True Crime

Erica Bauman (Closed to Queries) @Erica_Bauman · Mar 12

This is weirdly specific (blame my subconscious) but I’d love to see a YA where the MC is dealing with the fallout of a parent’s very public arrest as a serial killer, and the true crime aficionados and podcasters who now hound their family. #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · Mar 11

Ripped-from-the-headlines, true-crime inspired fiction along the lines of Darling Rose Gold #MSWL #WishlistWednesday

samantha s. fabien🌹 @samanthashnh · Feb 29

So if anyone’s writing any version of a fictionalized account of the Bobby Dunbar disappearance, I would love to see it 🤗

#mswl #truecrime

Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · Feb 17

For #KissPitch, please follow the instructions at Looking forward to reading! #MSWL RomCom, Historical Rom, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational Rom, Cozy Mysteries, Amish Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Historical Mysteries, True Crime, MG Mysteries, Cookbooks

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · Jan 23

#mswl for my nonfiction writing friends:

*I'm currently devouring Patrick Radden Keefe's SAY NOTHING & would love to find a book in this vein. History or history / true crime that reads like a thriller.

*PopScience that takes a deep dive into a subject. Think SPYING ON WHALES.

Sarah Grill @SarahGrill1 · Jan 22

In all seriousness, very proud to be a part of @StMartinsPress. Agents, please send me your gut-punching book club fiction, upmarket thrillers and mysteries, investigative journalism, pop culture, and true crime!! #mswl #publishing #amediting

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · 3 Dec 2019

Many things put me in the mood for murdery reading, but it's especially true when the weather gets cold. Send me all your murder books! Your contemporaries, your historicals, your cozies, your true crime. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · 22 Nov 2019

Just updated my listing at #MSWL with all the things I'm looking for for my client list! Writers looking for agents, I hope you'll check it out! Thank you, as always, to the fine folks of @ManuscriptWList! #amquerying…

Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · 7 Nov 2019

Cozy Mysteries (Female Protagonist)
Amish Romance
Romantic Comedy
True Crime
Historical Mysteries
Historical Romance--Victorian & Regency only
Middle Reader Mysteries

Sharlene Martin @MartinLitMgmt · 6 Nov 2019

#MSWL Looking for adult NONFICTION that has high adaptability for scripted or unscripted tv/film. Pop culture, true crime, celebrity, whistleblower, well written proposals. You only have one time to make a great first impression.

Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · 20 Oct 2019

#MSWL Amish Romance, Cozy Mystery, True Crime, Suspense, Historical Romance--Victorian and Regency only, Middle Grade Mystery. Looking forward to reading your queries.

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 25 Sep 2019

I'm also a true crime watcher/reader/ does not grow up in Des Plaines, IL and not know one's serial send me those wild ripped-from-the-headlines stories. #mswl

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 24 Sep 2019

Stories by and/or about investigative reporters. I love fiction inspired by true crime. Podcasts? Send it my way! #MSWL

Rosie Jonker @RosalieCJonker · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL! Fun, informative nonfiction like Geoff Manaugh's BURGLAR'S GUIDE and Jim Paul's CATAPULT

True crime like David Grann's KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON or Amy Reading's THE MARK INSIDE

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 24 Sep 2019

And another #mswl in the thriller space: I am horribly obsessed with true crime about cults, and family secrets that lead to deadly outcomes, and wild stuff like this. In Adult, especially, and in YA!