Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈
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Agent at the Bent Agency // Currently closed to unsolicited manuscripts // Check out my #MSWL by clicking the link below // they/them
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(Memoir continued) I love books with humor and interesting perspectives, and enjoy a big personality or narration to go with the contents of the memoir. I do not want conservative or conservative leaning memoirs. #mswl

Brit Brooks-Perilli
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anime/book/video game nerd. Sometimes writer, all the time magical girl & Assistant Editor @Running_Press & @RP_Kids . All views are mine. Avi: @stinkl1ng

Detective Pikajew, Esq. @clapifyoulikeme

Hi I would like to know why I don't already have at least five seasons of this hit romcom series????…

Rival female hockey team captains fall in love, but WAIT what about the upcoming championship where their teams must play each other!?

Someone please write this YA with tons of humor and love and joy and send it to me as soon as possible!!! Ok, thanks!
🏒💖 #mswl

Maggie Kane
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There is always time to read. Always. Junior agent @IGLAbooks Unconventional Leo, textbook middle child. Opinions are lurking, they are just mine. She/her

On the lighter side, upmarket fiction & beach reading sans the beach! Historical fiction, romantic comedies, family sagas, I'm open to pretty much anything with humor and heart

Elana Roth Parker
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Kidlit agent w/ @LDLiterary , bourbon lover, challah baker, Trekkie for life, new quilter, stepmom, mom. Still not Elena. She/her.
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At the moment, I'd say I want to see YA and MG that leads with joy. Falling in love. Doing something exciting. Exploring new worlds. Kids with quirky passions. Humor. Families (of all configurations) that love each other. #MSWL

Bibi Lewis
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Associate agent at Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Consistently feminist, constantly knitting
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Happy new year writers! Here are a few #MSWL 's I am really hoping to see in my inbox in 2021. At the top of my list is big, juicy Contemporary Romance. Give me out of this world chemistry, off the charts humor, and escapism for days

Lynnette Novak
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Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. I'm actively building my list. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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Here's my current #MSWL:

In MG fiction: horror, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, action/adventure, mystery, and humor.

In children’s fiction: picture books (non-rhyming preferred).

Always looking for own voices, diversity, and LGBTQ+!!!

3/3 #WritingCommunity #amquerying

Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~
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When I reopen to queries I want to see those friend families of outcasts & weirdos around that terrible cusp of adolescence. The kids who are patently uncool & dealing with tough stuff, but can get through it because they have each other, & lots of humor & heart.

Emily Forney
Literary Agent
Associate agent @bookendslit • Internet and pop culture writer • Vampire enthusiast • Expert trap queen for #MSWL

Update on my #mswl for early 2021
For MG (open to almost everything here):
✨Disability rep in genre fiction
✨Spooky, bonus if legends outside western lens
✨Stories about community and cities
✨Fantasy of all kinds
✨Bob's Burgers-like humor and quirk
✨Queer first loves

Ashley Herring Blake🌈
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Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 5.25.21; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | 💖💙💜

Reading THE SWITCH & goddess, I’d love a queer BIPOC contemporary adult novel (could say women’s fic, but I’d love any marginalized gender) that has similar feels. Light romance, quirky characters, humor, & a heartwarming takeaway that makes you want to live your best life.#MSWL

Ashley Herring Blake🌈
Literary Agent
Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 5.25.21; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | 💖💙💜

For mystery, I'm mostly interested in cozy mysteries, particularly those created by & featuring queer, BIPOC, and QBIPOC characters. I want intrigue, humor, & fresh takes on all the fave tropes. Please no cop-centric stories. #MSWL

Amanda Jain
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Literary Agent repping adult fiction and nonfiction @bookendslit . You can query me at Books, books, books, always books. she/her
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HBO Max @hbomax

IYKYK, Carol. #Superintelligence premieres November 26 on HBO Max.

I realize the vagueness of this #mswl, but I adore Melissa McCarthy with my whole being and I'd love to see some subs featuring protagonists that live with the same kind of heart, humor, and joy.

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷
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Kayla Tostevin
📚 Children's Editor @PageStreetKids (she/her) Happiest when adventuring ⛵ 📖🚶🏻🏕

Hi all! I've been on the @pagestreetkids team for a while, most recently on the marketing/PR side, but I'm excited to announce I'm now a children's editor full time! Check out my brand new #MSWL here:…

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"Health, Wellness, Humor, Sports, Pop Culture, Pop Science, Pop Psychology." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Samantha Wekstein
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Something similar to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Humor, big family, interesting traditions, etc. #MSWL

Samantha Wekstein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TL_Agency . She/Her, ENFJ, dog lover. Illustrators I rep: Pitch to
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A political campaign book A La The West Wing. Hopeful, humorous, tense and a little romantic. Plz no Republicans. #MSWL

Margaret Danko
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Writing, Editing, Junior Agent & Assistant to @paperoverboard1 at @iglabooks . Terrible cleric. Made of dark comedy and tarot cards.
Ashley Hearn 🌖🌗🌘 Donate to Warnock and Ossoff!
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HUMOROUS VOICES! A lot of the contemporary I read and acquire has a witty/ funny narrator, and an author with a gift for humor (see: Cece in @SoniaHartl1's HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME). Please, please send me your funny books! #MSWL

Natascha Morris
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Literary Agent at The Tobias Literary Agency, representing kidlit. Query me at For Editorial Peeps, see website!
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For picture books, I tend to lean towards a more commercial edge. And humor, with a heart of gold is 100% where my heart lies. #MSWL