Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · 12h

I am open to multiple genres right now! #MSWL
Adult sci fi (PLEASE send me a shockingly weird and powerful space opera)
Adult fantasy (twisty world politics and shifting loyalties with magic)
Adult romance (something that walks a WF line - the queerer the better, too)

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · 16h

I’d love to see a cozy magical MG like A SNICKER OF MAGIC or LOVE SUGAR MAGIC in my inbox. Voicey, elegant magic that’s simply part of the contemporary world, definitely from marginalized creators. #MSWL

Priyanka Krishnan @mspriyanka · 16h

I am never going to stop loving fairytale-inspired stories like SPINNING SILVER. I want dark woods and woodsy magic, monsters that aren't what they seem, characters who take their destinies into their own hands, romance and danger, and a HEA #MSWL

Priyanka Krishnan @mspriyanka · 16h

Ever since I became an editor, I've wanted a GARDEN SPELLS-style project--a story about tangled family ties and old friendships, about how people fracture and mend, steeped in magic and charm and set in a town that could be anywhere, and yet... #MSWL

Priyanka Krishnan @mspriyanka · 16h

I'm craving THE CITY OF BRASS-style rich and intricate fantasy, with complicated family dynamics, stark political tension, sweeping romance, and hard loss; stories that (respectfully) wed historical inspiration and folklore with unexpected magic and major stakes #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 6d

"Romance, baked goods, and magic in the vein of Janet Evanovich's Wicked series." @readbystephanie #MSWL

Hannah Allaman @hallaman13 · 6d

NGL I'm also consistently a sucker for...

📌Families! Siblings! Multi generational stories!
📌Witches + magic
📌Baking (bonus points: make it flirty)
📌Speculative twist? I'm there.

#mswl #MG #YA

Kaitlyn Johnson - Closed to Queries @RedPenKaitlyn · Mar 30

In GN, looking for Fantasy with lush worlds and diverse casts. I want this to be something where magic is infused into society or daily living. A place where we're reading more for the people and place. I'd love to see an eco-one focusing on resources, too #amagenting #querytip

C&W @CWAgencyUK · Mar 26

From @susanW1F: I adore novels with a sense of mischief, powerful prose/voice, dark in unexpected ways, but never bleak. I love a contemporary, complex family story, or something with a speculative edge - ghosts, folklore, magic, ‘otherness’. Find me here:

Deeba Zargarpur @deebazargarpur · Mar 20

💞 Also related, but I'm a sucker for contemp fantasy too! 🤸🏽‍♀️I'm a kid at heart, and to this day, I am convinced there is magic right around the corner, waiting to take me on the adventure of my life (and defeat some villians who maybe had nice hearts once upon a time) MG. #MSWL

Deeba Zargarpur @deebazargarpur · Mar 20

🔊 FANTASY! You heard it. I want it. I'm looking for lush, non-Western settings that are epic in scope, with grand magic systems. 🙏🏽 Let me escape in this world, let it be a world I WANT to escape into! Make it treacherous but alluring ala THE CRUEL PRINCE. 💫 #MSWL

Vicki Lame @thedaysbetween · Mar 16

Agented only #MSWL things I want across YA and adult: crossover fantasy (contemporary and not), magical realism, rom coms, rom sads, family stories, witches, vampires

Megan Manzano 🇵🇷 🌸 @Megan_Manzano · Mar 11

An update to my #MSWL:

I'm looking for more MG & YA thrillers/mysteries in my inbox. Whether you have an unreliable narrator, a group of friends trying to solve/find something, or some weird magic going on, I'd love to see it!

Megan Manzano 🇵🇷 🌸 @Megan_Manzano · Mar 7

Weekly PSA that I want more kidlit stories in my query box by Latinx authors.

Especially if they're magical realism.


Lisa Rodgers @_LisaRodgers · Mar 6

I'd love to see some queer epic fantasy a la Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books. Adepts, big magic, sword-wielders, magical companions (I'm a secret horsegirl), and politics, oh my! #mswl

Kelly Dyksterhouse @KellyDHouse · Mar 3

Updated #MSWL: humorous PB's with a surprise twist, and non-fic focusing on unsung heroes (pref. #ownvoices), MG with a clear narrative arc, unforgettable characters and a strong emotional core. Stories that bring out the magic in the ordinary. And ghosts!