Annalise Errico
Literary Agent
📚 Assistant Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency 🌿 Open to submissions 🌈 She/Her

Romance! As my genre of choice, I'm especially looking for queer baking rom-coms like Rosaline Palmer; sweet holiday romances; books that tackle relationships + mental health like "The Charm Offensive"; and historical romances like "A League of Extraordinary Women" or Kit Webb

Becca Podos
Literary Agent
Reps YA/Romance/SFF at Rees Literary Agency. Author, occasionally. FOOLS IN LOVE out *now* and FROM DUST, A FLAME out 2/22/22. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
107 MSWL

Also in Adult, I'm looking for:

—Romance/romcoms, particularly queer and/or BIPOC. Anthing in the vein of Alyssa Cole, Cat Sebastian, Talia Hibbert, Alexandria Bellefleur, Rosie Danan, and Roselle Lim. Especially more romance and romcoms with non-binary MC’s and love interests.

Andrea Morrison
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Writers House, MFA from @ColumbiaSOA , would love to see work at

I’m open to queries again & I’ll be sending out some #mswl requests here and there! The first is for more #ya; I’d love to see rom-coms, family dramas, friends sticking together. I love dramas but I’m also in the mood to laugh right now; pls bring on the funny! #amwriting

Eric, Book Publisher
Publisher at @5310publishing spreading happiness every day through books. I'm changing the world, one fiction book at a time! ☺️ Tag me if you have book recs!
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(🧵4/7) ❤️ #Romance: Any can apply, but here are the subgenres/themes we want the most:
-Historical romance, contemporary, and romantic suspense novels.
-We also accept romantic comedies, LGBTQ+, young adult/new adult romance, etc.
If you don't see your genre, please apply. #MSWL

Rachel Stark
Editor at @DisneyBooks ; formerly @01FirstSecond & more ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ she/her
114 MSWL
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🌟High-concept comedy that can be summed up in a single sentence
▫️Think: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Jacked Up, Beauty Queens #MSWL

Alex Arnold
Senior Editor of YA, MG, & picture books @quirkbooks

Voicey YA romcoms, especially if they’re queer, and especially if they’re made more high-concept with a unique structure or unexpected twist

Dani Segelbaum
Literary Agent
literary agent @carolmannagency dani@carolmannagency .com
Carolina Ortiz
🇨🇱❤️💜💙 Editor @ Harper Children's | @PocPub Co-Director | @LatinxinPub Mentorship Co-Director | Lover of bookstores y tequila| She/Her| Avi @emcormar
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Historical Fiction💫 Desperately looking for projects that have a global and non-Western perspective on history

Romance💫 QBIPOC or BIPOC rom-coms/romances, and I would love to some interracial romances where both characters are BIPOC

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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“Literary fiction that genre blends, commercial fiction that takes me somewhere unknown, and rom-coms that make me laugh and swoon.” @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

Kari Sutherland
Literary Agent
Agent at KT Literary; Book Lover; Parent; Co-author of The Menagerie series; (Former) Traveler. Jigsaw Puzzler. Veronica Mars extra. She/her
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Genres I'm on the hunt for:
MG fantasy, MG literary contemporary, YA humor, YA fantasy, YA rom-com, Upmarket Women's fiction.
#MSWL - international settings, folktale re-imaginings, funny friendship banter, twisty YA thrillers, multiple POV, found family.

Elizabeth Lee
☁️ Editor at Penguin Workshop (@penguinkids/@penguinteen) ☁️ Opera singer & stress baker ☁️ Author as @elshenwrites She/her #WNDB #POCinPub
Analieze🎄is CLOSED to Queries!✨❤️
Literary Agent
Writer💕| Associate Literary Agent @HKLiterary : A, YA, MG, PB & Illustrators | Former @Disneyland Cast Member🐭💚|
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In Adult, I’d love to see:
☀️Thrillers—similar to The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter
☀️Mystery—complex/commercial stories with diverse characters
☀️Sci-fi—technology based
☀️RomCom—I recently enjoyed reading The Trouble with Hating You by @SajniPatelBooks
☀️Crime Fiction


Analieze🎄is CLOSED to Queries!✨❤️
Literary Agent
Writer💕| Associate Literary Agent @HKLiterary : A, YA, MG, PB & Illustrators | Former @Disneyland Cast Member🐭💚|
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In YA, I’d love to see:
☀️RomComs—enemies to lovers from diverse voices
☀️Contemporary—stories that deal with illness. Funny heart-warming stories that build on friendship & family
☀️Sci-fi—with a romance thread
☀️LGBTQ—centered on love/growth


Peter Knapp
Literary Agent
Lit agent with @parkandfine representing kid lit with enthusiasm!
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We love YA contemporary with big emotional hooks, whether they be rom-coms or coming-of-age. Think COUNTING DOWN TO YOU, YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN, WE ARE OKAY, GIRL IN PIECES. #MSWL

Claire Harris || Literary Agent
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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Calling all writers specializing in laughter and love! I’m actively seeking submissions for adult romcoms with elements of social media. My sweet spot is big on the com, light/medium on the rom. #MSWL

Claire Harris || Literary Agent
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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Erin Siu
Associate Editor @FeiwelFriends , @SquareFishBooks . Writer/musician on the side, reader full-time. Win me over with ramen. Views are my own. she/her 🇭🇰🇹🇼

Alright, here's a *brief* list of what I'm looking for this year. More MG/YA! Send me all your contemporary rom-coms; grounded and mythology-inspired fantasies; surreal, atmospheric horror; historical fiction set in Asia, and anything that might make me laugh-cry. #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson
Literary Agent
Agent @belcastr . insta: kjbelcastro. Freelance Editor. Serial comma for life. She/her. Query at QueryMe.Online/KaitlynJohnson
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SUPER picky with Adult right now! Mainly contemporary, graphic novel, & historical. Fantasy worldbuilding MUST be on point & want more non-American/English storylines

Para romances not at top of my list
Looking for rom-coms, but selective
#querytip #amquerying #writingcommunity

Nina Leon
Literary Agent
Junior Agent at High Spot Literary 📖 📚 ✨ I don't tweet often...but when I ready for some average posts 🌺💥 🍩 queries are OPEN

🌟 Chaotic 2022 #MSWL thread🌟
Contemporary YA, either light rom-com style such as To All the Boys, or darker themes such as those in Before I fall. Sexy pirates, and mermaids. MAGICAL ACADEMIA/dark academia. Throw in an oddly attractive classmate.

Alice S-H
Literary Agent
Founder & Literary Agent at @ASHliterary . Dogs & books, mostly. Never knowingly out-lipsticked. Views my own. She/her. It's Alice, never Ali. No DM queries.
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🎄 Alice S-H 🎄 @alibelle

Hello! Happy 2022! I will be back at my desk tomorrow morning and am excited to dive into what’s already shaping up to be an exciting year, over 300 (!) assistant applications, AND I’ll be opening to queries. Ahead of that, let’s do a #mswl thread.

I’m looking across picture books (author-illustrator only) to YA including graphic novels. I love romcoms, friendcoms, adventures and intriguing magic. I am not a fit for most horror, sci-fi, anything to do with emergencies on planes or the pandemic, or animal POVs. #mswl