Liv Maidment
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Literary Agent at @MMLitAgency | she/her

I am very actively looking for new writers of literary, upmarket, and book club fiction to join my list at the brilliant @MMLitAgency. I'm sharing my wishlist below - I would love to see your work! 📚

#MSWL #amwriting #amquerying…

Ali Lake
Literary Agent
@JanklowNesbit | Queries to

I am open to queries again! Check out my updated #MSWL. Seeking:
⭐️NF: memoir, narrative, pop science, self-help, cookbook
⭐️ F: literary, upmarket, horror, thriller, low-fantasy, high-fantasy adventure
⭐️ YA: low fantasy, rom-com, detectives, creepy…

Margot Belet, Literary Agent 📖 🧙‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🐯
Literary Agent
Berlin-based literary agent | Looking for English- and Dutch-language popular fiction (fantasy, detective fiction, romance, nature nonfiction 🦕) | she/her

#MSWL update. To query: send bio, first 50 pages and synopsis to: #amquerying
🧞‍♀️Upmarket speculative fiction with magic realist vibes, comps Alix E. Harrow, Erin Morgenstern.. NO epic fantasy⚔️
🕵️Clever whodunnits with puzzles - comp KNIVES OUT.

Brigitte Dale
Editorial Assistant
Editorial assistant @stmartinspress 📚 I love literary fiction, feminist history, & every dog I meet. Instagram: @brigittesbookshelf

Excited to share my #MSWL today! I'm actively seeking fiction & nonfiction w/ a feminist focus, especially featuring strong voices, smart characters & relevant social/political/historical themes. Agents, let's chat! More details here:…

Jane Chun
Literary Assistant
Lit agent assistant @janklownesbit . Trying to think of what meme most defines me currently.

Hi, #WritingCommunity! At long last, my #MSWL is finally up. 🎉 If you read my wish list and want to query me, please follow the submission guidelines at the bottom of my MSWL page.…

#amwriting #amquerying

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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“Send me your commercial/upmarket romcoms with exes who cohabitate/co-parent--but where it’s not the exes who get together.” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Jessica Faust
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President & founder of BookEnds Literary Agency, author advocate, optimist, & professional pain in the ass. Runs on coffee, wine, & kettlebells. She/Her
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My areas of expertise are upmarket and literary fiction, women's fiction, mystery, suspense and thriller. I love books w/ strong family focus (found, friends, those you're born with) and home. Even in mystery I love those connections #MSWL

Hannah Strouth
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TN • NYC • associate lit agent @jane_rotrosen • opinions my own • she/her
BookEnds Literary
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A literary agency repping bestselling, award-winning, & int'l published authors and illustrators for children & adults. Empowering creators to achieve dreams.
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*drumroll* 🥁

#MSWL time!

From @BookEndsJessica:

"Upmarket fiction about family, friendship, found family--especially focusing on marginalized characters. Recent reads I wish I’d repped: YINK, WHERE IS YOUR HUZBAND, A HISTORY OF WILD PLACES, THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME."

James McGowan
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, author, sitcom enthusiast, professional snacker… the usual. @bookendslit (he/him)
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In my inbox everyday looking for an exciting novel. I'd love an upmarket mystery with complex characters and a hooky crime, or family drama, or something that just catches me by surprise. Here's what I read in 2022. I did not dislike 1 yet. (titles in next tweet) #MSWL

Lucinda Literary - Agents to Bestselling Authors
Literary Agency
Literary #agency representing @nytimes and @WSJ bestsellers, leading #workshops for #writers on their path to #publishing , and sharing industry wisdom.

This week #MSWL is our formidable Jackie Ashton! Jackie represents writers in the categories of popular science, business, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction.

To query Jackie, use the link below!

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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“An upmarket fiction piece about a woman with a cool outdoorsy or animal-related job (think STEM).” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Logan Harper
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @jane_rotrosen . Big fan of the em dash. (she/her) Opinions are mine. #MSWL at the link below.
Erin Clyburn
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @HowlandLit // Copy Editor @foodandwine // Southerner // hiking & horror movies // opinions my own // she/her
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Adult: Horror of all stripes - psychological, body horror, folk horror, gothic, occult, hauntings, genre blends: horror/mystery, horror/thriller, etc. I gravitate more toward literary & upmarket writing than commercial.

YA: Same as above, basically!

Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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-- OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH -- I'd love a queer take on pirates in the adult upmarket/book club space, in the vein of OUTLAWED but out at sea. I'd also be interested in this for YA or MG graphic novel!

Wendy Wong
Associate editor at Ballantine/@randomhouse. Food + books + insomnia = my life in a nutshell.

Pub Lunch official ✨ I’m beyond thrilled to be on Team Ballantine at @penguinrandom, acquiring commercial and upmarket fiction and nonfiction! A mini 🧵:

Literary Agent
literary agent @ the gernert company // stepmom // lover of owls. she/her.

And brief #MSWL moment: I’d love to find even more page-turning novels of complex joy that honor rather than blunt life’s sharper edges. I’m seeking too more literary & upmarket fiction from international writers whose stories are site-specific yet universally resonant. 💜

Ali Lake
Literary Agent
@JanklowNesbit | Queries to

My manuscript wishlist is live! Learn more about the nonfiction, fiction, and YA queries I'm interested in, and if you have a project that seems like a good fit, please send it my way!

Erica Bauman
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @AevitasCreative , writer, cat lady, musical theater superfan, TV watcher, donut obsessed, she/her. All views are my own.
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MG Genres I’m looking for: fantasy, contemporary, mystery, historical, horror, light/near-future sci-fi

YA: fantasy, contemporary, mystery, historical, horror, light sci-fi, romcom

Adult: light SFF, upmarket, horror, romcom

Melissa Edwards
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @stonesongNYC . Lawyer. Personal account, thus most of my tweets are about TV, movies, and books. Let Bartlet be Bartlet.
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I think I haven't mentioned what I'm looking for in a while: thrillers for adults and romance/rom-com for adults that have fresh hooks. Upmarket fiction from underrepresented perspectives. I am not open to expanding my children's list at the moment. #MSWL