Zabé/Z.R. Ellor @ZREllor · Jun 19

#MSWL I'm now open to adult contemporary fiction, both commercial and upmarket. I want witty beach reads, elements of suspense/thriller, family secrets, and books about rich people behaving badly

Sarah Grill @SarahGrill1 · Jun 16

Just listened to the @MyFavMurder podcast about Juliane Koepcke and holy #MSWL. Please give me a thriller in dual timelines about a woman surviving a plane crash in the Amazon and then decades later GOING BACK with a documentary crew

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Jun 13

🧼 Lauren Spieller 🖐 @laurenspieller

I’d love to see more non-white thriller and suspense writers in my inbox! #mswl

Second this. I consume domestic thrillers on audio like candy. I love them, but the subgenre is overwhelmingly white. I’d love to see queries from non-white authors of twisty domestic thrillers. #MSWL

Mariah Nichols @LitAgentMariah · Jun 13

As a new agent, I'm excited to see the following in my inbox.
Adult & YA Fiction: women's fiction, romance/rom-com, SF, paranormal, horror, thriller, and family drama.
Nonfiction: self-help, memoirs, cookbooks, lifestyle, and how-to.

#MSWL #WritingCommunity #writers

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · Jun 13

🧼 Lauren Spieller 🖐 @laurenspieller

I’d love to see more non-white thriller and suspense writers in my inbox! #mswl

Piggybacking - I want this (no CIA/FBI/investigative thrillers) with QPOC outside of suburbia, please and thank you! Also applies to horror!! #mswl

🧼 Lauren Spieller 🖐 @laurenspieller · Jun 13

I’d love to see more non-white thriller and suspense writers in my inbox! #mswl

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · Jun 9

I'd love to see more thrillers from BIPOC authors. #MSWL

Sharon Pelletier @sharongracepjs · Jun 7

Sharon Pelletier @sharongracepjs

And these are also "invisible" jobs with a great opportunity for surveillance or eavesdropping. Would anyone notice how long the UPS guy has been parked there? Think of the personal conversations/phone calls you've had in a Lyft!

I'm particularly obsessed with the idea of a sanitation worker helming a thriller, which I saw in a tweet a few days ago and foolishly didn't save.

What are your other ideas for careers that would make a good vantage point for suspense fiction?


Maura Kye-Casella @AgentMKC · Jun 4

Hello #PitMad participants! I'm looking for fresh new voices, especially highlighting #BVM and #POC pov's.

My #MSWL includes #MG #Thriller and #NF.

If I ❤️your tweet please send your query and 3 sample chapters to my attn at with #s in subject line. Ty!

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · May 29

I'll be reading through all my #PitDark query requests today but please, #writingcommunity, keep sending me your #horror, #thrillers, #suspense for both #YA and #MG! Especially if they're #ownvoices! I'm hongry! ;) #MSWL #amquerying

Sarah Grill @SarahGrill1 · May 21

Just thinking how much I’d love to get a Jewish YA that is NOT centered on the Holocaust. Give me a Birthright thriller!! A Camp Chi summer romance! A Hillel set-up gone wrong!! And the more food descriptions, the better. Please & thank you #mswl #amediting

Christina Miller @chrissymiller__ · May 21

As a general #MSWL reminder, I am currently only open to adult submissions in the following genres sent via the guidelines in my bio:
-historical fiction
-cozy mystery

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 19

In fiction I definitely want more upmarket, literary, women's fiction as well as suspense, thriller, and mystery. I'm looking for women's stories, personal growth, friendship stories (a friendship breakup book). #LGBTQ stories and authors #MSWL

Kelsey Horton @KelseyMHorton · May 18

I love thrillers that feel very teen (like how One of Us is Lying starts with a death in detention and how A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder begins with a a school project) #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 15

"Thriller (legal, medical, political, etc.), Mystery (cozy, private eye, police procedural, etc.)" @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Marlene Stringer @MarleneStringer · May 12

Writers, I'd really like to see a fantasy or thriller set in the Restoration or other different time periods. #pubtip