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You guys know I love me some Taylor, but I am FIRMLY in my Chappell Roan era, and I cannot stop listening. So if you’re querying a project that feels like the bridge in GOOD LUCK BABE, inform me IMMEDIATELY. 🥰 #MSWL

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Is there anything better than picking the 📚 you'll bring on a long ✈️? I'm 👀🔎 for page turners that make 6 hour flights feel like 2, transformative non fiction, 🤣 romances, tearjerkers😭, heart breakers💔 open to genre, fiction/nonfiction adult #MSWL #WritingCommunity

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IR @FormerlyIr

I love this ngl

I’m not open to queries right now, but later, #mswl for “love triangle where the two love interests get together instead.”

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Just a few more days til I reopen to queries! I am VERY excited for new material to review. Take a look at my updated #MSWL #amquerying folks and dust off your submission materials! Queries accepted via Query Manager only, please, starting 4/22!

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I'd really love to see more contemporary romance queries. If you have one, please send it over 🤩📚


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Anyone got any magical sport romcoms in the bottom drawer? #mswl

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Looking for all the ✨spicy✨ ADULT contemporary romance/fantasy romance #mswl

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A few years back this would have been a ridiculous statement, but I feel like the time has come...

Where is the next John Green? The heir. The disciple. The witty young upstart who was inspired by his books to write their own.

Agents, I'm dying to see this in my inbox #MSWL

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Inspired by @laurenspieller I would like to say that any story that takes place on a cruise ship is automatically scary, for me. you can do a rom-com but if it's on a cruise ship, I will think it's a horror. Aaand now I want a horror rom com on a ship. #MSWL .

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not to sound desperate or anything, but i would absolutely love to see more latinx picture books in my inbox #mswl

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saw "vacation-gothic" as a phrase in copy and am immediately making it a foundational part of my personality. Yes! Send me your vacation-gothics! Take me somewhere beautiful specifically to horrify me! #mswl

Caroline J. Trussell
Literary Agent
junior literary agent with @metamorphlitag , mental health advocate/warrior, reader, indie/self pubbed author. INFJ & Capricorn😇 (she/her)