Tara Yule-bert🎄☕️📖 @Literary_Tara · Dec 4

🔮Light fantasy or contemporary fantasy or magical realism in MG, YA, NA, Adult.👻Horror and Thrillers in MG and YA
👨‍🎓Anything set in a boarding school, college, schools in general!
📖Historicals in MG and YA
🐻Historical fantasies like BEAR & THE NIGHTINGALE

Tara Yule-bert🎄☕️📖 @Literary_Tara · Dec 4

OOoOOO it's #pitmad tomorrow! Here is what I'm going to be looking for...

🏳️‍🌈Diverse voices! LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, POC, and other marginalized communities.
❤️Contemporary Romance in YA, NA, Adult!
😭Contemporaries in YA!

Rebecca Podos @RebeccaPodos · Dec 3

An evergreen #MSWL: send me the YA or NA romance novel version of Hayley Kiyoko's "What I Need," please and thanks

Alice S-H (but festive) 🎄🤶🏻 @alibelle · Oct 25

Have updated my Looking For page! Take a look and get in touch if you have something that might fit. (And please don't judge the Mariah Carey-esque photo. It was VERY WINDY that day.) #mswl…

Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · Oct 11

#MSWL I am always eager to find new adult fantasy and sci fi projects, but I am extremely selective. Looking for sci fi that changes my entire perception of possibility in the universe. Looking for fantasy that breaks the mold & embraces new magical structures/systems.

Tara Yule-bert🎄☕️📖 @Literary_Tara · Oct 8

One of my favorite thrillers is Butterfly Effect (dont @ me!). And I'd love to have a YA with similar themes. Of course, I'd love any YA/NA psychological thrillers. #mswl

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · Sep 24

Before I forget! I love historical romance, historical fantasies, alternate historical fantasies etc etc in YA and Adult. I’d LOVE an f/f in a period story! Like duchess debauchery or some shit. With WOC!!! Bc racism is a recent phenomenon. #mswl

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 24

I'm always seeking category-length (55k words) inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Right now, I'm especially looking for Amish and/or romantic suspense stories. #MSWL


Heather Howland @HeatherHowland · Sep 24

Currently acquiring: YA/NA thrillers w/ normal kids in danger and/or taboo subject matter.
Also, cute YA romcoms that reflect the modern teen experience. A diverse cast that reflects the world around us is a must. #MSWL ATTN: Heather

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 24

Alternate history focusing on sociopolitical issues (even Roman á clef). Think FATHERLAND by Robert Harris. #MSWL

Margaret Bail @MKDB · Sep 24

I'm still looking for an epic fantasy that's not just like every other epic fantasy. Something with an all female cast would be nice, a new take on magic (if there's even any magic at all), set in either an alternate history or a unique fantasy world. #mswl

Ali Herring @HerringAli · Sep 24

#MSWL Contemporary inspirational and/or sweet romance (think Hallmark). Category Romance as well as longer length. Shorter word count to fit Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense. If writing with these or Hallmark lines in mind, look at their submission guidelines for reference.

jen says buy SICK KIDS IN LOVE @bookavid · Sep 24

3) New Adult SFF
Give me aliens and make that book you've been querying as upper YA New Adult bc you know it is ☝🏽

Let's go, lets go, we have an imprint just for New Adult; let's make this genre take off #mswl

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell · Sep 24


Inspirational romantic suspense 55k words. Stories that feature evocative outdoor imagery (national parks, mountains, caves), witness protection, forensics, hero dogs, holidays, juicy secrets.

H/h of faith but not preachy. Equal focus given to suspense & romance.

Hannah Bennett @helizbennett · Sep 24

Happy #MSWL day! Agents & writers, I'm seeking submissions for Viva Editions (mind/body/spirit, inspirational nonfiction) and Cleis Press (LGBTQ+, sex & sexuality). Would love to see more pop science for either imprint, and books with a sense of humor #amwriting #amreading

FlanneryLiteraryAssociate @FlanneryLitera1 · Sep 9


#YA historical fiction
#YA or #MG time travel
#YA or #NA Downton Abbey-esque books
#PB nonfiction

Follow submission guidelines found at

#querytip follow submission guidelines 😁