🧼 Lauren Spieller 🖐 @laurenspieller · 14h

I'd love to see more upmarket/literary fantasy in my inbox, a la TEN THOUSAND DOORS, UPROOTED, A DARKER SHADE. I'm particularly drawn to books that play with fairytales and folklore, but I'm looking for anything that draws me in w/ great characters and excellent writing. #mswl

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · 1d

6.) Women’s empowerment themes, especially in fantasy. Do you want to turn over old, outdated fantasy tropes from a female perspective? PLEASE DO. #MSWL

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · 1d

5.) Sibling relationships in fantasy or magic realism!!! Good or bad, I love them! #MSWL

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · 1d

3.) Fantasy with a realistic historical basis (high fantasy isn’t my thing) and/or a complex political system like the one in The Queen’s Thief series. Palace intrigue anyone? YES PLEASE. #MSWL

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · 1d

2.) Mental health representative fantasy. Come on people, it’s time. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 2d

“Middle Grade: luscious fantasy based on myths/traditions from non-Western culture.” @msmariavicente #MSWL

Becca Podos @RebeccaPodos · 3d

I don’t even know what I mean when I say I want a YA or Adult SFF with the vibe of the “Rain On Me” video, but I want it #MSWL

(Also, at first I misheard the lyrics as “I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m alive,” and thought that was a bold truth)

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque · 6d

Are there any SFF stories/novels about a pandemic that mostly kills white people (e.g. the reverse of the one we're living now) & its effects on society? If not, & a BIPOC writer wants to write it for YA: #MSWL

Laurel Symonds @LaurelSymonds · May 21

I'm constantly catching up on queries (which have gone up 200% since the pandemic hit). One category I'd love to see more of are graphic novels for kids and teens. Contemporary/fantasy/historical. Always diverse voices! Especially if an author/illustrator. #MSWL

Clare Wallace @LitAgentClare · May 20

Replying to @writerswkend

Here is my #mswl… Generally, outside of crime, things that are uplifting & are about finding/making connections. High concept, feel-good, love stories. And across children's uplifting again, funny, things inspired by kindness and nature.

Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · May 18

MG or YA fantasy that comps to AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER (I’m thoroughly enjoying my current rewatch!) #MSWL

Pam Gruber @Pamlet606 · May 18

#mswl In adult -- voice and hook. Contemporary, historical, fantasy, speculative fiction, fantastical realism. Books I’ve recently called faves include The Interestings, A Gentleman in Moscow, Nothing to See Here, The Starless Sea, The Power, and the Broken Earth Trilogy 8/?

Pam Gruber @Pamlet606 · May 18

#mswl #mg I love layered literary middle grade fantasy (some favorites: The Girl Who Drank the Moon or His Dark Materials), and coming-of-age graphic novels in the vein of Spinning and This One Summer 6/?

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · May 15

- Literary, character-driven stories featuring diverse ensembles and strong points of view
- Joyful romcoms about marginalized protagonists
- Light fantasy / speculative fiction


Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · May 15

- Funny and sweet contemporary coming-of-age stories
- Light fantasy adventures with great heart
- Historical fiction highlighting lesser-known narratives about marginalized folk


Leah Spann @LeahSpann · May 12

Possibly a weird #mswl request, but I've been thinking about it today:

I'd love to add a book to my list with the same unnerving, pervasive, looming dread that Majora's Mask gave me. A secondary-world or portal fantasy where the atmosphere is just slightly off-kilter

Marlene Stringer @MarleneStringer · May 12

Writers, I'd really like to see a fantasy or thriller set in the Restoration or other different time periods. #pubtip

McCorkle_Editor @McCorkle_Editor · May 10

On my #MSWL: Sexy #UrbanFantasy romance in interesting locations/settings, stand alone (with tie-in novel potential) Well written and highly polished is a must! Query deets here: