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#MSWL mucus is fascinating! Is there already a #pb out there on it? If so, please share, if not, please write it! I'd love to rep an nf children's book or even info fiction about mucus!

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Here's my current #MSWL:

In MG fiction: horror, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, action/adventure, mystery, and humor.

In children’s fiction: picture books (non-rhyming preferred).

Always looking for own voices, diversity, and LGBTQ+!!!

3/3 #WritingCommunity #amquerying

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Please send me a children’s book about Black hair in ballet.

Thank you in advance. #MSWL

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Making it official! 🎺 I am now formally open to children's submissions - picture book texts, fiction through from early readers to YA, illustrators & graphic novelists. I'll update with an #MSWL later but for now will just say I'm looking forward to reading all your work! 💕

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Hi all! I've been on the @pagestreetkids team for a while, most recently on the marketing/PR side, but I'm excited to announce I'm now a children's editor full time! Check out my brand new #MSWL here: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/kayl…

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Roger Federer @rogerfederer


Alright I am putting it out into the universe.

I have a dream of representing a children’s book about competition and sportsmanship...

by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

#mswl ... in case you can help me make this happen.

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Illustrators Who Write: I would love to see what you've got cookin'! Children's/MG/YA fiction & NF. Query me? #mswl QueryManager.com/Henandink

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I'd really like to acquire a children's book that explores a theological concept or aspect of who God is from a BIPOC author with a progressive Christian perspective. Throwing this out into the wind to see what comes back. Thread of books w/ similar themes below. #MSWL

Tori Sharp 🐰 Closed to queries
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Bestselling graphic memoir JUST PRETEND out now! 🌻 Professional make-believer! 🌈 Assoc. agent @JDLitAgency 📚 Rep: Brent Taylor @triadaus 👑 #actuallyautistic
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#mswl I'm happy to take a look at all children's literature, including graphic novels! You can go to jdlit.com to find more about what kinds of stories I'd love to see.

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📣 Are you a budding children’s writer?

We’re looking for exciting and original #ChildrensBooks on #gender identity/expression, gender dysphoria and books for trans and/or non-binary children.

📥 Submit here: jkp.submittable.com/submit

#trans #LGBTQ #MSWL #writers #Illustrator

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My fever-addled self also rewatched HEREDITARY today & it reminded me of a #MSWL I’ve mentioned before: horror that deals with grief (in both children’s & adult lit). Horror that’s intertwined with grief. Like HEREDITARY, THE BABADOOK, A MONSTER CALLS. Please & thank you. 🖤

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Oh my. 💕💕💕 #mswl

Someone has to make this a children's book so they, the act, and the man who touched them so, can't be forgotten and can continue to influence our children. The initial trip was awesome... now a return, though? Wow. Just wow.

...such beautiful creations.

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Not sure exactly what form this would take but here’s a #mswl item a colleague and I were talking about: writing that tangles with how children of immigrants/people who immigrate as children can end up feeling caught between countries and cultures, not feeling at home anywhere

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