Sarah Grill
Associate Editor @StMartinsPress . she/her. Avid dog-spotter and Chicago native. Opinions my own but deep dish is better than thin crust.

#MSWL coming of age stories that flirt with danger, suspense, and death. Juicy adult novels that explore the sinister side of friendships, relationships, and lost innocence (bonus points for alternating timelines). See: THE GIRLS, MY DARK VANESSA, YOU WILL KNOW ME, SECRET HISTORY

Leslie Zampetti
Literary Agent
Agent at Dunham Literary. Lapsed librarian. Rapacious reader. Working writer. She/her. Member of @SCBWI & @aalitagents .
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#MSWL - I need a gripping, chilling YA mystery. A laugh out loud MG. And some striking voices!

And I’d LOVE a great upmarket adult mystery or romantic suspense!

Dawn Dowdle
Literary Agent
Literary Agent. Representing Mysteries, Romances, Picture Books, Middle Grade Mysteries, True Crime and Cookbooks.

#pitmad #MSWL Cozy Mysteries, Amish Mysteries or Romances, Mysteries, Suspense, Picture Books (Fiction), Cookbooks, True Crime, Romantic Comedies, Western Romances

Emily Rodmell
Editor at HarperCollins / Harlequin Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life, Facebook: Emily Rodmell, Editor
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Agents: I'd love to see inspirational romantic suspense, thrillers, historical romance, historical fiction and women's fiction proposals and/or full manuscripts for Love Inspired Trade. 80K-100K words. Open to additional inspirational genres as well. #MSWL

Lauren Spieller
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE LEFT + SHE'S THE WORST. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her.
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One of the things I'm interested in doing A LOT MORE OF when I reopen to queries on 9/1/21 is ADULT fiction, specifically:

Adult Suspense
Adult RomCom
Adult SFF/H.

So if you're writing any of these, *please* query! #mswl

Bethany Fulk Hendrix
Literary Agent
Junior Agent @HollowayLit • YA writer • Lover of all things Disney and chocolate
Leah Pierre
Literary Agent
HTX ✈️ PHL | Publishing MA in 21'🤞🏾 | agent @ladderbirdlit • closed to queries📚
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YA mystery/suspense:
I want some on both sides of the spectrum: light and dark.

Something in the vein of Sadie, Behind Her Eyes (but YA), and Knives Out. But also something ala On My Block, Outerbanks, or Scooby-Doo, haha.

I love treasure hunts and heists btw!

Melinda S. Collins AKA LurchzPrincess
Associate Editor w/ City Owl Press. Love my tall man & lil munchkin. Fueled by coffee, wine, and rock ‘n roll. She/Her

#MSWL My ultimate wish is for romantic, paranormal suspense—or even a thriller. 😬

Keep me on the edge of my seat while serving up heavy doses of sexual tension in a paranormal world.

Eric, book publisher
Book recommendations + helpful advice for authors!☀️ Spreading happiness every day ☺️ I'm changing the world one book at a time!🌎 #MSWL Follow @5310publishing
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#Thriller & Suspense #MSWL

Any, especially caper, cozies, conspiracy theories, disaster, bumbling detective, revenge, investigative, softboiled, heist, suspense, mystery, crime, thriller, spy, psychological, historical, howdunit, whodunit, and romantic thrillers.

Sera Rivers (she/her)
Literary Agent
Literary Agent of MG, YA, GN at Martin Literary; MSWL:; Writer; Editor; Running Ambassador, reflective apparel, @illumi_nite Tweets are my own.

I would love a #YA novel from the POV of a teenage #succubus as an unreliable narrator with the plot twisting suspense of Courtney Summers’s SADIE #mswl #amquerying #horror #thriller

Stephanie Winter
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent @PSLiterary . She/Her.
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Going to put a bit of a wild #MSWL out here. If anyone's working on an adult novel that can comp Scream AND something super millennial like The Herd or A Special Place for Women, I want to see it. My query box is open ( for some suspense/thriller/horror.

emmy, purveyor of spines
Literary Agent
📚 lit agent: @WCA_LitAgency 📖 planning @TheFOLD_ 🐕‍🦺 PhD 💻 blogger 🌈 they/them; Sal: Dr. ♿️ My clients: #SpineSquad 📘 Announcements only! 📣
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Angela Kim
Assistant Editor
Also 김미나. Assistant Editor @berkleypub @penguinrandom . She/her. All opinions are my own.

Suspense: To balance out all the ~feels~ I'm looking for something darker, particularly psychological suspense that will make me second-guess e v e r y t h i n g. I'm looking for incisive writing that with an unforgettable twist.

Victoria Marini
Literary Agent
VP and Lit Agent at Irene Goodman. Not tall, just loud. She/Her ** Client Updates & Nonsense **
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Re-Read @BCMorrow 's CHERISH FARRAH recently. I challenge anyone to come up with more a chilling suspense. This has been both an #MSWL and an Author Appreciation post.

Emily Rodmell
Editor at HarperCollins / Harlequin Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life, Facebook: Emily Rodmell, Editor
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What am I looking for right this second? Inspirational romantic suspense or thriller for Love Inspired Trade. 85-100k words. Agented submissions.


P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"Romance, Literary, Commercial, Suspense, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Literary Agent
YA/Adult Fiction Agent at DMLA. Half-hour Comedy Writer. Hobbit degenerate. She/her. I smile a lot/make inappropriate jokes 🌈🦄 Deliverer (Death Stranding).
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I would really love an adult domestic suspense with a more pop/upbeat tone! Not everything HAS to be dark and gritty (even if it’s my natural home). Fuck, let’s get some Jawbreaker vibes up in here, writers! Not just a sardonic alcoholic with witty barbs - actual hilarity! #mswl

Uwe Stender
Literary Agent
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My #MSWL these days: Fiction: Adult Suspense, YA contemporary (any subgenre), YA and MG Graphic Novels.
Nonfiction: Pop Culture, or Narrative Nonfiction that reads like a novel, but is 100% researched. I remain open to other stuff, but the above is what I really want.

Emily Rodmell
Editor at HarperCollins / Harlequin Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life, Facebook: Emily Rodmell, Editor
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I'd love to see high concept inspirational fiction for Love Inspired Trade. Though we mainly look for genres like romantic suspense, womens fiction and historical romance and fiction. I'm open to considering others as long as they are inspy. Agented submissions only #MSWL

Hannah Schofield
Literary Agent
Literary agent at @LBA_agency (views my own) | Master of English (=19th-century feminist poetry) | always reading, always hungry.

Hannah Schofield @hannschofield

Good afternoon #amquerying writers! I am BACK (or my submissions inbox is)…

As well as my #mswl on the LBA website, you can find out some more about me in this interview I did with the lovely people at @RNAtweets:…

I include some pointers about how to catch my eye with your query letter - title; clear, snappy pitch; & comp titles