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Senior Literary Agent at @FuseLiterary , specializing in Nonfiction, Celebrity, and SF/F. Irish, Jewish, gay, loud. Pisces doing his best. Insta: connorgoldsmith

New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA

Fuse Literary

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 4 Jan 2019

If you are a writer who ever worked on the Ellen DeGeneres show and would like to write a DEVIL WEARS PRADA-style roman à clef about a wideawake nightmare, please email me. #MSWL

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 12 Sep 2018

I could spend ages thinking about #MSWL day so I will just be succinct: in fiction still looking mainly for smart SF/F with a fresh hook, especially by/about ppl from marginalized POVs. In nonfic: ppl w/established platforms in pop culture/media, humor, social politics, history.

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 5 Sep 2018

In the wake of my first nonfiction deal announcement: I am looking to do a lot more nonfiction! Areas of interest: pop culture, media, humor, gender&sexuality, race&ethnicity, disability, sex work, biography, narrative history. #MSWL

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 12 Sep 2017

I'm currently closed to queries, but my #MSWL as always is SF/F/Horror with unique perspective/hook. LGBT/POC/female-driven a plus, always.

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 8 Feb 2017

Can't hang out in the hashtag today but #MSWL always: adult SF/F (#ownvoices +++), humor&pop culture nonfic w/platform. no YA.