Logan Harper
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @jane_rotrosen . Big fan of the em dash. (she/her) Opinions are mine. #MSWL at the link below.
Erin Clyburn
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @HowlandLit // Copy Editor @foodandwine // Southerner // hiking & horror movies // opinions my own // she/her
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Adult: Horror of all stripes - psychological, body horror, folk horror, gothic, occult, hauntings, genre blends: horror/mystery, horror/thriller, etc. I gravitate more toward literary & upmarket writing than commercial.

YA: Same as above, basically!

Julie Gourinchas
Literary Assistant
🇫🇷🇺🇸 she/they. assistant @BLM_Agency . writer, editor, cheap wine enthusiast. neurodivergent. an "absolute literary nobody." #BlackLivesMatter . views mine.

more books about the rage of teenage girls feat. gothic vibes, pls (like YELLOWJACKETS meets SHARP OBJECTS 😍) #mswl

Kelsey Horton
Senior Editor @DelacortePress / Penguin Random House. Enthusiasm enthusiast.

Submission update! My new goal is to respond in 72 hours if it is a pass. I’m currently looking for YA thrillers, high concept contemporary, gothic fiction and paranormal. #mswl

Vicki Lame
Executive Editor, @StMartinsPress & @WednesdayBooks . Books about Big Feelings. Opinions mine. She/her. Not here as often as you think.
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#MSWL (agented only) - YA and adult - Gothic horror or fantasy, would love a fantasy that reads like a fun romp (like This Vicious Grace), vampires, witches, morally gray characters

Hilary Harwell
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @KTLiterary | Seeker of profundity, sunshine, fun, & good books. She/her. 🇸🇪🇱🇹 Open to queries. querymanager.com/HilaryHarwell
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As agents, we all have ‘ones that got away’. One of mine was Ginny Myers Sain’s DARK AND SHALLOW LIES. And I would love to see something like that in my inbox right now, #amquerying authors! #writingcommunity #MSWL #southerngothic #alltheatmosphere

Nadia El-Fassi ناديه
Assistant Editor
SFF Assistant Editor (ACQUIRING) @orbitbooks . Fantasy and Rom-com author. Weightlifter. MA in Poetry. Muslim. Bi 🏳️‍🌈. She/her. Views are my own. 🇲🇦/ 🇦🇺

Lovely agents of Twitter, a reminder that I am actively searching for HORROR! Folk, gothic, historical, haunted houses, death cults, deep sea, cosmic. . . if there's a spooky supernatural element, I want it. #MSWL

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“Gothic fiction with possibly a modern storyline, too (like THE LITTLE STRANGER by Sarah Waters).” @carlywatters #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Cheyenne Faircloth
Literary Agent
assoc. agent @handspunlit . she/her/hers; MSWL link in bio!

hi! i had to stay on theme and make my announcement in fairy wings and butterflies that my #mswl is now in my bio🦋 ✨ I’m so excited to see all ur queer fantasy books, and all the gothic, weird romance stories y’all have in store!!

Madison Scalera
Literary Agent
Literary Associate for Olswanger Literary | one dog away from "crazy dog lady" | former book reviewer for BookLife by @PublishersWkly

Happy V Day to all the romance authors out there. This is my informal invitation to please send any and all stories of love my way (e.g. romantic fiction, gothic romance, psychological romance). #mswl #WritingCommunity #romancenovels

Clara Chuiton ✨
Literary Agent
literary associate at Olswanger Literary // romance writer // mother to a cat // 💫 OPEN TO QUERIES 💫// pp by @makowwka

I would love to see more high-concept horror, in settings or time periods that feel new. Queer horror (think THE DEAD AND THE DARK or WILDER GIRLS but adult), gothic, and psychological horror are my favorites, but I never know what I'm going to fall in love with!

Ernie Chiara
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @FuseLiterary ⟡ Seeking underrepresented Adult, YA, and select MG voices in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror ⟡ SFWA ⟡ Founder @TBRstack ⟡ he/him

✨ Surreal, atmospheric horror that unpacks societal and/or personal traumas
✨Monster reimaginings from BIPOC POVs or steeped in SWANA or other non-western mythologies
✨Body horror, psychological horror, gothic, historical, and/or genre-blended with fantasy or sci-fi.


Saint (S.T.) Gibson IS OPEN TO QUERIES
Literary Agent
Author of A DOWRY OF BLOOD + agent at Speilburg Literary, Goodreads Choice Award Finalist, she/her. Rep: @Literary_Tara .✨ 💌 saint.substack.com


✨ Atmospheric, character-driven contemporary fantasy like THE RAVEN CYCLE
✨ High fantasy with intricate religious, magical, and sexual worldbuilding like KUSHIEL'S DART
✨ Fantasy romance in the vein of Grace Draven and Naomi Novik
✨ Gothics of all subgenres

Kaitlyn Johnson - closed to queries
Literary Agent
Agent @belcastr . insta: kjbelcastro. Freelance Editor. Serial comma for life. She/her. Query at QueryMe.Online/KaitlynJohnson
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Also HORROR! Mostly just MG and Adult, not YA.

No blood/guts/gore, but psychological and suspenseful.

Love gothic horror
ghosts and ghoulies welcome
Think things like Mexican Gothic, Doll Bones, Oculus, etc.
#querytip #amquerying #writingcommunity

Hannah VanVels Ausbury ❄️⛄️
Literary Agent
📚✏️Literary Agent @belcastr | Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | She/her | QueryMe.Online/HannahVanVels☕️🍷
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In Adult, I'd love to see:
⚡️Queer rom coms
⚡️ Contemporary stories of people navigating the start of professional life
⚡️ Gothic, witchy horror

Hannah VanVels Ausbury ❄️⛄️
Literary Agent
📚✏️Literary Agent @belcastr | Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | She/her | QueryMe.Online/HannahVanVels☕️🍷
55 AskAgent
58 Queries
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In YA, I'd love to see:
👑 Queer rom coms
👑 Contemporary friendship stories
👑 Thrillers with isolated settings
👑 Horror with gothic and atmospheric vibes
👑 Historical that centers on POC stories

Mara is resting with the chupacabras
Assistant Editor
🇵🇷 That witch from the Caribbean. Word witch @stmartinspress | @wednesdaybooks . Somewhere with the chupacabras. Opinions mine. (she/her)

For YA:

- I’m looking for any and all kinds of fantasy, from grim dark to the lightest, fluffiest contemporary fantasy

- I’m looking for Gothic stories. I love the concept of monsters, the uncanny, the way it delves into the characters

- I’m also looking for supernatural #MSWL

BookEnds Literary
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Here's your second #MSWL! "Amanda would love to see submissions that feature coming-of-age stories like Stranger Things, stories that trend more psychological than bloody, and fresh takes on Gothic or haunted house stories." @wensday95


Brenna English✨Loeb
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TransLitAgency // I am Darren Nichols. Deal with THAT.

bog bodies, the age of sail, westerns (centering BIPOC and/or queer characters only please), stories about sports teams (that are maybe haunted??), gothic romances, medieval pilgrimages and any combination thereof!

Nivia Evans
Senior Editor at Orbit/Redhook. PW Star Watch Superstar 2020. Openly Black. I read things...all the time.

I would love to see a gothic fairytale retelling of Rappaccini's Daughter in my inbox. #MSWL