Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @alyzaliu · Jun 2

i feel like maybe i’ve said this before, but i’d really like to read a middle grade in the vein of bob’s burgers—lighthearted & full of shenanigans, and ultimately about growing up in a close-knit working class family #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 31

“Upmarket Fiction like LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, COMMONWEALTH and THE LAST ROMANTICS. I love family drama.” @carlywatters #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 18

"Literary fiction that takes you into small worlds and communities where I'm an outsider. A glimpse inside a complex family, or a workplace." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

A Woman Reading @AWomanReading · May 16

So.. I've been in #Poland for the last few weeks. Needless to say, I'm updating my #mswl. Please send me all of your royal Polish family stories (YA history, YA fantasy), stories based on Polish mythology (YA) and historical women's fiction. Who's writing about queen #jadwiga?

Ladderbird Agency @ladderbirdlit · May 3

Okay, this will be my last #mswl for a little while, but man I love multi gen family drama. If there's a nice mystery in there, or even some well placed magic - I'm in! xoxo #writingcommmunity

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · May 1

I'd love to rep more graphic novels for the younger set -- 6-8 yo readership, themes like friendship, family, pets/animals, nonfiction would be cool too. Human protagonists or more fanciful and fantastical works too! Ready to be delighted! #mswl #gn

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · Apr 30

I love Kate Morton. I love the big reveal. I love the family dynamics. My favorite is THE DISTANT HOURS. Would love to find a YA that is like #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Apr 30

Some things I'd love to see in these genres. Family Saga, Small Towns, Missing Persons, Cold Case, Something dealing with Alzheimers/dementia, Anything Irish related or set in Ireland. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 29

"Commercial/upmarket fiction that handles family secrets/reconciliation w/tenderness like THE MEMORY GARDEN or TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME." @kurestinarmada #MSWL

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Apr 21

When I say "I love love," I don't only mean romantic. I want stories about the love between friends and families, too. About the realities & limits of love. Love gone right & love gone wrong. Love that feels eternal & love that feels finite. Love beginning & love ending. #mswl

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Apr 21

For MG and YA, I love books that explore family dynamics. I can go both ways here: books exploring family problems, or books where the family acts as something of refuge from the main conflict. #mswl

Susan Hawk @susanhawk · Apr 4

I want books that are a true pleasure to read – that are a hymn to the power of friendship, family and love; that look at the world with eyes wide-open, but are still big-hearted and optimistic. #MSWL

Devin Ross @Devyross · Apr 2

Also, I've been feeling oddly nostalgic recently. I'd love to see a holiday story in my queries, it doesn't have to be about Christmas but it should have family, traditions, and hopefully be heart warming #MSWL

Steven Salpeter @StiSal · Apr 2

I’d love to learn more about the Latinx experience and hope to see more literary or commercial fiction submissions of heartfelt contemporary novels for adults featuring Latinx characters, Latinx family stories or thrillers, adventures, fantasy, and magical realism #mswl