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Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · Apr 8

Real talk - I would be into something in my inbox for kids or teens that, if not actively advocating for prison abolition, seriously treats it as an option and a pathway. Fiction or nonfiction. MG or YA. #mswl

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · Jan 30

the mindy kim books made me desperate for some early reader/beginner reader books on my list this week, I'm ready, put 'em in my inbox. #mswl

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 13 Dec 2019

#mswl I would love something like the brothers bloom but with sisters - jokes, supportive relationships embedded in bad habits & baggage, ultimately love & kindness, heists or heists adjacent adventure? And Rachel weisz’s face. Would be good.

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 24 Sep 2019

Re: ED I very specifically want a character who is already diagnosed and is not actively dying and is coping while they do Other Thing (preferably solving a mystery but ymmv). DO NOT send me your ED life or death books, I cannot. #mswl

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 24 Sep 2019

My #mswl hasn't changed - still wanting books about clowns & queerness related to trickster figures, still wanting all types of found families, still wanting MG horror & spoop, I would LOVE more picture book illustrators, & a comedic YA protag coping w ED (incidental, not plot).

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 14 Aug 2019

I've just realized the protagonists I'm most drawn to and the protagonists I've been asking for, especially in the MG space are just Amy March. Bratty, determined babies who don't want to read and are wildly jealous & resentful and full of joy. Send me your MG Amy Marches #mswl

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 22 Aug 2018

Very seriously. I want more non-fiction submissions (for children and young adults). This would delight me. #mswl

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 27 Jun 2018

I know we're not supposed to say cozy anymore, but I want a cozy about grandmas playing dnd and solving murders in a small town.

They teach their grandkids rpgs & they eat a lot of cheetos or something. #mswl