By Editorial Assistants

Mara Delgado-Sanchez 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · 5d

This is mentioned above in another shape and form, but I’m looking for Latinx voices! Fantasies, rom coms, etc! Envíenme! #mswl

Mara Delgado-Sanchez 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · 6d

Looking for own voices books that explore BIPOC interracial relationships! They can be adult/YA romcoms, or any genre you can think of! I’d love to see more! #MSWL

Elise LeMassena @eliselemassena · Feb 12

Every couple of weeks I have 1-3 days where the feeling of missing my mom & sister is completely overwhelming. We are a trio that can NEVER be broken. #MSWL 2 sisters & a single mom taking over the world.

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · Jan 29

#MSWL Really in the mood for voicey, gritty contemporary YA. Give me messy characters struggling to hold it all together while dealing with difficult situations/emotions. I love bittersweet stories that hurt & also make me smile. (A plus if it’s LGBTQIA.) Please send them to me!

Kate Sederstrom @sederstka · Jan 22

Give me a YA or MG with themes of leadership -- how a kid makes decisions for others when they're in a position of authority, no matter the scale #MSWL

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · Jan 7

It has come to my attention that the JIMMY list has no books containing dragons. This must be remedied, so agents, please send me MG submissions with dragons in them! I had a huge thing for dragons as a kid and would love to see some unique takes on them now. #MSWL

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · 10 Dec 2019

I’d love to see some really fun, quirky, voicey commercial MG in my inbox as of January. (I mean, feel free to send it in December, but I’m working through my current submissions rn.) #MSWL

Elise LeMassena @eliselemassena · 14 Nov 2019

I want a contemporary romance about a VSCO girl & an e-boy falling in love. tik tok enemies to lovers. #mswl

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · 1 Nov 2019

#MSWL MG with evil geniuses à la Artemis Fowl. Like, it’s great when kids save the world, but I’d love to see them trying to take over the world, too.

But in a way that makes me root for the main character. I want to *want* them to succeed, no matter their goal.