Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · 2d

For #KissPitch, please follow the instructions at Looking forward to reading! #MSWL RomCom, Historical Rom, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational Rom, Cozy Mysteries, Amish Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Historical Mysteries, True Crime, MG Mysteries, Cookbooks

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · 4d

I’d particularly love a queer rom com at a boarding school or first year of college. Just saying. Like Sara Zarr’s ROOMIES, but romantic and, you know, gay af. #MSWL

Mara Delgado-Sanchez 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · 5d

This is mentioned above in another shape and form, but I’m looking for Latinx voices! Fantasies, rom coms, etc! Envíenme! #mswl

Stephanie Winter @readbystephanie · 6d

#MSWL Rom-com where the protagonist works in a biobank/fertility clinic.

Mara Delgado-Sanchez 🇵🇷 @little_mswriter · 6d

Looking for own voices books that explore BIPOC interracial relationships! They can be adult/YA romcoms, or any genre you can think of! I’d love to see more! #MSWL

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · Feb 11

Agents! I’m dying to find a voice-driven #YA #romcom. The meet cute, the awkward flirty banter, the high emotional stakes—I want them all! Comps: Morgan Matson, Jenny Han, and Sarah Dessen. #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Feb 10

For #YA send me all your charming rom-coms, your heartfelt exploration of sibling dynamics, thrillers that will keep me up at night turning the pages, and all the southern gothic you can handle. Oh & anything with hints of magic. I LOVE contemporary fantasy & light fantasy #MSWL

Rebecca Kuss @reebsthereader · Feb 10

DIVERSE LOVE STORIES, DIVERSE ROM COMS, DIVERSE ROM DRAMS! 💕💕💕 please send me anything in the vein of jenny han's TATBLIB, sandhya menon's WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, maurene goo's THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, and gloria chao's AMERICAN PANDA #mswl

Tara Gilbert 🔮✨ @Literary_Tara · Feb 7

Can I have like a YA Romcom set in a medieval fantasy world? Maybe a GN of this? #MSWL

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · Feb 6

Instead of cooking/baking show rom-coms, can we get a mukbang rivals rom-com? #mswl

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · Feb 5


Send me your queer rom coms is what I’m saying. #MSWL

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · Feb 5

For my current #MSWL click on the picture to see all the details. You can also always find my most recent manuscript wishlist on the Triada US website.

Brit Brooks-Perilli @Britny_Perilli · Feb 2

Is there a YA rom-com out there where the protagonist leaves behind hidden letters for the love interest to find? Possibly hidden among some books? If not, I'd love to see it!

This #mswl brought to you by Romance Is A Bonus Book (Thanks for the recommendation @kurestinarmada)!

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Jan 30

Today’s work from home movies: When Harry Met Sally, What Women Want, Wet Hot American Summer, The Wedding Date

To relate it to my #MSWL, I don’t care what men want, but I do care about summer camp (counselors & their shenanigans-Upper YA/Adult) & rom-coms like TWD and WHMS (A)