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Naomi Davis, literary agent
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Thinking a little bit about #MSWL tonight! I'm actively seeking Adult SFF. I look for explosively different worlds, intricate politics,new/different presentations of magic,&sci fi that focuses on influence of tech rather than tech itself. Writing quality/originality matters most.

Megan Barnard
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reader, traveler, coffee drinker. Associate Agent @jdlitagency
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I adore The Winter Sea! A gorgeous historical with magic and the sea and Scotland! #MSWL

Deeba Zargarpur
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maybe this isn't the most ideal time to #mswl but i would like More MG PLEASE for Salaam Reads & BFYR. 🥺 Magic. Action. Adventure. Cool Villains. PLEASEEEEE I BEG U.

Peter Knapp
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Peter Knapp @petejknapp

Heading into fall (my favorite season!), I am excited to find fantastic new books to fall in love with in my submissions pile. Here’s what I’m eager to see… a #mswl thread:

First and foremost: MIDDLE GRADE. I am extremely hungry for a big middle grade series with stellar world building, cool magic, and a strong emotional core. I love my middle grade with lots of heart that works hand-in-hand with the high stakes adventure. #mswl

Maura Kye-Casella
Literary Agent
Literary agent at Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

Also included in #PitMad #MSWL are #NF #PopScience
and works with #otherworldly themes such as #astrology #tarot #ghosts #space #magic
but NOT #SF or Fantasy

Please send query and 3 sample chaps to my attn at

Josephine Hayes
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Agent at The Blair Partnership. Currently looking for exciting and adventurous children's stories. @TBP_agency

New term, new #mswl for subs! Send me your middle grade/teen/YA fiction with all or some of the ingredients below:
Unexpected plot twists
Contemporary or historical settings
Uplifting love stories
Non-traditional heroes
A sprinkling of magic ✨✨
#ThursdayMotivation #writing

Jessica Felleman
Literary Agent
Agent @ Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, Writer, Marshmallow enthusiast she/her

And last one for now, but never least, MAGIC -- bring me your untold myths and folklore fiction -- drag the fairies out of the woods and manifest the earth magic. Particularly looking for fantasy that incorporates diversity in culture, race, gender, and ability. #MSWL

Hope Bolinger - DEN RELEASES in 9 DAYS!
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Multi-published award-winning YA novelist🌹literary agent🌹 I write for @illuminate_ya and @INtensepub
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Hi #writingcommunity! I would love to see more Ace rep and platonic rep in YA fiction. If you have a YA contemporary or YA magical realism with either of these as a strong element in the story send the first three chapters and a proposal my way #MSWL

Eva Scalzo 🇵🇷
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Historical Fantasy with a diverse bent and lots of magic. Like say a story about a bruja/o/x traveling transatlantically and owning all of Europe. #mswl 6/

Shannon Hassan
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Literary Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency @MarsalLyonLit ; Board member @DairyArts
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I'm searching for more Middle Grade—Contemporary, historical, or magical realism stories that touch your heart, or your funny bone. Memorable characters, diverse perspectives. #kidlit #MG

Heather Cashman
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P.S. Literary Agency
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“Young Adult: Contemporary that reads like super fun fan fiction, magical realism novel with gorgeous prose, experimental formats.” @msmariavicente #MSWL

Danielle Burby
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Hey querying authors, I'm really carving some fresh middle grade on my list right now. Please query me with your fantasy, contemporary, magical realism, and own voices protagonists. I'm excited to see what you've all been working on! #mswl

Amy Stapp
Literary Agent
Obsessed with books, travel, and all things French; aspiring turophile and lover of champagne. Agent with @WolfsonLiterary IG: amystappny
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#MSWL I’m most eager to find twisty, intelligent suspense, upmarket book club fiction, women’s fic that explores friendship and multi-generational ties, light magical realism, and historical fiction from a new perspective or setting. I want more diverse/underrepresented voices!

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators. Tweets by Amanda Schiffmann.
1636 MSWL
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“I am interested in a variety of YA genres: contemporary, magical realism, horror, mystery, thriller, and light fantasy—just to name a few!” @msmariavicente #MSWL

Jolene Haley 🌵🌙
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @marsallyonlit . Lover of books, coffee, dogs, & true crime. Founder of @MdNight_Society . Insta:JoleneHaleyBooks. She/Her

I found this aesthetic on Tumblr last night. It was uncredited but it has the perfect vibe for my YA #MSWL.

If your book has magic, witches, secrets, and girl gangs, I would love to see it.