Kayla Lightner @LightnerKayla · 2d

Kayla Lightner @LightnerKayla

Ok, so...screw it. This is part #MSWL, part “the Manuscript that got away”. In 2018 someone sent a fantasy ms to one of our associates about a female protag. who was competing against her 4 older brothers to be named her dictator father’s successor (1/3)

It had everything I love: an unapologetically ruthless female protag; messy royal family drama; non-Eurocentric inspired mythology. But because I wasn’t an agent at the time, I couldn’t offer rep. I STILL THINK ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY(2/3)

Erin Siu @erinssiu · 3d

New year, new me💁🏻‍♀️my #MSWL is finally live! Check it out if you'd like to know what I'm looking for. 📚…

ellen @ellencormier · 3d

Classic-feeling, oh-so-charming MG family stories (à la The Penderwicks) but about found or otherwise non-traditional families #mswl

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

We’re sharing our 2020 Must Haves graphics over at @bookendslit. Here’s mine. I’d love to see a query from you! #MSWL

Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · Jan 7

MG or YA stories about complicated family dynamics, sibling bonds, and found families. #mswl

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Jan 7

Also Rebecca Stead's upcoming THE LIST OF THINGS THAT WILL NOT CHANGE is a new favorite. I love its exploration of both regret (see above: a fav topic!) and family identity. #mswl

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Jan 7

Regardless of genre, some themes and subjects I love: family history/family identity; regret; sibling relationships; break-ups/romance gone sideways; extracurricular activities (such as sports, plays, mock trial), stories about letting go of shame, etc. #mswl

Joanna Cardenas @joannananamc · Jan 6

Top of my list: more family capers! Stories that celebrate the messiness & complexity of family systems & how they shape our worldview. I adore a well-drawn, offbeat family as an ensemble cast. #mswl

Kelly O'Connor Lonesome @kellyoc5 · Jan 2

My favorite themes & tropes: monsters (werewolves, sirens, witches, vampires), hauntings, cults, fairytales, toxic relationships turned fatal, family dynamics, class & power imbalances, revenge, meta horror, body horror, psychological terror... #mswl

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Jan 2

-My long shot: Still looking for a literary epic multigenerational family saga with magic realism set in the South. A Southern 100 Years of Solitude. Does it exist? Did you write it?!

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Jan 2

-Literary fiction (adult): I haven't stopped thinking about HISTORY OF WOLVES since I read it, so, lit fic about complex family relationships, growing up/aging, mental health, darker topics. Also, since it's election year & my anxiety will be running high, hopeful topics.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

YA fantasy! I’m all about witchy blood magic—darker is better (does anyone see a trend here yet). Queer! Enemies to lovers! Magic with consequences! Tangled friend/family relationships! Unique plot lines with lots of tension/conflict! AND DON’T FORGET THE KISSING I NEED KISSING

Meggnog 🎄 ~ Closed to Queries Until 1/6/20 @Megan_Manzano · 21 Dec 2019

#MSWL for the new year: found families, best friends who don't need to say anything to communicate, friends who live together because sometimes families are difficult.

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · 6 Dec 2019

I am particularly looking for realistic contemporary and romcom #YA from #POC. I want love stories (straight & not); sister or brother stories; stories about finding oneself or finding a best friend. I want to really feel the setting, too. #MSWL