Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · 3d

hello! it's almost my birthday & I would love nothing more than to find my inbox flooded with:
🏳️‍🌈 adorable queer love stories for mg and ya
🎃 spooky & silly mg with lots of magic
🌍 funny contemp ya that takes place outside of the US
🎂 pb or mg about baking & sprinkles


Melissa Warten @melissa_warten · 3d

Just watched #SomeoneGreat on @netflix and would love that in book form—those fierce female friendships, that strong setting, that bomb soundtrack—but younger, cleaner, and just as funny and heartwarming. Who's got me covered? #mswl

Molly Cusick @molly_cusick · 5d

I'm caught up on agented submissions through 7/15! I'm hungry for all kinds of PB, MG, and YA. #MSWL of the moment: funny-sad MG, sex-positive YA, something in the vein of ANGUS, THONGS, AND FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING. (Please note: I can't consider unagented subs.)

ZR/Zabé Ellor @ZREllor · Aug 9

#MSWL middle grade about about a beauty pageant, preferably funny and with a protagonist who likes it (instead of “I’m not like other girls”)

Savannah is headed to BEA, y’all @slbrooks91 · Aug 7

Is it too much for my #YA #MSWL to just consist of spooky but funny retellings of the Headless Horseman ?

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Jul 26

"In non-fiction, I want to read about historical funny women, your Lucille Balls and Bea Arthurs. For humor in fiction, think the next Mrs. Maisel." @readbystephanie #MSWL

Tara 🏳️‍🌈📖🔮 @Literary_Tara · Jul 23

Andrea Walker @_AndreaWalker_

@erin_clyburn @Megan_Manzano @Literary_Tara What’s at the TOP of your MSWL? Anything you’re dying to see?! 😁


I'll retweet this one. THE TOP of my list would be a romance like RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE. A queer romance that is more than a romance, funny, and makes me swoon. #MSWL

Allie Levick @AllieLevick · Jul 21

Jess Leake @JessLeake

Just saw @AllieLevick mentioned in this article of fantastic PB lit agents, and I can attest to how knowledgable, helpful, and quick to respond she is!…

Hey! I’m on a list! How cool.

Please send me your funny AND heartfelt author-illustrated PBs! I’m all about the ~layered~ narrative.

Big thanks to the incredible @JessLeake who totally made my morning with this!


jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jul 20

I updated my #MSWL page. I’m looking for MG, YA, kids/teen GN, and author-illustrators. Great writing a must, high concept a plus, and diversity in all ways is welcome. I love your queer, weird, funny, beautiful, nerdy SHENANIGANS. More info:…

samantha🌻 @samanthashnh · Jul 18

I love dynamic, supportive, and funny friend groups a la Freeform’s #TheBoldType and Netflix’s #SomeoneGreat. I would love a book in any genre featuring this element in some way, shape, or form #MSWL

Naomi Davis The Caffeinated @NaomisLitPix · Jul 14

I am opening to select Non-Fiction queries. Still putting together a #MSWL, but I am particularly interested in LGBTQ+ perspectives in parenting, or funny parenting titles, or funny cookbooks. I will share more later!

Emily Seife @e_seife · Jul 1

A #MSWL request--Agents, I regularly get YA manuscripts featuring gay boys and lots of humor. (Yay!) But I'd also really really love to see funny LGBTQ+ stories with a female POV. 🙏

Marie Lamba @marielamba · Jun 12

Seeking queries for smart, funny, ORIGINAL rom-coms like ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE as YA or adult #fiction. My #literaryagent guidelines are here: #querytip #MSWL #romance #amwriting #publishing

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · Jun 7

Oh, hey! After discovering the majesty of Hersheypark’s teen employees last week, I’d love to find me a goofy, funny, earnest YA about a group of kids spending the summer working together at an amusement park. #MSWL

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · Jun 6

Am I months behind on submissions? Yes. Will that prevent me from asking for more? NOPE!

Anyone have a young, funny YA to send my way? Think Meg Cabot with a little heft. #mswl

Andrea Walker @_AndreaWalker_ · May 29

#MSWL snapshot:

YA: Historical, fantasy, contemporary friendships

MG: Spooky, magical, mysterious

PB: Author/Illustrators of funny, bright, and spooky fun

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 16

I’m caught up on submissions 🎉 If we’ve been talking and you haven’t heard, please chase me.

If you’re writing/illustrating & looking to query, HELLO. I want contemp F/F romance (YA/teen), funny MG series, FRIENDSHIPS across all ages & Eighth Grade as a book.