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jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jan 3

Finally ...

* I’m always looking to be surprised. I suspect the next manuscript I fall in love with will be something I never could have known to ask for. 😘


jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jan 3

(I mean also witches, obviously?) (And fierce girls changing the world!) #mswl

jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jan 3

* Middle grade and YA fiction & graphic novels from perspectives that often feel left out of publishing, including LGBTQIA themes. Especially if they are:

* Funny! Heartfelt! Adventures! All of the above! Basically, I LOVE middle grade and YA fiction and graphic novels!

jennifer laughran @literaticat · Jan 3

What I'm looking for in 2020:

* Graphic novelists & picture book auth/illustrators with tremendous wit, heart, style and flair - my taste in art tends toward the quirky, textured, European, with a strong line and lots of movement - may BE digital, but doesn't LOOK digital #mswl

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 20 Jul 2019

I updated my #MSWL page. I’m looking for MG, YA, kids/teen GN, and author-illustrators. Great writing a must, high concept a plus, and diversity in all ways is welcome. I love your queer, weird, funny, beautiful, nerdy SHENANIGANS. More info:…

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 20 Apr 2018

Oh by the by: I am seeing all the Vampire love on my TL, and I should mention: I AM ALSO here for Vampire books, particularly Not-RichWhiteMan Vamps. #vampirebooks #mswl

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 24 Jan 2018

I would like a picture book about NOLA chef Leah Chase. Preferably written by someone with deep roots in New Orleans. #MSWL 🦐🥘⚜️

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 10 Feb 2017

I want to read the "Dear White People" of YA books. #DearWhitePeople #mswl

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 8 Feb 2017

It's apparently #MSWL day. Ummm... I guess I want kids/YA books that'll change the world. Too much to ask? Probably. :-/

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 26 Oct 2016

There's a limit to the times I can listen to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" but I haven't reached it yet. (THIS BUT A YA BOOK) #mswl

jennifer laughran @literaticat · 26 Sep 2016

PS I still really wanna read a MG or YA book starring kids/teens whose parents are Yeoman Warders and who live in the Tower. Specific #mswl