Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · 7h

Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA

@bookendslit Sigh. No threats, just threads. #EditButtonNeeded

Jumping on this @bookendslit #MSWL pile of awesomeness! I'm still desperate for my contemp YA updated Girl: Interrupted (NOT SFF for this). Mental health, mental health, mental health.
Also seeking MG SFF.
I'd love to see some new adult space opera with #ownvoices elements!

Tessa Woodward @TessaofAvonlea · 8h

Kinda random #mswl but I’d love a book about a wet nurse... also always on the lookout for midwife stories.

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 9h

Still looking for more quirky masc-of-center kids in f/f, butches & futches. More non-binary characters, transmasc & transfemme & agender characters living their messiest best lives, please! #mswl

Lauren is closed to queries! @laurenspieller · 14h

I really want to see more Middle Grade and Graphic Novels when I reopen to queries on 2/10/20! #mswl

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · 14h

How’s about a #middlegrade haunted White House #mystery with humor and not scary ghosts? #mswl

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · 14h

My wishlist for 2020 had been updated! Though I am closed to unagented queries, I have added an events page so you can find where/when to pitch me if you don't have an agent.… #querytip #pubtib #MSWL

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 1d

Guys, more than anything I’m looking for middle grade, in all genres. I am seeing the least of this in my query inbox. Try me! #mswl #mg

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 1d

So I watched Midsommar and it was so disturbing and weird and interesting I can’t stop thinking about it. But I want to? I feel like the bigger the flowers became, the freakier it got. 🌸 🌺 🌻 & I really want a YA horror to lose sleep over. #mswl