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I also love paranormal elements like monsters and ghosts. And anything witchy! I love characters fighting their own "inner demons” too! I'm selectively open to elements like vampires.

Any atmospheric setting--e.g. an eerie seaside town might be cool!

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Happy Spooky Season!! I always want spooky books (especially witchy stuff) but I'm really in the mood for vampires a la THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES. Definitely also time for a re-read. #MSWL

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- Something “earthy”—be that a lyrical picture book about environmentalism or a MG hiking action-adventure or a darkly atmospheric YA that takes place in a forest or anything in between
- MG and YA with rural settings
- Witches, boarding schools, sister bonds
(3/3; #MSWL)

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I was updating my Manuscript Wish List and it got auto-corrected to Manuscript WITCH List and I think I'm just going to leave it at that. Send me all the witchy stuff. #mswl

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Let's have a little fun with the #mswl this time. ;)

I'd love to see a clan of witches who ride motorcycles! Maybe they have their own club...

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🔮Paranormal, but ghosts and witches rather than vampires and werewolves

🎬Relationships in the public eye (think THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO)

💥Unlikable heroines! Enemies-to-lovers!

🔥 All heat levels

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#mswl for YA and MG, Halloween edition:
- small town murder
- vampires!
- houses, hotels, etc. with minds of their own
- curses of any kind
- demons, goblins, general spooky denizens
- fall festivals
- cozy MG, witchy or not

Agents, if you have any of the above, pls reach out!

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for @CityOwlPress and Mystic Owl Press. Addicted to sunshine, coffee, motorcycle riding, and camping. Submit -
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#Fantasy #MSWL

Low fantasy, high fantasy, parallel universes, fringe, urban, magic, magical realism, heroes, superheroes, witches, robots/AI, dying earth, historical, lost worlds, dystopian, futuristic, time travel, utopia, colonization, with romance, slipstream, etc.

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WHAT A COVER. And WHAT a book. Wow. Just a wild, brilliant ride all the way through. Give me ALL the witch books. #MSWL

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ISO a HOT romance with witches and or ghosts. NA or Adult. 50-75K words. HEA or HFN. Action? Humor? Magic? I'm all in! Query me here:… #MSWL

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Horror! Folk horror with a creeping sense of atmosphere like THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS and THE TWISTED ONES. I’m fascinated by cults and spooky goings-on and literally anything with a witch. I would love to see some non-Western horror in the style of HIS HOUSE. #MSWL

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“Books about witchcraft, like Becoming Dangerous edited by Katie West, Witchbody by Sabrina Scott, and Witches of America by Alex Mar.” @agentvicente #MSWL

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27. UNDEAD GIRL GANG by @ms_lilyanderson

I LOVE this book. It’s funny, it’s witchy, it has teeth—and it’s also about friendship 💜 The vibes are just perfect.

(Ahem #MSWL for anything comped to this book for those reasons)

Finished 6/10