P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 4d

“I really love literary fiction that takes you into small worlds and communities where I'm an outsider. A glimpse inside a complex family, or a workplace.” @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

Jas Perry is open to queries! @TakahashiPerry · 5d

Inconveniently Specific Wish List #mswl

− Intergenerational found family like Howl’s Moving Castle; This is England

− YA horror like Beetlejuice, WWDITS, Paprika

− NYC stories; no Gossip Girl energy (unless satire or horror)

− Strong ensemble like E4’s Misfits; The Wire

Amy Giuffrida @kissedbyink · Jul 2

#MSWL I’m DESPERATELY NEEDING a YA or adult romance where a sweet couple falls in love—no insta love. I want to see their journey, whether it’s f/f, m/m, f/ is love. I just want ❤️ and laughter and kindness with lots of friends and family and community.

Carly Watters @carlywatters · Jul 1

A mix of themes I like to see explored (not all at once!): nature, motherhood, identity, making difficult decisions, travel, myth of meritocracy, feminism, longevity, family, heartbreak, secret histories, individuality, modernism, trust, class, money, race, art, memory. #mswl

Sarah Grill @SarahGrill1 · Jun 30

Would love to see more fiction submissions in my inbox!! Particularly a big, emotional family drama with multiple POVs—some faves are LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, BEARTOWN, and Bill Clegg’s DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY #MSWL

Ashley Hearn 🕷 Preorder FOREST OF SOULS (6/23)! @AshleyHearn · Jun 25

In contemporary, I'd like to find sweet, slice-of-life stories, found family and platonic love (queer friend groups!), and stories with a strong sense of place. #MSWL

Amy Giuffrida @kissedbyink · Jun 19

3. I want to hear from marginalized authors who have a story to tell that isn't just considered an "issue book". Give me culture and family and love.
4. Give me characters I want to root for and in the end, there's a HEA.

Zabé/Z.R. Ellor @ZREllor · Jun 19

#MSWL I'm now open to adult contemporary fiction, both commercial and upmarket. I want witty beach reads, elements of suspense/thriller, family secrets, and books about rich people behaving badly

Mariah Nichols @LitAgentMariah · Jun 13

As a new agent, I'm excited to see the following in my inbox.
Adult & YA Fiction: women's fiction, romance/rom-com, SF, paranormal, horror, thriller, and family drama.
Nonfiction: self-help, memoirs, cookbooks, lifestyle, and how-to.

#MSWL #WritingCommunity #writers

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · May 27

5.) Sibling relationships in fantasy or magic realism!!! Good or bad, I love them! #MSWL

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · May 27

4.) I cannot stress this enough: FOUND FAMILY AND RIDE-OR-DIE FRIENDSHIPS. I prefer the romance be understated and the friendships be way, way overstated. #MSWL

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 24

Deep diving into books all weekend. Well books & baking. Finding I really gravitate toward multi-generational family stories right now. Also, yesterday I baked pie, cookies, banana bread & then made puttanesca. #mswl

Beth Marshea- CLOSED TO QUERIES @busybethm · May 18

I'm opening back up in June and I'm here for Cyrano retelling, all the lesbians, and all the found family. Adult, YA, MG, just make it heartbreaking and beautiful. #mswl #comingbackinjune

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · May 13

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth

#MSWL For Carina Adores, I'd love to acquire a queer marriage of convenience contemporary.

Or a queer take on any of my fave tropes...


#MSWL Some of my favorite tropes include secret agenda, secret identity...secrets in general. Fake dating, arranged marriages, second chance, forbidden love, and forced proximity. I enjoy stories with strong family elements, and characters that are quirky and smart.

Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · May 4

Picture books that celebrate food and family in the vein of FRY BREAD by Kevin Noble Maillard. #MSWL

Sarah Guan @🏡 @Sarah_Guan · May 4

Sarah Guan @🏡 @Sarah_Guan

All this chatter about a vampire (and werewolf) comeback. I have thoughts...

I like my supernatural, human-but-not characters. But I’d love some new takes—not the resurrecting of classics that worked the last time around. Let’s see new perspectives get a bite at that apple.

If a vampire comeback materializes, I’m just going to remind the world that this thread exists and is still on my #MSWL. Give me all the PoC vampires with messy family drama and historical traumas that won’t go away esp. since great-granny vamp is still salty about the Opium Wars

Cassandra Farrin ::mostly away, revising:: 🐥 @CassaCassaCassa · Apr 24

Fantasy with big, complicated family dynamics or court intrigue, an elaborate world that unfolds with lavish care. #MSWL