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Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators. Tweets by Amanda Schiffmann.
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“Fandom books and other illustrated, geeky/pop culture non-fiction for YA and MG (maybe even PB?) readers.” @readbystephanie #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Alexandra Weiss
Literary Agent
Associate literary agent at @JDLitAgency . Book lover, space enthusiast, dream chaser. Tweets are my own. She/Her.
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For picture books, I’d love to see more stories about communities and family or cultural traditions. I’m also down for totally silly, wacky stories that make kids giggle. ☺️

I’d also be interested to see some more author/illustrated projects with bold, colorful styles! #mswl

Hen&ink Literary
Literary Agency

#mswl picture book & graphic novel creators: If you are an illustrator who writes and illustrates with heart and humor, we'd love to consider your picture book dummy and sample art or graphic novel. You can submit at QueryManager.com/Henandink

Clelia Gore
Literary Agent
VP of Martin Lit + kid lit agent. Optimist, lover of things lovely, crooked smiler. French-Peruvian-American living in Singapore for a bit! Mama to 🌺✨
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I'm happy to report that I've re-opened to queries! You can find my latest #MSWL here: cleliagore.com/mswl. You'll see that I'm in a nonfiction state of mind. Handy graphic for ya too. Note that I accept queries on Query Manager only. I look forward to reviewing your work🤓

James McGowan
Literary Agent
Associate Agent & Social Media Mgr. @bookendslit Debut: GOOD NIGHT, OPPY w/ Graham Carter (@boydsmillskane, 9/14/21). Pre-Order links below! Sitcom Junkie.
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Elena Giovinazzo
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, more specifically, Vice President at Pippin Properties, Inc.
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Alice Fugate
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent, Opinions my own

I’m LIVE on #MSWL!! Check out my way-too-long description of the kinds of projects I’m interested in and send me queries! Can’t wait to see what all you lovely writers and illustrators are working on 🌝 #amquerying #amagenting manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/alic…

Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈
Literary Agent
Agent at the Bent Agency // Currently closed to unsolicited manuscripts // Check out my #MSWL by clicking the link below // they/them
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For illustrator portfolios, I like to see a decent sampling of your work, including anything from character design, to fan art, to sequentials. Please let me know whether you are exclusively an illustrator or author/illustrator. #mswl

Literary Agent
Associate Lit Agent. I go by Dan. PB/MG/YA Please follow submission guidelines. Thanks 🏳️‍🌈 A book can inspire a child. A child can inspire the world.
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#WritingCommunity my #MSWL is now open to #Illustrator. If you're a children's illustrator you can #query me flanneryliteraryassociate@gmail.com

Please include a query/introduction letter and a sample of your art embedded in the email. I won't open attachments or links.

Hilary Harwell
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @KTLiterary | Children's Writer | Seeker of profundity, sunshine, fun, and good books. She/her. Query me: hilaryquery at ktliterary.com.
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I’m open to queries once again, folks! Looking for picture books, chapter books and graphic novels from author illustrators as well as middle grade and young adult projects! See my #MSWL for more about specific projects I’d love to see! And once again, Happy New Year! 🎉✌🏼

Lori Steel (open to queries)
Literary Agent
Agent at Raven Quill Literary @Ravenliterary repping PB-YA. Writer, Librarian, Ally. @VCFAWCYA alum; #SCBWI ; #kidlitwomen ; she/her.
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P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators. Tweets by Amanda Schiffmann.
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“Send me all your ghost stories. I'll take adult fiction (scary or fun), a history of haunted places in America, an illustrated book-- you name it, I'm here for it.” @claire_m_harris #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Melissa Richeson
Literary Agent
Author...Associate Literary Agent...Paddle Board Enthusiast...Disney Fanatic.
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Browsing and hearting at #PBPitch today! So much loveliness! Specifically looking at #POC, #own, #BVM, and #illustrator. (But as always, my inbox is open, so check my pinned #MSWL for tastes and please query if you think we'd be a good match!)💚📚

Christabel McKinley
Literary Agent
Works at @dhachildrens . Children's books, SFF and, apparently, musicals. Views & opinions my own. Header by @zaynscandycane . Feeling 100% mutual.

Making it official! 🎺 I am now formally open to children's submissions - picture book texts, fiction through from early readers to YA, illustrators & graphic novelists. I'll update with an #MSWL later but for now will just say I'm looking forward to reading all your work! 💕

Jemiscoe is OPEN to QUERIES! 🍷
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @AndreaBrownLit -Adult, YA, MG, & Illustrators. Writer. Wife, mom of 3, MFA grad, & former Asst. Director for film & TV. jemiscoe.com

#illustrators, I am here for you! I'd love to see your art, from PB to MG to YA.

I'd also like to see author-illustrated graphic novels. My kids love them. I love them. And I will continue to be an advocate for the fun and creativity and hard work that goes into them. #MSWL

Laura Rennert
Literary Agent
Executive Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, book maniac, travel junkie, whisky lover, and owner of six pounds of spitfire chocolate chihuahua

I would love to see some more amazing kid lit illustrators in my Query Box—paticularly author-illustrators. As always especially on the lookout for diverse creators!

To query visit: querymanager.com/query/LauraRen…


Lauren Spieller
Literary Agent
Twitter Valkyrie | Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE LEFT + SHE'S THE WORST. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her.
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I’m really looking forward to #KidLitGN! I’ll be looking for MG + YA graphic novels from authors and author/illustrators. I love realism and magic and science and horror—I love it all! I’m also particularly keen to find projects from diverse creators! #mswl

Tara Gilbert ✨ closed to queries
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent @jdlitagency | 🌈she/they | ✨Magical | Gemini/Cancer ☼ Pisces ☽ Capricorn ↑
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Also, more graphic novel authors and illustrators! I'm open to all categories, but especially love MG and YA. Mostly looking for inclusive, diverse stories from underrepresented communities. #MSWL #GraphicNovel #illustrator

Shout out my lovely clients @jocabako and @Schnumn!

Uwe Stender
Literary Agent
Founder @triadaus , Literary/Film Agent. Herthaner. Berliner Schnauze. Qualität kommt von Qual. 'Mooky.' 1982,1991, 2013, 2017. Books, Films, Music.
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Having sold the MG graphic novel SORT OF SUPER by #Teamtriada's @ericgapstur with Brent in a six-figure pre-empt has definitely whet my whistle. I would love to see more author/illustrator MG and YA #graphicnovels in my Inbox. #MSWL

Ashley Herring Blake🌈
Literary Agent
Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 5.25.21; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | 💖💙💜

Would LOVE an MG graphic novel from an author/illustrator in legit any genre. DO WANT.