Kelsy @kelsythompson · Jan 16

Kelsy @kelsythompson

Hey #WritingCommunity, if I missed your #iswgpit and you think your project might be a good fit, or if you're simply in the #amquerying trenches: here are some things on my #MSWL (a thread)

- unique character-driven #YA contemporary with a voice that grabs you and won't let go
- #ownvoices and underrepresented narratives (I'm still looking for that #ya refugee/immigration story!)
- feminist, #LGBTQ , and sex-positive narratives
- shorter (~50k) contemporary #mg

Erin Siu @erinssiu · Jan 14

New year, new me💁🏻‍♀️my #MSWL is finally live! Check it out if you'd like to know what I'm looking for. 📚…

ellen @ellencormier · Jan 14

In 2020, I want to acquire more books! (It is also my job.) So, agent friends, here's a #mswl thread that I'll add to all year long.

TL;DR: Send me PB, MG & YA projects that have a distinct POV and something to say. Bonus points for queerness & a net emotional outcome of joy.

Grace Kendall @GraceKendallLit · Jan 10

-**we can fight climate change y’all**
-queer MC on an adventure, heist, terrible sports team etc (tho plot not necessarily about their queerness)
-STEM/STEAM threads
-joyful/frivolous/funny stories that center kids from marginalized backgrounds
-dogs, horses & sassycats (3/7)

Grace Kendall @GraceKendallLit · Jan 10

-climate change exists! (a gentle introduction)
-PB bios featuring STEM/STEAM subjects
-queer princess adventure
-commercial character-driven pb (w/ series potential) featuring kid from historically marginalized background


Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Jan 8

Replying to @LindaEpstein

For anyone who doesn't already know me, let me state loud & clear once again: Please send me your #BIPOC #LGBTQ+ #ownvoices #middlegrade & #YoungAdult manuscripts! Look at what I'm asking for in my other #MSWL tweets to see if we'd be a good match. (Ah! So many hashtags!)

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Jan 8

Something I want to see in my inbox: a YA romcom set in space; even better if the main character is BIPOC and extra points if it's LGBTQ+ too! Not too sciencey & not fantasy or characters w/superpowers (other than being smarty pants and/or physically fit). #MSWL

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Jan 7

Just realized my most discernible #MSWL brand is: pop culture references, but make it gay.

Barry Goldblatt @barrygoldblatt · Jan 6

I have been searching for a brilliantly funny and romantic as all get out lesbian romcom for a decade now, and I’m really hoping this year I finally find it! The key here for me is it does need to be funny; the world needs more laughter. #MSWL

jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jan 3

* Middle grade and YA fiction & graphic novels from perspectives that often feel left out of publishing, including LGBTQIA themes. Especially if they are:

* Funny! Heartfelt! Adventures! All of the above! Basically, I LOVE middle grade and YA fiction and graphic novels!

maria vicente @msmariavicente · Jan 3

The query inbox at @PSLiterary opens on Monday, and I’m so excited to add new clients to my list in 2020.

Representation info and my updated #mswl is at the link below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Kristin Temple 🎈 @_kristintemple · Jan 2

Ok, it’s 2020. I would like to see much more queer horror, please and thank you #MSWL

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

And as always… any and everything queer. AND PARTICULARLY GIRLS KISSING GIRLS.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

YA fantasy! I’m all about witchy blood magic—darker is better (does anyone see a trend here yet). Queer! Enemies to lovers! Magic with consequences! Tangled friend/family relationships! Unique plot lines with lots of tension/conflict! AND DON’T FORGET THE KISSING I NEED KISSING