Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · 16 Apr 2018

I'm not saying I have a brand, but @TheAdamSass' debut is the second book I'm pitching around that I'm comping to Last Seen Leaving by @MikalebRoehrig. The first was @tomryanauthor's (out next year!).

So. Hi yes, send me your inclusive YA thrillers. #MSWL

Bryony Woods @BryonyWoods · 16 Apr 2018

I’m excited to be reopening to submissions today – so send me your magical middle-grade, your groundbreaking YA, your rich, imaginative fiction for adults or non-fiction that shows me the world from a new and eye-opening perspective. Writers from all backgrounds welcome! #MSWL

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · 15 Apr 2018

106 years since the Titanic sank. As a kid I was OBSESSED with the Titanic. Checked out every book my library had on it at least 3x, and I wanted to be an oceanographer so I could study it.

Well, that didn't happen, but does anyone out there have a Titanic YA novel for me? #MSWL

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · 14 Apr 2018

Watching @UnRealLifetime with @BeautyBritches and thinking about how bad I want to read a book like this.

Like The Last One (goodreads.com/book/show/2724…), but maybe YA. #mswl

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · 13 Apr 2018

I would DIE for a YA about a teen girl obsessed with true crime. #MSWL

Mandy Hubbard @MandyHubbard · 13 Apr 2018

#MSWL: I would love a scifi YA where--and just hear me out here--someone takes a werewolf and puts it ON the moon, and also puts a vampire on the sun, and somehow this makes sense.

Madelyn Burt @maddestofburts · 13 Apr 2018

YA You've Got Mail (alt: Shop Around the Corner) but with dating apps #MSWL

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 13 Apr 2018

On this beautiful day, I am realllly in the mood for some LGBTQIA cinnamon-rolls-fall-in-love YA or MG contemporary #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 12 Apr 2018

I am craving a gorgeous revenge fantasy in YA or Adult. #MSWL

Colleen Oefelein @eerie_o · 11 Apr 2018

In YA, an ANDROMEDA STRAIN-esque survivor story.


Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 11 Apr 2018

#MSWL MG/YA mock trial that turns into a real mystery to solve.

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · 11 Apr 2018

Family drama is the weirdest drama. Give me a middle grade with a family like the Belchers on Bob's Burgers and/or a YA with one like the Bluths on Arrested Development. #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 11 Apr 2018

I'm looking for a #thriller, where the story takes place in the woods. Preferably in snowy/stormy/freezing weather. Not a plane crash. Something else, where the MC must fight against nature and the killer chasing him/her (or them, if its a group of people). #MSWL #YA or #Adult

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 10 Apr 2018

WOW!! We are truly blessed with queer anthems this week 💖 This MV is my ultimate YA #mswl right now, please drown me in cute queer romances youtube.com/watch?v=i0p1bm…