Michelle Lindo Rice
Literary Agent
Romance, Fiction writer. 2021 Vivian Award Finalist. 2021 Emma Award Winner. linktr.ee/michellelindor… Literary Associate at Olswanger Literary

As a new Literary Associate (9-1-22) I am seeking to represent Adult romance and fiction. My #MSWL (michelle jackson) tells what I am looking for. #amquerying #writerscommunity If you have a completed, unpublished manuscript, query me at querymanager.com/query/Michelle…

Helen Lane
Literary Agent
Writer of fantasy and horror. Junior Literary Agent @BookerAlbertLit Hoarder of books. Murdery at heart. Tea obsessed. (She/her).
Ali Herring
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1. Eclectic in life & books. I💙Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. #TeamSpencerhill 👽 “Ali-ens." ⚾️🎨🎭📚
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Ali Herring (closed to queries until 8/16) @HerringAli

I have now answered every query in QM I received PRIOR to closing to queries at the beginning of summer. I've got inbox zero for when I reopen tomorrow.

#MSWL -YA historical realistic centered on a historical but fictionalized MC -High-concept fast-moving YA -Contemporary MG -space opera -generation ship setting -western settings / adventure -inspy & category romance -accessible scifi -diverse scifi -Hallmark-esque MG 1st love

Kimberly Fernando - Open to Queries in September
Literary Agent
Read | Write | Terrible Gardener | Literary Associate - Olswanger Literary - opening to submissions on September 1st

I’m thrilled to announce I’m a new Literary Associate at Olswanger Literary! I’ll open to submissions on September 1, accepting adult fiction and nonfiction.

If you think we might be a match (my tastes are wide & varied) please query me in September!


Michelle Lindo Rice
Literary Agent
Romance, Fiction writer. 2021 Vivian Award Finalist. 2021 Emma Award Winner. linktr.ee/michellelindor… Literary Associate at Olswanger Literary

Excited to announce that September 1st, I'll be a Literary Associate with @OlswangerLiterary and I am open to queries. You can check out my MSWL before submitting. manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/mich…
#MSWL #literaryagent

Bradford Literary Agency
Literary Agency
We are a boutique agency passionate about forming true partnerships & building long-term relationships with our clients


We're thrilled to announce @RebeccaLMatte will be acquiring as our newest agent!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Rebecca has been our Contracts Manager and is now looking to represent YA & Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy and Romance. To query her visit: bradfordlit.com/about/rebecca-…

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for 🦉 @CityOwlPress and #MysticOwlBooks . 🦉 INFJ Addicted to 🌞sunshine, ☕️coffee, 🏍motorcycle riding, and ⛺camping.
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Ok, Twitter. Mystic Owl wants your short, sexy, magical books! If your story is between 30k - 75k, hot as sin, and is PNR, SciFi Rom, Fantasy Rom, (or any combination/variation of) send it my way, please! #MSWL

Amanda Ferreira
Editor at Random House Canada 🐧🏠 Chinese-Canadian • She/Her • #mswl adult romance, fantasy, sci-fi, hist, thrillers & graphic novels • Repped: @literarypenny

I would also love to see:
💫female MCs with -ologist jobs (paleontologist, marine biologist, etc.)
💫regency era romances
💫queer joy
💫feminist re-imaginings
💫SFF standalones
💫literary fiction with happy endings
💫Canadian settings


Lina Langlee
Literary Agent
Literary agent with @northlitagency . Graceless in the face of free food. Often forgets what goes on in DMs. she/her
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Okay, I’m open for submissions again! My #mswl currently includes dark academia, horror, big emotion romance, anything high concept - MG and up. I love folklore and myths from around the world. If I love the voice I’ll tag along for anything!


Taj McCoy (she/her) says buy LOVE TIMES INFINITY!!
Literary Agent
Author, Agent (@reesagency), & Consultant. Out: SAVVY. Next: ZORA, 04.25.23 (MIRA), EVEN IF THE SKY IS FALLING, May 2023 (HQN). Rep: @Jemiscoe . 🖤🇹🇭🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈
Lynnette Novak, Literary Agent
Literary Agent
Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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If I missed your #DVpit pitch, paste query & 1st 5 pages in email. #A: horror, thriller, cont. romance, rom-com & mystery. #YA: thriller, fantasy, horror, cont. & mystery. #MG: SFF, mystery, cont., & horror. #diversity #MSWL #ownvoices QueryManager.com/QueryLynnetteN…

Metamorphosis Literary Agency 📚 🎥 🌎🎙️🎮
Literary Agency
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Women's Fiction, Romance, Children's Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, LGBTQ+, & Historical Biography = Katie Salvo's #MSWL querymanager.com/query/KatieSal…

Anne Tibbets
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @MaassLitAgency . #1 Best Selling Author for a hot second. Writing rep'd by @LaneHeymont OPEN FOR QUERIES JUNE 2022 Opinions & sarcasm my own.
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I'm mixing up my #MSWL based on what my existing clients are working on.
Here's what I'm currently looking for:
-Adult Contemporary Mystery
-Adult Horror
-Women's Historical Fiction
-Romantic Action Adventure
-YA Historical
My query form is here: QueryManager.com/AnneTibbets

Charlotte Ellis
Editor for @MillsandBoon Modern/@HarlequinBooks Presents ❤️📚

📅 I’m participating in #DVPit next week! I’ll be looking for contemporary category romances that are suitable for Harlequin Presents. Think glamorous international escapes, captivating emotional drama and high-stakes seduction! #MSWL More info. on the thread below… ⬇️

Sam B. Farkas
Literary Agent
Foreign Rights & Agent at Jill Grinberg Literary. History dork. Gritty fanatic. Licorice connoisseur. She/her. Writer rep’d by @patricianels

Pssst, I have reopened to queries!

The long and short of it is: I'd like to see less Fantasy, and more of other genres (suspense, romance, historical). #mswl

(I am still open to Fantasy. See next tweet).

Bonnie Swanson (Author B.B. Swann)
Literary Agent
Lit agent at @Tpurcellagency she/her I also write PB for littles & YA romance w/a magical twist! **OPEN TO QUERIES!**
BookEnds Literary
Literary Agency
A literary agency repping bestselling, award-winning, & int'l published authors and illustrators for children & adults. Empowering creators to achieve dreams.
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Here's a sweet #MSWL tweet from @AgentJessicaA!

"I want more joyful books—book club fiction, women’s fiction, romance, memoir—just books that are filled with positivity and hope. Uplifting, happy stories with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters are especially wanted."

Sarah Nicolas aka Sarah N Fisk
Literary Agent
Agent at @TheTobiasAgency as Sarah N. Fisk. YA Author as Sarah Nicolas. @qqqpodcast host, event planner, writer @bookriot , founding member @disabilityinpub .
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Jacqui Lipton
Literary Agent
Author, law prof, Senior Lit Agent, @TheTobiasAgency ; #AALA ; LAW & AUTHORS: A LEGAL HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS (UC Press, 2020); OUR DATA, OURSELVES (UC Press, 2022).

#mswl Now I'm settled at @TheTobiasAgency, I'm open to queries: esp. seeking mystery, suspense, thrillers; nonfiction highlighting unique and diverse perspectives; romance (MG thru adult); querymanager.com/query/jacquili… Also tagging
@Sarah_Nicolas--what are you looking for?

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"Romance, Literary, Commercial, Suspense, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/