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Query Manager is live again!

Good time as any that I am looking for YA and Adult fiction, with an emphasis on Contemporary, Romance (but not necessarily rom-coms), and Horror! #mswl I want funny, sharp, and dark wit the most :)

A thread of recent faves in next tweet!

Stefanie Lieberman
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I’m late to #MSWL day but: still desperately seeking a rom-com to sweep me off my feet (& onto a cushioned window seat, where I will read all day!). If your take on the genre is fresh & funny & swoony enough to make me forget everything on my calendar, then please submit to me!

Alex Aceves (ah-SEV-ess) (she/her) 🇲🇽 💖💜💙
mexico city girl in bkln. likes the 🍷 not the 🏷. lets other pens dwell on guilt&misery. associate editor @HolidayHouseBks , writer by night. opinions my own.

2. something like SLIDING DOORS but funny! (or perhaps what i’m wishing for is a YA or MG EEAAO). the two roads/what if thing is usually deployed in the context of loss or tragedy, but I’d devour a story where someone’s universe is split over something absurd

Kayla Lightner
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In honor of #MSWL day! I'd especially love to see more:
🌟Literary Speculative fiction with grit + heart
🌟Funny + incisive Book Club Fiction
🌟Deeply reported Narrative Nonfiction
🌟Gen-Z oriented Practical Nonfiction (about work, wellness, or money)…

Bridget Smith
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Several of my YA romance writers are pivoting to adult and I am having a great time with it, so I'm opening to adult rom-coms for the first time! Still not the best fit for genre romance, but send me your funny, layered, high-concept mainstream rom-coms.

Lauren Spieller is on Instagram
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My full #mswl can be found on the agency website but here’s what I’m especially looking for in 2023:

—Adult + YA RomCom that are FUNNY AF *or/and* Adult Romance w a magic/spec twist
—Suspense/Thrillers (we need more queer and POC rep in this category!)
—MG Fantasy! All kinds!

Rachel Gilmer
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Tacos, dogs, and books, not necessarily in that order. Crafter in training. Coffee enthusiast. Assistant editor for @Sourcebooks . Opinions are my own.

#MSWL: Light paranormal romance, especially paranormal romantic comedy
Gothic romance/Gothic fiction
Uplit, feel-good women’s fiction, especially with speculative elements
Dark/darkly funny women’s fiction and romantic comedy (think Love in the Time of Serial Killers)

Taj McCoy (she/her) says buy LOVE TIMES INFINITY!!
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I'd really love to see more family sagas with old secrets that unfold over time, mothers and daughters breaking cycles of generational trauma rather than perpetuating it, and something fresh and laugh-out-loud funny in terms of non-fiction narrative. #MSWL

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez
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#MSWL day:

Things I'm craving when I'm open to #queries or subs from events are #YA that feel like a @thisissigrid or @maisiehpeters song - gritty, catchy, & oh-so-relatable, but w/ comic relief too - & a light-hearted, laugh-out-loud funny #MG a la Friday Barnes by @raspratt.

Kristie Choi
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Things I love in YA romances: queer love; sex-positivity; steaminess & tension; opposites attract (💜 stoic softies at heart); complex characters; discovering first love & lust; enemies or rivals to lovers; attraction (or battle) of minds; funny romantasy; dark gothic (2/)

Amanda Rutter
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Bureaucratic fantasy! No more chosen ones or royalty (or goddamn assassins), but the logistics experts and the accountants - make it funny and I am there!

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"Since I'm a major softie, please send me your sweet rom coms! I want emotional intelligence, tender ~steamy scenes~, and genuinely funny dialogue."
@claire_m_harris #MSWL

Christa (Heschke) Cifelli
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Rom-coms – Funny with smart dialogue, and tons of witty banter between the romantic leads! Nothing overly corny or predictable. For adult: BOOK LOVERS, RED WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE, THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS, GET A LIFE CHLOE BROWN. For YA—love Gloria Chao’s books!

Bibi Lewis
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Romance—way more of it! Rom-Coms so funny that make me snort out my coffee, historicals with so much tension I want to pull my hair out, adventure/caper romance that takes me on a nailbiting ride or presents me with a mystery to solve. #MSWL

Elisa Houot
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Elisa Houot @ElisaHouot

I am opening back up to queries today! Time for an updated #MSWL 🧵

I am always looking for Picture Books (non-rhyming)! I tend to prefer funny stories and stories that focus on family, but I love a good unexpected narrator!

Elana Roth Parker
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Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth

Making a rare Twitter appearance to say:
- I reopened to queries today.
- I am now open to adult contemporary, commercial fiction (romcom, romance, mystery/thriller, etc) 😬
- I am scared.

As far as what I want in adult: Good hooks, gripping plots, strong characters. I either want light, funny & swoony for the romcom/romance, or layered, smart and edge-of-seat for the thrillers. Sticking with commercial, contemporary for adult for now. No SFF. #mswl #querytip

Kelly Dyksterhouse
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Literary Agent, The Tobias Literary Agency, Kidlit, Hiker, Writer, Professional Daydreamer, MFA from VCFA. AALA. SCBWI She/Her

My #mg Heart Book is a book like Gemeinhart's THE MIDNIGHT CHILDREN--fantastic writing, high stakes, dark and creepy yet funny and joyful (all the feels), with character's I want to root for and know.

Amy Giuffrida is closed to queries
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This is the first time I am open to Picture Books! I am selectively looking for: whimsical and funny stories, especially those that showcase diversity. Family and friendship themes are my favorite. It's a plus if you are an author/illustrator, but not a must.

Claire Harris || Literary Agent
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I'm a major softie, so please send me your sweet rom coms! I want emotional intelligence, tender ~steamy scenes~, and genuinely funny dialogue. #MSWL

Lydia Silver
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Children's Literary Agent at Darley Anderson @DA_Childrens and @Illustration_DA . Bookseller Rising Star 2022. She/her.

All of the above could come in any age range or genre, from 5+ up to cross-over YA. I'm not really looking to expand my PB list at the moment, but I would potentially take on something very funny with a strong series character.