Roxane Edouard @Roxaned · 1d

Bonjour Auteur.rice francophone, je suis en quête de projets de non fiction. Comme en fiction, le mot d'ordre est "diversité". Tout sujet est susceptible de m'intéresser dans la mesure où il donne voix à des personnes que l'on n'entend pas habituellement #MSWL

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 1d

Pretty much my only huge, overwhelming prose #MSWL right now is a manuscript that feels like ACCA-13 and I feel like for this to happen I will have to either wait a lifetime or one of my authors will surprise me next week with a completed MS made to order

Chelsea Eberly @chelseberly · 1d

Fake dating trope meets quinceañero w/ rich and nuanced family relationships alongside the YA romance please. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 1d

"I would LOVE to read a YA contemporary novel about a teen birder. Anyone out there writing one? Query me." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · 2d

I would love to work on a non-fiction project about the resurgence of labor unions especially in creative spaces #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 2d

"Crime fiction like Ian Rankin, Chevy Stevens, Patricia Cornwell, & Lee Child." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · 2d

I’d love a rom-com about conversion or something similar a la Charlotte York Goldenblatt #mswl

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · 3d

I'm excited to be accepting queries again! Check out my latest + greatest #mswl. My #1 interest is #MG at the moment of all kinds and I'm also eager for #MG and #YA nonfiction including of the #GN variety!…