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Courtney Stevenson
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Erin McClary
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Very specific #MSWL request: narrative nonfiction about Mabel Hampton (1902-1989). Feminist. Civil rights activist. Gay rights activist. Dancer. Participant in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s.

Julia McCarthy
Editor at Atheneum (S&S) by day, purveyor of dad jokes by night, eternal sea hag. My tweets are my own. she/her 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Avatar by lovely @NicoleGoux

Hello my #MSWL is queer joy stories like Heartstopper only thank you goodbye ❤️🌈✨

Ameerah Holliday
Literary Agent
“The very time I thought I was lost, / My dungeon shook and my chains fell off” Dancer | Poetess | Revolution | Jr Agent - Serendipity Lit | Opinions are my own

I’d love to see more rom-coms in both adult, NA and YA. Bonus points for intersectionality! (BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or both!) #MSWL

Katie Blagden
Literary Agent
Associate Agent, Literary at The Bright Agency. Book club contributor on The Graham Norton Book Club. Doodler. opinions my own

For my personal #MSWL I adore a wide range of genres but especially sci-fi, fantasy, horror and romance (or any mix of the above!) Particular interest in stories with LGBTQ+, disabled and diverse characters. Incidental representation a plus - no more bury your gays pls! #WMPitch

Lorna Hemingway
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PB and illustration agent @BLM_Agency | MA in Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths | Small obsession with Drag Race UK | She/Her | Bi 🏳️‍🌈

Some picture books I’m really loving at the moment ✨❤️

Would love to see these themes in my inbox pls! #MSWL #PBWriter #PBAgent

🔍 cosy crime (Richard Osman for the under 5’s)

📝 Soft learning texts with quirky characters

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ elderly LGBTQIA+ rep

Samantha Wekstein
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And middle grade high fantasy too, especially featuring Queer or BIPOC main characters. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency
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“I would love to see more masc. of centre genderfluid, trans, and non-binary protagonists across genres.” @readbystephanie #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

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Lots of typos hahah But look, I am not a Nice Girl and I’m wild and I’m black and viet and queer and never had to be shy about it and that’s what the hell I want to see in contemporary stories. I just want queer kids being messy without apology or hesitation #mswl

Becca Podos
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Reps YA/Romance/SFF at Rees Literary Agency. Author, occasionally. FOOLS IN LOVE out *now* and FROM DUST, A FLAME out 2/22/22. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
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Fuck burying your gays, somebody write a queer zombie novel where all of the folks who never got to be together in life rise from the grave to un-live happily ever after, while eating the brains of homophobes and transphobes 🤝

Julie Gourinchas
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New Year, New Bryn!
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We always want more submissions from BIPOC and LGBTQ authors (outreach is also key here, of course) and we’re eager to publish diverse books, including from debut authors. #MSWL #HallmarkPublishing

samantha s. fabien
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Putting out an #MSWL call for QBIPOC romance in YA and adult. I want all the steam/heat, yearning, humor, and heart.

pls pls pls send me your f/f romance or rom-coms with diverse MCs in a one-night stand, forced proximity, or in any trope really. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #romancelandia

Ian Shea (currently closed to submissions)
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Associate Agent for @MaximusLiterary . He/Him

So apparently I completely forgot about #lgbtnpit today. But a link to my #MSWL is in my pinned tweet and if you’re an #lgbtq author who thinks your story would be a great fit for me, you’re welcome to query me. Submission guidelines are on my agency’s website! 🏳️‍🌈

Nidhi Pugalia
Assistant Editor
*acquiring* assistant editor at @VikingBooks . got deviants to see, a cake to bake, and a novel to finish. she/her/hers.

for my #mswl more queer narratives à la Neel Patel including characters coming out at later stages of their lives, particularly from BIPOC cultures. I think about this all the time. Every day. 1 AM on a Sunday after cheer up Charlie’s. Thank you and good night.

Mandy Hubbard (she/her)
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In honor of the horrible excuse for a human who posted on my community FB page about a “sex club” at the local middle school- her post including a photo of an adorable, hand-made flier for the gay pride club, please send me your queer MG stories. Let’s get ‘em published. #MSWL

Literary Agent
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- Contemp Romance w/ messy relationships like Who I Was With Her or Only Mostly Devastated.
- SciFi where teens are in charge. Add a queer romance to the story, and you're golden. Think The Darkness Outside Us.
-Horror, horror, horror! Creepy, gory, scary AF! (3/6) #mswl

Literary Agent
Literary Agent @AndreaBrownLit , #UCLAAnnex educator, @aalitagents member ☕️ 🇵🇷🧩📚 #autismparent #lgbtparent #queeraf 💖💙💜 She/her/ella #SarysPosse
130 MSWL
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Saritza🇵🇷Hernández @LitAgentSaritza

I'm finally re-opening to queries. I have a few holes in my list so it's time for a #mswl thread.
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- RomComs think Get a Life, Chloe Brown or By Any Other Name (heat value can be low to steamy).
- Historical Romance not set in Regency Era. Bonus points if features BIPOC or Queer main characters.
- Hard SciFi in the vein of Hail Mary or All Systems Red.
(1/6) #mswl