Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · 6d

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Is it possible for a #YA mystery to be not scary or spooky or have a murder in it? Maybe even funny? I'd like to read that. A story where I'm trying hard to figure out who done something (nonviolent). #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Dec 1

My #MSWL part 6: I want all the MG!!! Give me cute & quirky, spooky, mysterious, funny, adventurous, magical--you name it. Probably not all in the same book, though. Show me familiar done with a different twist or something new. I want UNIQUE!!! #WritingCommunity #amquerying

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · Nov 19

Meredith Ireland @MeredithIreland

Writers Hotline: how can we help you today?

Me: I have a book deal!!!

WH: Lol

Me: ... no seriously

WH: omg, did you announce it on Twitter

Me: not yet

WH: do it!!!

Also, because I know a lot of people think of me for sad, serious YA (and yes, please do keep sending me that!), I also do fun and funny and fluffy, and I would love to see so much more of it, querying writers, please. #MSWL

Liza Dawson Assoc. @LizaDawsonAssoc · Nov 18

Let's start off this Monday with a #MSWL! Liza is craving a novel set in India; whether it be a sweeping romance, a brutal crime saga, a funny detective story, or an armchair traveller's journey.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Oct 28

"In non-fiction, I want to read about historical funny women, your Lucille Balls and Bea Arthurs. For humor in fiction, think the next Mrs. Maisel." @readbystephanie #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 8

Ashley Congdon @AshleyCCongdon

@jamerrson What themes, topics, styles, etc. excite you right now for picture books? #askagent

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Is it fair to say everything? If I had to choose, non-fiction is most exciting to me right now, and I’m especially looking for some climate/environment related stuff. But I always love funny pbs. #MSWL

Alice Williams @alicelovesbooks · Oct 3

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#A6 PB: texts with a strong narrative arc, whether funny or lyrical, and a clear theme that young children can relate to. #mswl #scbwichat #scbwicon19

Alice Williams @alicelovesbooks · Oct 3

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#A6 YA: Send me your funny YA, rom coms, thrillers and big fantasies. #mswl #scbwichat #scbwicon19

Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · Oct 3

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#A6 I’d love to find an exciting MG mystery/detective story, especially if it’s funny too! I’m also always on the lookout for great YA with an unreliable narrator or an intense and overwhelming love story. #SCBWIchat #mswl

Alice Williams @alicelovesbooks · Oct 3

Replying to @SCBWI_BI

#A6 MG: I’m on the lookout for big characters, funny voices and magical worlds. Possibly eco themes. Definitely animals. Always surprises along the way! Stories with universal appeal. #mswl #scbwichat #scbwicon19

Léonicka @leonicka · Sep 26

#MSWL for when I reopen: romcom with emphasis on the comedy. Not just giggling-cute. I want Chidi and Eleanor absurdity level LOLs. Bonus points if the sex scenes are also funny.

Kristin Temple 🎈 @_kristintemple · Sep 24

Honestly gimmie anything that’s as ridiculous, funny, and charming as Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #MSWL

Amy Cloughley @AmyCloughley · Sep 24

I’m a Nora Ephron devotee. Send me your smart, funny leading ladies finding their way in life and love. Bonus points for a vivid setting. #mswl

Lydia Sharp 📚❤☕🌈 @lydia_sharp · Sep 24

the rest of this is ROMANCE ❤️
**rom-coms - and I'd really like to see some diversity here in the characters, their identities, and their backgrounds
**it's gotta be funny but not like slapstick humor - give me witty banter, and funny scenarios that aren't over the top

Margo Claire @margowithan_o · Sep 24

#mswl (for agents) I'm looking for magical realism all along the spectrum from THE NIGHT CIRCUS to Helen Oyeyemi. I'm also looking for funny novels with sharp teeth and voicey novels with international settings (beyond UK, though those are of course welcome)

Emily Seife @e_seife · Sep 24

Funny female writers, MG or YA. 🙏 #MSWL

One Track Literary Agency @onetracklit · Sep 24

#MSWL day! What am I looking for?
-surprising hooks, elements, voices
-conflict and tension from sentence #1
-competent ladies getting stuff done
-mystery type plots with clues and games and twists (The Westing Game is an all-time fave)
-legit funny, laugh-out-loud HUMOR