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Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 6d

On today’s episode of Cortney Has Listened to This Song 582048 Times in a Row and Needs It in Her Inbox #MSWL:

(Plus it’s ALREADY gay so like???? Mega bonus points?????)

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Apr 6

#writingcommunity I have been CRAVINGGGG anything with sirens

Vicious merpeople sirens? YAS

Supernatural-inspired sirens? HELL YEAH

Give me all the hypnotic, enthralling, alluring monsters—antagonists, MCs, LIs, ALL OF THEM




Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Mar 19

Because I’ve been listening to this nonstop since @AllieLevick mentioned it yesterday—

#MSWL but like??? In a YA sci-fi or fantasy???

Y’all I really want that now GIMME IT

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · Mar 9

Also with nonfiction, I am on the lookout for stories that raise awareness regarding social issues, particularly in the area of LGBTQIA+ rights and undoc. immigrants/dreamers. These are two issues very close to my heart and I will fight tooth and nail to advocate for them. #mswl

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · Mar 9

Within nonfiction, I would love a food-travel-culture book that doesn't read like an anthropological study, focusing the story through a humanitarian lens. #mswl

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · Mar 9

As a Korean-American, I'm on the hunt for anything that showcases my culture and heritage. I want to boost our stories across genres: contemporary, historical, SF/F...again, own-voices only. #mswl

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · Mar 9

I am hungry for an adult multicultural literary novel. I am looking for something that not only addresses the cultural and generational divide, but also our very real flaws as human beings. Must be own-voices. #mswl

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Feb 26

If your character would say this

Please let me meet them


Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Feb 21

Bc I haven't seen NEARLY as many queer MS's as I'd like in my box:

Gimme all your lesbian, gay, bi, pan, demi, aro, ace, trans, nonbinary books!! Anything under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella--I WANT IT.

Make my little bisexual heart happy & SEND ME ALL THE QUEER THINGS #MSWL 🌈🌈🌈

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Jan 31

Someone give me an MS inspired by this PLEASE #MSWL

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · Jan 2

Natasha Ngan @girlinthelens

Wow. I just ... can't

I read this review and could only think about how I must now add more gay to everything. Please send me all the gay using my query link right here 👇🏼.


Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 18 Oct 2018

Okay I started watching Haunting of Hill House yesterday and can I just??? #MSWL??????

If y’all are going to send me horror THAT IS THE NEW STANDARD. Scary shit is SO MUCH more terrifying when it’s PERSONAL to the characters.


Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · 26 Sep 2018

And while on the topic of my nostalgia, I'd love a SF/F reminiscent of things like Cowboy Bebop, FMA:Brotherhood, or even Magic the Gathering. Let your geek flag fly! #MSWL

Kat Kerr @thekatsmews · 26 Sep 2018

I used to love playing Skies of Arcadia and would love to see a MS featuring Air Pirates that will feed my gaming nostalgia. #MSWL