Bethany Fulk Hendrix
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Junior Agent @HollowayLit • YA writer • Lover of all things Disney and chocolate
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Literary Agent w/ Azantian Literary Agency and freelance editor. Mostly jokes + booktalk on here. 🏳️‍🌈 Witch-lover, gaymer, proud guncle, jovial. He/him
HB Steadham
Literary Agent
Always falling down the rabbit hole. Asst Lit Agent @TheTobiasAgency . She/her. Queer. Neurodivergent. Writing rep'd by @KellyDHouse . Opinions are my own.

If your novel is a (NOT HIGH FANTASY) retelling of myth or folklore, we might just be a match.

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Literary Agency
Award-winning independent literary agency based in Oxford.

I’m particularly in the mood for astrology-inspired fantasy, courtly intrigue, a witchy romance, myth & fairytale retellings, sapphic romantasy, undercover assassins, life or death trials and anything dark academia...

Davi Lancett
Editor @TitanBooks . Big on books, games and food. Pizza deserves its own section. 🎃

4 - Queer fantasy, queer SF, queer dark academia, queer Gothic, queer roadtrips, queer retellings, queer… you get the gist.

Rachel Mann
Literary Agent
Editor turned agent at Jo Unwin Literary Agency – submissions open. She/her.

Also some mythical retellings and / or adventures inspired by non-Western myths and legends for the middle grade market? #mswl

Emily S. Keyes
Literary Agent
Founder of the Keyes Agency, LLC. Bookish. Short. Invisible Disability. Brooklyn, NY. She/her
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I'm still looking for my speculative retelling/reimagining of the life of Hatshepsut. #MSWL Just putting that after since I finally got to read "Iron Widow."

Lauren Spieller is on Instagram
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Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of Books for Young Adults | Check my website for book info & query status. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her
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I’m a sucker for a retelling/reimagining. I represent at least 6 of them and I want more!!! #mswl

Eva Scalzo
Literary Agent
a boricua🇵🇷 who has never met a tangent she wouldn’t follow | lit agent @ Speilburg Literary | AALA & SCBWI | she/her/ella/ms. | links in bio
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In fantasy: Anything with a fairy tale at the root of the story is fair game but also any retelling of a classic story is my jam. From Shakespeare to Spielberg, I love stories that take familiar characters and upends their world and everything we thought we knew about them. #mswl

Kendall Berdinsky
Literary Assistant
agent assistant @ DG&B 👩🏻‍🏫 👩🏻‍💻 rom-com and Austen obsessive | OPEN to queries | she/her | no DM queries please!

In historical fiction, I’d prefer stories not set in Western Europe or the USA. Hidden histories and female-led retellings are also up my alley.

Assistant Editor
28. NY. Assistant Editor at Kensington Publishing. All opinions are my own. Oxford comma or bust.

I would also love to see some retellings in my inbox, whether that be of classics or myths #MSWL

Kay Cornett || Literary Agent
Literary Agent
literary agent at @BirchLiterary | MFAW from @saic_news | ⤹ Read my submission guidelines + MSWL | *opinions are my own
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↬ Literary Fiction retellings ft. classic authors: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stoker, du Maurier, Austen, etc.
↬ Historical Fiction
↬ True Crime: well-researched + in the same vein as In Cold Blood
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Daniele Hunter
Literary Agent
Junior Agent, @mcintoshandotis , KidLit!! Queer, disabled. Wife/cat lady; she/her. Ambidextrous optimist. #WeNeedDiverseBooks #BrainTumorSurvivor #Endometriosis

Specific Interests continued:

-Singers, music, musical theatre

-Pets (cats!!), esp. if the owner was hesitant at first

-Retellings (not necessarily of popular fairytales—love DON’T LOOK BACK by Lilliam Rivera)

-Characters who don’t want kids

Eva Scalzo
Literary Agent
a boricua🇵🇷 who has never met a tangent she wouldn’t follow | lit agent @ Speilburg Literary | AALA & SCBWI | she/her/ella/ms. | links in bio
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Across categories/genres: #LGBTQ stories of all flavors, any retelling “but make it gay” is pretty much would be something I want to read always. #mswl

Bethany Jett | ♥️💛 FSU 💛♥️
Literary Agent
Assoc Lit Agent, Boymom x3, Milspo🇺🇸 🙏🏻 💖 #INFJ ✨ I live in a world of books, but I’m literally allergic to them. #colophony | AALA SCBWI

Closing submissions inbox on Friday.

#MSWL - cozy mysteries, YA or MG retellings, NF (see QM or PM for list), PB (can be author-only)

The Tobias Literary Agency
Literary Agency
A full-service literary agency representing authors of fiction and nonfiction.
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Stefanie Rossitto #MSWL: I would like to see a re-telling of HOLIDAY INN with modern-day, diverse characters!

Rachel Yeoh
Literary Agent
Associate Agent to Madeleine Milburn at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency @MMLitAgency

I am very excited to find new writing talent this year, so if you happen to be submitting your manuscript, please do think of me. I am keen to find something transportive, evocative and voice-driven! 📚…

#MSWL #MSwishlist

A.M. Rose call me Ann
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agent: @TheTobiasAgency & #rosebudauthor wrangler | author: ROAD TO EUGENICA & BREAKOUT | opinions are my own | she/her rep:@evascalzo layout:@ana_scribe
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I'm still dying for a YA that deals with competitive cheerleading. And I would kill for a retelling (in some way or form) of Sugar and Spice #MSWL

✨Caroline J. Trussell is open to queries✨
Literary Agent
junior literary agent with @metamorphlitag , mental health advocate/warrior, reader, indie/self pubbed author. INFJ & Capricorn😇 (she/her)

I would love to see Egyptian, Roman, and Greek mythology retellings in my submissions #MSWL #manuscriptwishlist

Maria Vicente
Literary Agent
senior literary agent + advisor @psliterary
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Upmarket speculative fiction. Grounded fantasy, magical realism, retellings of fairy/folk tales, horror. The majority of my favourite books of all time live in this genre. #MSWL