Weaver Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds & perspectives in adult & children’s literature. 🕯 @aalitagents

#mswl 2024 vibes.
*This is an incomplete list of things I love, not an absolute. If you think you have something I'd love, please send it.*

Laurie Dennison
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent and Intern Coordinator @ Creative Media Agency | Desktop Publishing Consultant | She/her

After a year at Creative Media Agency, I'm thrilled to open to #queries as an associate agent! I'm looking for:

- Women's fiction
- Romance
- Domestic suspense/thriller
- YA
- Narrative nonfiction & more!

See my full #MSWL :
cmalit.com or ladennison.com/about/

Caroline J. Trussell
Literary Agent
junior literary agent with @metamorphlitag , mental health advocate/warrior, reader, indie/self pubbed author. INFJ & Capricorn😇 (she/her)

NEWS ✨ I’ll be opening to queries on February 1 and here’s what I’m looking for:

• Romance (dark- comps include anything by Emily McIntire, rom-coms, enemies to lovers, romantasy)
• Adult Thrillers
• Adult horror (psychological, haunted houses, paranormal)


Gabrielle Harbowy
Literary Agent
Lit Agent Apprentice at @corvisierolit and open to queries! Writer. Editor. Typo ninja. Bi. Polyam. Disabled. She/her. Avatar: @gabmaybe

Promoted to Literary Agent Apprentice at @CorvisieroLit ! I can now start signing clients and I am open to queries! Seeking F/SF/Queer Romance. Follow the link for details including my full #MSWL , and how to submit!

Jackie Kruzie
Literary Agent
Literary Associate @FocusedArtists

Hello writers I will be open for submissions starting Jan 15! Please review my #mswl before submitting
I can't wait to read your amazing stories!
#amwriting #amquerying

Weaver Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds & perspectives in adult & children’s literature. 🕯 @aalitagents

#MSWL contemporary paranormal; contemporary romance; cozy & light fantasy; dark academia; gothic literature; romantic comedies; folklore reimaginings; quirky and spooky middle-grade; cozy horror; 'b-list' horror; sapphic; cozy mystery; romantasy; whodunit; grounded sci-fi

Colleen Oefelein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent MacGregor & Luedeke Lit Christian Disabled Veteran PTSD warrior Penn State alum Also Author CM McCoy: EERIE Loves Irish dance, space & Pokemon
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Manuscript wish list:
- Adult space only for Dec 2023
- Thrillers
- Psychological thrillers: character-driven & twisty
- Horror: thoughtful, more suspense than gore, unexpected endings.
- Mystery: 70k-100k words, historical & contemporary with or w/o a hint of romance, trad cozies, police procedurals, amateur sleuths & private 👁️ fiction
- Suspense: 75k - 100k words, no paranormal, lower to mid-level descriptions of violence
- Romance: Historical & Contemporary (with series potential), Romcom (with new fresh spins on old tropes), Small Town Western Settings, Diverse Romance, Holiday Romance
- Historical Fiction (no WWII fiction) from the ’20s, ’40s and Victorian era
- I would LOVE a creative retelling of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes
- I would also love a contemporary take on AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE
- High-concept book club fiction with a commercial hook. Anything provocative, humorous, and/or haunting
- Novels featuring complex family and/or racial dynamics and unforgettable characters - Speculative fiction with quirky characters
- For all fiction: a magnetic opening, well-trained, flowy writing and cliffy chapter endings please!

- Only from authors with an established/large platform
- Commercial nf with a wide reach
- Sports
- History
- Celebrity or true crime autobiography - Book club nonfiction books with take-away
- Stories infused with faith/positive spirit
- Space-related memoir & other space nf from authors with a platform

I may add more! And if you're very keen on working with me, but you aren't sure if you've got what I'm looking for, you can always DM or comment with your questions.

Amy Nielsen
Literary Agent

Hitting post on this one has me holding my breath! Here is my official #MSWL Please let me know if you have any questions. I am open to queries this Friday. :) #amquerying #writingcommunity manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/amy-nielsen/

Amy Collins
Literary Agent
Agent with Talcott Notch. (She/Them) Old lady with a young heart and twisted mind. Focus: SciFi, Pop Culture and Cookbooks. Pitch me TO SERVE MAN (KETO Edition)

Happy Oct! I just updated my queryamy.com Querytracker page to accept fiction! I am looking for horror, paranormal, fantasy, historical, thriller, adventure, and a few other tidbits. Check out my page for genres and I look forward to reading your stuff! #MSWL

Amy Nielsen
Literary Agent

A sneak peek at my eventual #MSWL —I’d swoon over a Gilmore Girls inspo with a paranormal or speculative element, anything that could comp my favorite song of all time, “Never Surrender” by Cory Hart or a story set in a coastal boating town. #amquerying #WritingCommunity

Aiden Siobhan
Literary Agent
Aiden Siobhan | they/them | associate agent @LDLAInc | seeking MG & YA | #AMMR9 | UNCSA ‘23 | 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

#Adult #MSWL :
- LGBTQ+ romance & diverse casts
- romcoms especially!
- enemies to lovers, slow burn, villain/hero, love triangles
- romantasy!
- psychological & cerebral horror with diversity!
- horror that stems from the real world & paranormal
- social commentary!

Carey Blankenship-Kramer
Literary Agent
(she/her) Junior Agent at @belcastr MG Horror Writer. Pet Mom to 7. IG, Threads, & TikTok: careyblankenshipkramer. Rep: @sheylaknigge

I love and devour everything by Simone St. James (aka crime / thrillers with a paranormal twist), so if you can comp to her even slightly, SOLD. I adore a good haunted house story with terrifying, angry ghosts. Loved MEXICAN GOTHIC by Silvia Moreno-Garcia recently. #MSWL

Weaver Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds & perspectives in adult & children’s literature. 🕯 @aalitagents

I have so, so much fantasy right now but zero of it contemporary. So, if you have any contemporary fantasy or paranormal stories, I'm interested. #mswl

Maddy Belton
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @MMLitAgency ✨ she/her 🏳️‍🌈 ✨ Mind changer and wonder chaser

I'm just an agent, sitting in front of my submissions inbox, asking for more paranormal romance!❤️‍🔥#IYKYK #mswl

Kristin Ostby
Literary Agent
Literary (but not particularly Twitterary) agent at Greenhouse. Former children's book editor (S&S, PRH). She/her.
Annie Cronin Romano
Literary Agent
Writer of PB/MG/adult fiction; Literary Associate at Olswanger Lit; Bookseller, Boston girl, loves dogs/chocolate. SCBWI; BEFORE YOU SLEEP; NIGHT TRAIN

#PitDark is tomorrow! 🎉 I'll be seeking adult murder mysteries, paranormal, speculative, horror & thrillers w/unique hooks (& whatever catches my eye). If I❤️your pitch, query me (if you'd like) via querymanager.com/AnnieRomano, including "PitDark" in the "who referred you" field.

Saffron Dodd
Literary Agent
not here 👋🏽 saffron 🌼 // associate agent @ashliterary // big gnocchi fan

👋🏽 hi, still not really here, but an update: i'm closing queries to everything BUT YA right now. send it all - horror, contemporary, romance, fantasy, thriller, paranormal, sci fi [space shenanigans pls], murder mysteries, etc etc - my way if you'd like 🙇🏽‍♀️ #MSWL

Zoie Janelle
Editorial Assistant
editorial assistant @PeachtreePub & @PeachtreeTeen • cat enthusiast • the L in LGBTQ • (all views are my own!)
Rachel Gilmer
Assistant Editor
Tacos, dogs, and books, not necessarily in that order. Crafter in training. Coffee enthusiast. Assistant editor for @Sourcebooks . Opinions are my own.

#MSWL: Light paranormal romance, especially paranormal romantic comedy
Gothic romance/Gothic fiction
Uplit, feel-good women’s fiction, especially with speculative elements
Dark/darkly funny women’s fiction and romantic comedy (think Love in the Time of Serial Killers)

Monica Rodriguez
Literary Agent
Creator of @findalovelylife + @findalovelybook#writer rep'd by @agentHenkin • Jr. Agent + Dir. of Brand Management @contextliterary

Sub genres I’m looking for:

Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Feminism, Film/TV, Folklore, Gothic Horror, Humor, Magical Realism, Multicultural, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Self-help, Social Issues, Study Abroad Stories, Time Travel, Travel