By Editorial Assistants

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · 5d

I’d love to see some really fun, quirky, voicey commercial MG in my inbox as of January. (I mean, feel free to send it in December, but I’m working through my current submissions rn.) #MSWL

Elise LeMassena @eliselemassena · Nov 14

I want a contemporary romance about a VSCO girl & an e-boy falling in love. tik tok enemies to lovers. #mswl

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · Nov 1

#MSWL MG with evil geniuses à la Artemis Fowl. Like, it’s great when kids save the world, but I’d love to see them trying to take over the world, too.

But in a way that makes me root for the main character. I want to *want* them to succeed, no matter their goal.

Kate Sederstrom @sederstka · Oct 27

Someone please send me a fresh take on True Grit #MSWL

Kate Sederstrom @sederstka · Oct 23

A latent dream of mine has been realized: a legitimate, professional page where I list books, movies, and shows I love, and stories I want to edit! #MSWL…

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · Oct 4

General #MSWL stuff: magic/spells gone wrong, ghosts, resurrections, possessions, the end of the world scenarios, characters who get themselves into weird/messed up situations that push them to their emotional limits, & friendship stories, especially friendships that ended badly.

Elise LeMassena @eliselemassena · Oct 2

Olympic Channel @olympicchannel

@Simone_Biles @USAGym @gymnastics Never. Before. Seen.

The double-double beam dismount looks even better under the lights of #Stuttgart2019.

I want a Totally Spies-esque middle grade where a team of young female gymnasts secretly fight crime & jump in the chalk bin to go to their secret agent lair instead of a trash can at school #MSWL

Caitlyn Averett @craverett · Sep 30

Agents, send me stories with nonlinear narratives, please! I love the way foreshadowing can be done with non-chronological timelines, and how knowing the ending can make me all the more drawn into the story. #MSWL