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Ok, so we're doing this vampire thing, huh? Here's what I want. Give me vampires the way INTO THE DROWNING DEEP gave us mermaids, because I'm having a super hard time putting that book down. #mswl

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Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife

BookEnders @NaomisLitPix @wensday95 @jamerrson @inthesestones and I are all debating vampires. And I am all about these creepy mermaids. I love vampires, but I want a creepy mermaid book more.

To be fair…My debate is me continually posting Buffy twirling a stake gifs. BUT if someone had a VERY unique take on vampires (I’m looking at you, Librarians with your descendants of Judas) I might be tempted. #MSWL

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@junescribbles @muguiyings haha it’s in the fitting in anthology, I have links on my site that I’m too lazy to get rn
Replying to @sqiouyilu

wait omg i think you guys will enjoy this
there’s this channel on douyin called 子昊SEVEN who does these really cute slice of life vampire/jiangshi bff shorts (which totally on my #mswl because it’s a d o r a b l e)

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I literally wrote my graduate thesis on queerness and vampires in mg fiction, please send me all your vampires #mswl #ya #mg

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Oh by the by: I am seeing all the Vampire love on my TL, and I should mention: I AM ALSO here for Vampire books, particularly Not-RichWhiteMan Vamps. #vampirebooks #mswl

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*Raises hand* Have ya'll forgotten the Mexican vamps I blessed you with? Reminder here: Anyway, I never stopped stanning vampires. Always up for non-western mythology based/POC vamps *whispers* and werewolves...#MSWL

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Rebecca Schaeffer @rrschaeffer

I just scrolled through my feed and started seeing editors and agents asking for vampires and please

Please let this happen

Please bring back vampires

Just realized I haven’t made this clear, but I am SO. VERY. INTO. VAMPIRES.

Give me a Blade.
Give me a Louis.
Give me a little child whose ceaseless hunger leads to bloodbaths, ok.

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#MSWL *whispers* send me a *clears throat, louder now* send me a vampire book, for I am ready

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#MSWL: I would love a scifi YA where--and just hear me out here--someone takes a werewolf and puts it ON the moon, and also puts a vampire on the sun, and somehow this makes sense.

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