto’s Crown of Feathers and @ktzhaoauthor’s The Dragon Warrior have left me wanting more! #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Feb 3

I’d love to see YA featuring younger teens. Give me your fun and quirky stories about starting high school for the first time, with all of the mixed up drama and feelings that come along with it. #mswl

Penny Moore @literarypenny · Jan 15

A story about destroying the MTA in a rebellion against poor service, rudeness, and rising prices. #MSWL

Penny Moore @literarypenny · 11 Dec 2018

I love a good revenge story. Especially ones where girls get revenge. If you have a YA revenge story, please send it my way. #MSWL