Justin Nash
Literary Agent
Managing Director @KNLitAgency . Literary agent & history geek. Emotional depth, clever ideas & immersive worlds are my thing. Current wants in the pinned tweet.
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Some of my #MSWL: a historical in a tight social group (e.g. Viking War band, a WW1 trench or Arctic exploration), retro crime (50s to 70s), historical with light touch fantasy (gods/the supernatural) or a Cold War thriller set in East Germany #amwriting & #amquerying

Ash Stann πŸŒ™
Freelance Editor for @fluxbooks and @jollyfishpress | Writer | Retired Book Blogger and bookseller | Lover of Happily Ever Afters πŸ’— Tweets are my own. she/her

-YA historical that features underrepresented experiences/time periods
-Unsettling YA horror/thrillers, especially with unreliable narrators
-YA high fantasy with innovative or unusual magic systems
-YA sci-fi, especially if it crosses genres (sci-fi horror/thriller/mystery)

Meg Gaertner
Senior editor @fluxbooks + @jollyfishpress . YA fantasy/sci-fi writer. Swing dancer. Music lover. Philosophizer. Tweets are my own. she/her. meggaertner.com

-high-stakes YA sci-fi w/ strong themes + character development
-YA contemporary that addresses relevant/timely social themes
-YA thrillers/suspense
-YA horror, especially of the uncanny/unsettling kind
-YA historical that highlights excluded or underrepresented experiences #mswl

Kristie Choi
Acquiring EA @ Atheneum (S&S) | she/her πŸŒˆπŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’™ μ΅œλ―Όμ§€, Korean-Am, cottagecore meets a punky morbid grandma, waterbender, sex/kink-positive leftist Christian

YA historical featuring a trans/NB mc w/the gorgeous evocative prose of The Last Night at the Telegraph Club. A sense of angst, discovery, desire, a bit of complexity. If I'd had TLNATTC when I was younger, I'd have understood myself earlier. I want that for trans/NB teens #mswl

Amanda Rutter
Commissioning Editor at Solaris Books. Owned by three hellhounds. Talks a lot about politics, sports, books and dogs. Knitter, crocheter and lover of loud music

Fantasies or SF with an historical bent - Roman empires, Greek tragedies, Plantagenet dynasties but in SFF

Literary Agency
Literary Agent with the Greyhaus Literary Agency in the Puget Sound Area. Representing exlusively romance and women's fiction!
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Saint (S.T.) Gibson
Literary Agent
Author of A DOWRY OF BLOOD and agent, Goodreads Choice Award Finalist, British Fantasy Award Nominee, she/they. Rep: @Literary_Tara .✨ πŸ’Œ saint.substack.com
Thalia Leaf
Associate editor at Calkins Creek (Astra). US history and historical fiction for kids and teens. Formerly at Princeton University Press. Views are my own.
Daniele Hunter
Literary Agent
Junior Agent, @mcintoshandotis , KidLit!! Queer, disabled. Wife/cat lady; she/her. Ambidextrous optimist. #WeNeedDiverseBooks #BrainTumorSurvivor #Endometriosis

Historical: I prefer stories set in the nearer-past, and stories set in lesser-told times in history that have a human-interest element alongside the education (HER REBEL HIGHNESS by Diana Ma).

Christa (Heschke) Cifelli
Literary Agent
Children's Literary Agent, @McIntoshandOtis , movie-fanatic, dreamer, kid-at-heart, #GoPackGo , Western NY born and bred.
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Horror, YA & adult - To me, the best horror has social commentary (WHAT WE HARVEST, EAT YOUR HEART OUT). I love horror blended with fantasy or fairy tales. I never get tired of creepy forests & small towns with secrets, whether it’s a current setting, historical, or high fantasy!

Jill Marr πŸπŸŽƒπŸ€ŽπŸ‚πŸ’›
Literary Agent
Literary agent, baseball mom, wine lover, cake eater--not necessarily in order of importance.

#MSWL update--please bring me your lighthouse books. Spooky or romantic, murdery or historical. I'm open to it all.

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Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"I would love to see middle grade historical fiction that has a unique commercial hook and strong voice."
@adriamgoetz #MSWL


Bibi Lewis
Literary Agent
Agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Lifelong New Yorker and forever bookworm. she/her
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Romanceβ€”way more of it! Rom-Coms so funny that make me snort out my coffee, historicals with so much tension I want to pull my hair out, adventure/caper romance that takes me on a nailbiting ride or presents me with a mystery to solve. #MSWL

Laurel Symonds
Literary Agent
Literary agent at @ktliterary (closed to queries). I tweet about books and desserts in equal measure. My dog is the best office assistant ever. She/her
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- YA historical/ +fantasy/ +romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously a la My Lady Jane, Gentleman’s Guide, Bridgerton, The Great
- Native and rural voices, especially from the Pacific Northwest or Inland Northwest
(5/7 #MSWL)

Emily Byron
Commissioning editor of science fiction and fantasy @OrbitBooks UK. Usually found shouting about books. Views are my own. (She/her)

I have a soft spot for witches - gothic or cosy, historical or contemporary, I don’t mind. Bonus points for fresh interpretations and anything outside Western tradition #MSWL

Kelly Dyksterhouse
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, The Tobias Literary Agency, Kidlit, Hiker, Writer, Professional Daydreamer, MFA from VCFA. AALA. SCBWI She/Her

For both #mg and #ya, would love historical fiction, especially stories not centered in Western history or culture.

#mswl for #ya:
--fresh "inspired by" takes on familiar tales, myths or classics, rather than retellings
--I'd love an historical novel based on the Trung Sisters.

A.M. Rose call me Ann
Literary Agent
agent: @TheTobiasAgency & #rosebudauthor wrangler | author: ROAD TO EUGENICA & BREAKOUT | opinions are my own | she/her rep:@evascalzo layout:@ana_scribe
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I'd also love more historical fiction that comes from authentic voices we haven't heard from or haven't heard enough from. #MSWL

Sophia M. Ramos
Literary Agent
she/her | literary associate @newleafliterary | books, chisme, existential dread, etc. | opinions are my own πŸ‡¨πŸ‡ΊπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

I do love historical stories across genres! I would love more stories centering real-life revolutions and recessions. My white whale is any accounts of Jose MartΓ­. And if you take inspiration from Edwidge Danticat pls query me!!

Annalise Errico
Literary Agent
πŸ“š Assistant Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency 🌿 Open to submissions 🌈 She/Her

Historical YA! Think under-explored BIPOC/queer stories like LAST NIGHT AT THE TELEGRAPH CLUB or THE DOWNSTAIRS GIRL and fun, academia-heavy gothics like ANATOMY!

Annalise Errico
Literary Agent
πŸ“š Assistant Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency 🌿 Open to submissions 🌈 She/Her

Mystery/thrillers! I'm especially looking for YA mysteries that comp to Holly Jackson, Courtney Summers, and Tiffany D. Jackson! For Adult, I'd love to see historical mysteries like DEAD DEAD GIRLS, academic mysteries like THE IT GIRL, and fun thrillers a la Stacey Willingham!