Amanda Isabel Ready 2 Fight Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · 6 Feb 2019

Have I mentioned lately that I REALLY want a superhero #YA? Or even a superhero #MG. H*ck, a superhero #graphicnovel. Somebody, please, I'm begging #MSWL

Tia Rose Mele @TiatheTiger · 1 Jan 2019

#mswl a YA superhero story with both save-the-world and personal stakes, and a bunch of teens who screw up over and over but have each other’s backs no matter what. (So like Runaways or Cloak & Dagger)

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · 10 Mar 2018

Putting it out here:

Would love to read a YA superhero story with a protag like Tony Stark. ;)

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 31 Mar 2017

#MSWL It's time for more #LGBTQI stories, superhero or otherwise. Please send your story. I want to hear your voice

Sarah Guan @🏡 @Sarah_Guan · 13 Mar 2017

Sarah Weinman @sarahw

Would read a Preet Bharara, PI novel

Someone write the Preet Bharara: Special Prosecutor urban fantasy/superhero novel the world needs right now. #MSWL

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · 30 Jun 2016

Spy, superhero, treasure hunts, heist, and all the action-adventure chapter books! Oh and bunnies, all the bunnies. #MSWL

Future House Books @FutureHousePub · 5 Apr 2016

Superhero movies are hot right now, but I'd love to read some more teenage #superhero BOOKS, too! #mswl

Future House Books @FutureHousePub · 10 Feb 2016

The next #Marvel movie is too far away. Got any #superhero books? #mswl submit at…

Heather Rubert @HeatherRube · 21 Jan 2016

The next #Marvel movie is too far away. Got any #superhero books? #mswl