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Kiki @kianangu

Happy Friday!

Want to let #amquerying folks know that my current #mswl is exclusively (hyperbole!) sapphic, dark, comedic horror feat. BIPOC casts!

I’m a fan of Scream, Fear Street 1994, Urban Legend (2001), The Descent

I’m that goofy bitch from the block w/as big mouth!!!

Needed more words 😅:

Looking for this in YA and Adult!

If you don’t have horror, my next wish is contemporary women’s fiction featuring a main character or ensemble cast in the mid-20 - mid-30s. I’m not married and don’t want kids; I have hangovers and lesbian drama 🥳 #mswl

Taj McCoy (she/her) says buy LOVE TIMES INFINITY!!
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Women's Fiction, Romance, Children's Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, LGBTQ+, & Historical Biography = Katie Salvo's #MSWL…

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I'm mixing up my #MSWL based on what my existing clients are working on.
Here's what I'm currently looking for:
-Adult Contemporary Mystery
-Adult Horror
-Women's Historical Fiction
-Romantic Action Adventure
-YA Historical
My query form is here:

Rachel Cone-Gorham
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Get your twitter queries ready, it’s #mswl time! I’m looking for #WomensFiction, #bookclublit, #nonfiction of all kinds and breakout #thrillers, #drama, unique #dystopian or future settings. Pitch me here for a quick look. #writersoftwitter #litagent #submissions

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#MSWL @greyhausagency is interested in ALL Harlequin lines and general women's fiction. Make sure to read all that I put out there about what I believe is Women's Fiction

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Here's a sweet #MSWL tweet from @AgentJessicaA!

"I want more joyful books—book club fiction, women’s fiction, romance, memoir—just books that are filled with positivity and hope. Uplifting, happy stories with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters are especially wanted."

Lindsay Guzzardo
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Senior Literary Manager of Adult Fiction at MLM

I’m on the hunt for adult fiction featuring an *unforgettable female protagonist*!
Please read my querying tips here:…
And submit via Query Manager here:…
Thanks so much - I’m excited to dig in!
#mswl #romcom #womensfiction #bookclub

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Happy #FlipPit! My #MSWL will go up next week on, but until then, here's the gdoc:

Seeking mostly #A with some #MG #YA #NA in #AC #CON #CLIFI #F #FIC #GF #GN #HF #LF #MEM #NF #SF #SPF #UF #UP #W #WF. See my MSWL for more details!

Carol Woien, Literary Agent
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Will reopen to queries on 7/31/2022. #MSWL mysteries, women's fiction, cozy mysteries, and romance. Happy summer, all!

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My areas of expertise are upmarket and literary fiction, women's fiction, mystery, suspense and thriller. I love books w/ strong family focus (found, friends, those you're born with) and home. Even in mystery I love those connections #MSWL

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Stefanie here - I am an agent with TLA looking for women’s fiction and rom-coms and taking over twitter today. So excited to share my thoughts and MSWLs. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ON TWITTER. Please be patient with me ;-)

New Year, New Bryn!
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We’ll be looking for G-rated romance and women’s fiction. I talk about all our book acquisitions with the movie producers and I have a few going into development right now. You get extra $$ on top of the advance for a movie of course. #HallmarkPublishing #MSWL

Carol Woien, Literary Agent
Literary Agent
Representing Mysteries, Romance, and True Crime at Blue Ridge Literary Agency. No Erotica. Now accepting queries at
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My romance box is pretty full. Still looking for more #womensfiction #cozymysteries #mysteries. No espionage, military, or too many dead bodies. #MSWL

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Adult (cont'd):
- Cozy mystery novels in the vein of @LatinaSleuths' Caribbean Kitchen Mystery series.
- Women's Fiction in the vein of Chanel Cleeton or Sabaa Tahir's All My Rage.
- Horror, horror, horror! Creepy, gory, scary AF! (2/6) #mswl

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