Kaitlyn Johnson - Closed to Queries @RedPenKaitlyn · 3d

This can all be for MG, YA, and Adult btw.

I'd love a spec fic with modern witches (small spells, hanging herbs, cats and comfy seats to read the grimoire). Think Sabrina bet less superpower and more everyday crystals, brews, etc. #querytip #amagenting

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 3d

Hey, writing peeps! My inbox would love more queries for #OwnVoices YA contemporary, all MG fiction, and all kinds of adult thrillers. Please paste query and 1st 5 pages in email and sent to: querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com. #diversity #MSWL #WritingCommunity

Rebecca Podos @RebeccaPodos · 3d

Let it be known that I would love an adult or YA romance with this exact vibe👌🏼 #MSWL

I think quarantine is making my mswls punchier than usual...

Rebecca Podos @RebeccaPodos · 5d

YA or adult or crossover, SFF or contemporary or romance, I don’t care; just send me your books starring queer, exceptionally charming disasters #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 6d

Loading my kindle w/ some amazing projects for a little weekend submission reading. Looking forward to the mini-escape that each will bring! Keep those #MG #YA and #adult queries coming! #MSWL #querytip

WeronikaJanczuk @WeronikaJanczuk · Mar 26

Idk who's been checking in the #MSWL tweets, but just putting it out there, for anyone who's researching and building agent lists: I will be re-opening to queries on 05/01, and want adult and YA fiction, and non-fiction. Getting there!

Vicki Lame @thedaysbetween · Mar 21

Agented #MSWL only: a truly joyful novel, YA or adult (example from my list: @casey_mcquiston’s RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE) @editorMSWL

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · Mar 20

Current #MSWL wishlist:

❤️ YA/Adult Rom Com— high concept and swoony

✨ Magical stories with fun, pacey plots - MG/YA/Adult

If your project doesn’t fall under these two categories but it is still uplifting and joyful, I’d love to see it!

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Mar 19

“High stakes heists, with interesting complicated criminals and the heat of the chase – thrill me! Something like the adult version of DEATH PREFERS BLONDES.” @maureen_moretti #MSWL

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · Mar 17

Gimme dark Victorian mysteries and horror, not about Jack the Ripper. This goes for YA and adult. #MSWL

Chip Rice @WCRice3D · Mar 17

#MSWL A: Literary fiction and upmarket works in most genres. YA: Voice-driven contemporary, fantasy, or paranormal. NF: Platform-driven memoirs and Christian inspirational. #WritingCommunity

Vicki Lame @thedaysbetween · Mar 16

Agented only #MSWL: adult historical (ripped from the headlines or little known stories), upmarket women's fiction, Millenial fiction, college set fiction (YA or adult)

Vicki Lame @thedaysbetween · Mar 16

Agented only #MSWL things I want across YA and adult: crossover fantasy (contemporary and not), magical realism, rom coms, rom sads, family stories, witches, vampires

Johanna Castillo 🇺🇸🇪🇨 @jcastillobooks · Mar 13

House-bound #MSWL I’m looking for the next big YA or adult rom-com with a unique, compelling premise and #diverse characters #OwnVoices #MSWL #makemecry

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · Mar 13

#MSWL: Polished stand alone adult paranormal romance packed full of tension, excitement, and powerful women. Under 68K.

Alyssa Roat @alyssawrote · Mar 13

#mswl I REALLY want an #ownvoices diverse sci-fi or fantasy YA or adult series. We Hunt the Flame? Children of Blood and Bone? Why are manuscripts like this not in my inbox? If you have something like this I would LOVE your proposal in my inbox

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · Mar 13

#MSWL: Polished, stand alone adult urban fantasy romance packed full of tension, excitement, and powerful women. Under 68K.

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · Mar 13

#MSWL: Polished stand alone adult #urbanfantasy steamy romance packed full of tension, excitement, and powerful women. Under 68K.