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Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 1d

I’m gearing up for 2020 and decided to add picture books to my wish list, but I’m also removing adult fantasy and adult sci-fi. I still want MG and YA in those (and other) genres. See my pinned tweet for deets. #MSWL #WritingCommunity #amquerying

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 1d

Seeking: Adult: suspense/thrillers, horror, contemporary romance, rom-com, & mysteries. YA: suspense/ thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, & contemporary. MG: Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, adventure, mysteries, & humor. Picture books too!!! #diversity #MSWL

Erica @LiteraryErica · 3d

• 2020 #MSWL

- Diverse Contemporary MG.

- Characters with disabilities in Picture Books and MG.

*** The disability should absolutely NOT define the character. The character *has a* disability, the character *is not a* disability. (4/6)

Erica @LiteraryErica · 3d

📚 For writers who are trying to plan for 2020 querying here is my wishlist 📚

Before you send a query to me (or any agent): Please make sure you have polished your manuscript. It should have been critiqued/beta read/something of that nature before sending it to me. (1/6)

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 6d

"Romance, Literary, Commercial, Suspense, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Dec 7

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein

I hope people understand that when agents post #MSWL wishes that's not the only kind of projects they represent. You all do know that, right? For example, many of my clients don't write any of the things I'm asking for. That's why I want them!

I want my list to be balanced with PBs, CBs, MGs, YAs. Some serious, some not; some weird & quirky, some chock full of muggles; some lighthearted, some deep & thinky. And there are all the things I don't know I want until I get them. #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Dec 5

Seeking: Adult: thrillers, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary romance, rom-com, & mysteries. YA: thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, & contemporary. MG: Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, adventure, mysteries, & humor. Also picture books! #diversity #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Dec 5

Guess who's looking for picture books! *points thumbs at self* This girl!!! #MSWL Query me: querylynnette @ theseymouragency (dot) com. #diversity #ownvoices

GoldenWheatLiterary @GoldenWheatLit · Nov 24

Oh my. 💕💕💕 #mswl (...or a sales page the moment I can put this needed PB/MG on my child's shelf, if someone else gets it done first.)

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque · Nov 23

carlydraws @carlydraws

@chavelaque What subject would you like to see more books about?

A PB on the Atlanta washerwoman’s strike, or Pullman porters, or the Chicano rights movement; MG novels starring boys of color doing sports; MG or YA NF on topics of POC history #mswl

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · Nov 17

Would love to see more inter-generational stories from non-western cultures for the PB space in my inbox! Grandparents and grandchildren, aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews, etc. taking part in family or broader cultural traditions! #mswl

Beth Marshea @busybethm · Nov 13

#mswl Picture Books with heart and fun a hook. I love books about friendship and acceptance like Octopuppy, Beekle, Not Quite a Narwhal.

Andrea Walker @_AndreaWalker_ · Nov 11

#MSWL Picture books! I would love to represent a pb author or author/illustrator. I love whimsical ideas, lyrical writing, fic-informational, nf, and more. If you're unsure, please query!

Beth Marshea @busybethm · Nov 10

Kate Shea @zeldazap

@JessieSima @busybethm I'd be happy to make you a pair! Just let me know your size.

Just remembering that time when my sister made @JessieSima fan art shoes. #fangirl #fanart #kidlitart

Someone send me a picture book about a kid making fan art and getting to meet the artist. #mswl

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · Nov 7

Every time I spot the SCBWI folder designed by @ogemora in my office, or read one of her books, I'm reminded yet again of how much I love collage. I'd love to see more PBs that utilize collage! ✂️📜🎨 #MSWL