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🤩 Can someone write me this picture book? Maybe from the POV of the black hole? Humor always appreciated! #MSWL…

Jonathan Rosen
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Lauren is CLOSED to queries
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Things I want to see more of:

--shorter MG and YA
--boy MCs
--humor (not necessarily as a genre, but as a feature!)


samantha s. fabien
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Putting out an #MSWL call for QBIPOC romance in YA and adult. I want all the steam/heat, yearning, humor, and heart.

pls pls pls send me your f/f romance or rom-coms with diverse MCs in a one-night stand, forced proximity, or in any trope really. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #romancelandia

A.M. Rose call me Ann
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Intersectional stories that explore themes/ideas that we see in our daily lives—even better if humor can be used to help propel these things and make them feel less didactic #MSWL

Erin Clyburn
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MG across the board: Heartwarming & funny contemporary, mysteries, humor, horror, adventure, or some blend of all those. Touches of magic.

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-- THE GREAT NORTH -- I'd love to see a novel or book club adult fic about characters out in Alaska or similarly remote landscape. This one I'm genre agnostic on, I'll take humor, horror, thriller, romance, across all age groups (nothing younger than MG).

Naomi Krueger
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My son has asked me to "make more books with talking animals" so, here's my official request to agents on his behalf. I'm interested in picture books with strong SEL hooks and would love to see more humor too. Must connect to our mission of helping kids thrive. #MSWL

kukuwa? 🇬🇭
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Stories that center nuanced + dynamic characters. I think of work that has a combination of humor + heart (like Insecure or Abbot Elementary) and uses stylistic elements (like voice, POV, structure) to create a compelling narrative (2/8)

Randall Lotowycz
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Agents/Authors, I'm open for business and accepting submissions for acquisition. Please send me your best humor and entertainment book proposals. DMs are open for queries. Also happy to have brief chats with aspiring authors upon request.
#MSWL in thread.

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In MG…
- MAGIC!!!
- Percy Jackson-esque adventure
- Humor and warmth
- Complex family dynamics/ sibling relationships

Elana Roth Parker
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I only do MG and YA. My taste leans commercial and escapist and ultimately…fun. Big imaginations. Joy of adventure. Humor. Romance. Big feelings. I’ts okay if we’re not a match. There’s a bazillion agents these days. #MSWL

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#MSWL Still (forever) seeking voicey female-fronted thrillers. Less domestic/psych suspense fiction (unless they've got a killer Gone Girl-style twist), more heists, fights, action/adventure goodness. Would love a female Reacher equivalent. Humor also much appreciated.

Lisa Green Editor
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#MSWL time! I REALLY want something for Mystic Owl. Which means: 75K or under, HOT adult PNR or UF romance or Sci-fi romance. Heavy on the romance in any sub-genre of Fantasy, but with action as well. I love at least a touch of humor, especially dark. @ me w/any questions!

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Just read an article in the NYT about humor and Judaism and it made me think about how badly I'd like to see a Jewish Rom Com in the vein of My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a big Jewish family, lots of humor, and the concept of welcoming an outsider into a new culture. #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker
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Kidlit agent w/ @LDLiterary . @aalitagents communications committee. Avid quilter. Still not Elena. Closed to queries. Mostly here to share good news. She/her.
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- I like zany humor and mad-cap adventures. (See TIME VILLAINS and 7TH GRADE V. GALAXY on my list.)
- Epic fantasy is great—but the more original the world the better.
- A sense of FUN and POSSIBILITY and MAGIC (doesn't have to be literal magic, but it doesn't hurt).

Paige Terlip
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Some things I am currently looking for across age groups:
✨More humor—we could all use more laughter right now, right?!
✨Kids falling in love with the outdoors—camping, urban gardens, farms, really anything to do with nature.
✨ Girls who do martial arts!

Heather Cashman
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Putting out a call for humor like this amazing book I read recently… until 5:30am. 🙃

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I’ve opened to picture books. I’ve missed my PB community. (Go easy on me.)

I’ll be prioritizing authors and/or illustrators from marginalized communities, books with side-splitting humor, and fascinating nonfiction (that’s not a bio). - #MSWL

Caitlin White
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ALWAYS want #YA whodunnits/mysteries that are puzzle-y or riddle-strewn and have touches of humor and lively characters in the spirit of Agatha Christie, like #TrulyDevious or the Inheritance Games series. #MSWL #amquerying