Romantic Comedy

C.H. Armstrong (Cathie) is on submission! YAY! @C_H_Armstrong · 12h

#MSWL for when I'm wearing my agent's hat...

I'm DYING for a contemporary YA or ADULT #RomCom like Dreaming by @Jill_Barnett. I read it YEARS ago and it's one few books of any genre I've kept a copy of & reread. So read it and write me something like it!

Kayla Cichello @SeriousKayla · 5d

Would love a YA rom com in the vein of the KISS QUOTIENT. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 5d

“Send me your commercial/upmarket romcoms with exes who cohabitate/co-parent--but where it’s not the exes who get together.” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Thao Le @AgentThao · Jul 30

a✨ ミ☆ @strangerfabray

marco and john ambrose have the same energy #KissingBooth2

I have major second lead syndrome... Can I get romcom where the protagonist realizes they're the second lead but somehow wins the love interest/happy ending? #mswl

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · Jul 28

This is your regularly scheduled reminder that I am dying for more Adult Rom Com queries in my inbox! 💜#MSWL

Tia Rose Mele @TiatheTiger · Jul 26

I’d really love some happy rom coms in my inbox. #mswl

Kim Perel @paperoverboard1 · Jul 25

We're looking for cool and quirky romcoms! Hijinks and banter encouraged. Offbeat aesthetics, oddball characters, and unusual settings welcome. Send us your fun and lighthearted queries. 😊 #amquerying #mswl

Mara Delgado-Sanchez is reading subs 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · Jul 17

Looking for Indigenous Latinx, Afro Latinx, etc. stories! YA or adult (romcoms, crossover fantasies, or a big juicy love story!) #MSWL

Amy Elizabeth @amylizbishop · Jul 14

Summer #MSWL refresh:

-still looking for great contemporary (or historical) YA thrillers & mysteries!
-would love to find a YA historical set in Asia, Africa, or South America
-smart, upmarket contemporary rom-coms by BIPOC authors

Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · Jul 13

#MSWL Amish Romance, Cozy Mysteries, RomCom, Historical Mysteries and Romances, Suspense, Inspirational Romance, Mysteries, Romantic Suspense, Middle Grade Mysteries, and Graphic Novels for adults and Middle Grade.

Jessica Mileo @JessicaMileo · Jul 8

I'm really in the mood for an adult rom-com that gives me My Big Fat Greek Wedding (perfection of a movie IMO) vibes. It can be from any cultural background! #MSWL

Tara 💫 closed to queries @Literary_Tara · Jul 4

I'd love a romcom about a tarot reader or psychic or similar. #MSWL

Susan @smnystoriak · Jul 4

#mswl In search of Adult and New Adult #romcom! Send me quick, witty dialogue, hilarious and unexpected scenarios, loveable yet flawed characters, and happy endings.

Mara Delgado-Sanchez is reading subs 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · Jul 4

Mara Delgado-Sanchez is reading subs 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter

This is mentioned above in another shape and form, but I’m looking for Latinx voices! Fantasies, rom coms, etc! Envíenme! #mswl

As I am reminded today that I was born and raised in a colony and that Puerto Ricans in the island are second-class citizens, a reminder that I am looking for Latinx voices for my list!

Where are my fantasies, romcoms, etc at? #mswl

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · Jul 3

Historical adult f/f or f/nb queer rom coms. All of them. Pick a century, a decade, I’m here for it. #MSWL

Thao Le @AgentThao · Jul 3

Thanks to @alyzaliu I'm now obsessed with #TheRomanceofTigerandRose. I'd love to see more of this type of lighthearted romcom but with a unique historical and/or fantasy premise!!! #MSWL

Megan Manzano @Megan_Manzano · Jul 3

I'd really love to see more MG, more queer rom coms, more contemporary fantasy or contemporary with spec elements.

It's been harder for me to get sucked into higher fantasy.