Picture books

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · 1d

A book I need as a parent but doesn't exist to my satisfaction so I'm going to add it to my #mswl with the hopes of one day representing it! Please send me a non-lame, super clever, commercial picture or board book for toddlers transitioning from a crib to a bed.

Erin Siu @erinssiu · 3d

New year, new me💁🏻‍♀️my #MSWL is finally live! Check it out if you'd like to know what I'm looking for. 📚 manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/erin…

ellen @ellencormier · 3d

At the time of this tweet I have exactly zero picture books about bears or cats. It is a big problem. Let's fix that. #mswl

ellen @ellencormier · 3d

In 2020, I want to acquire more books! (It is also my job.) So, agent friends, here's a #mswl thread that I'll add to all year long.

TL;DR: Send me PB, MG & YA projects that have a distinct POV and something to say. Bonus points for queerness & a net emotional outcome of joy.

Grace Kendall @GraceKendallLit · Jan 10

-climate change exists! (a gentle introduction)
-PB bios featuring STEM/STEAM subjects
-queer princess adventure
-commercial character-driven pb (w/ series potential) featuring kid from historically marginalized background


James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

I’m actively seeking submissions in:
Literary/Upmarket fiction
Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Humorous middle grade fiction
Middle grade non-fiction
All picture books (fiction & non-fiction)

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

We’re sharing our 2020 Must Haves graphics over at @bookendslit. Here’s mine. I’d love to see a query from you! #MSWL

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · Jan 8

Here are my two first super specific #mswl of 2020! (1) A picture book about the golden ratio. I hated math as a kid but golden rectangle + where it's appeared in history fascinated me. (2) An MG novel featuring a "third culture" kid. As a current ex pat, I know these kids!

Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · Jan 7

Putting some #MSWL items out into the universe in the hopes they find their way to me in 2020! Agent friends, I’m actively acquiring PB, MG, and YA but I’m really looking to build my MG/YA lists this year. Below are some things I’d love to see right now. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Jinglebelle 🎄(Away) @alibelle · Jan 7

I'm itching to sign up some new talent to join my amazing list of illustrators and authors! Have a look at my page and get in touch! madeleinemilburn.co.uk/looking-for/al… #mswl

Joanna Cardenas @joannananamc · Jan 6

For picture books, I’m looking for narratives that center joy, humor, silliness, curiosity, and imagination. #mswl

Joanna Cardenas @joannananamc · Jan 6

We're back from break, which means agents are open to queries & editors are looking for projects to acquire! I’m excited for the beautiful, memorable PB, CB, MG, & YA manuscripts I’ll get to read & consider in 2020. Adding my #mswl to the mix!

Dana Chidiac @chidiaqian · Jan 6

Picture books with great visual storytelling (or texts that leave lots of space for it) #mswl

Dana Chidiac @chidiaqian · Jan 6

Welcome to 2020, publishing! Agent friends, here’s a #mswl thread for pinning and perusing and adding to all year.

Forever, I’m looking for PB, MG, and YA, especially by underrepresented creators, especially contemporary fiction that leads with joy.

Tara is open to queries. 🔮✨ @Literary_Tara · Jan 6

Misc. wants:
- Artist and Illustrators for picture books and graphic novels.
- Tarot card proposal.
- Middle Grade and YA nonfiction by underrepresented authors and spirituality.