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Junior Agent at the Azantian Literary Agency. Proud Slytherin. Books, dogs, and cakes are life.

San Diego, CA

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Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 16 May 2019

Masha Gunic @masha_gunic

Please please send me an alternative history re-telling, particularly with a sort of fantastical twist. #MSWL

And if I can get something in a similar setting to the cold, hard world of SKY IN THE DEEP by @adriennebooks that would be fantastic. Please and thank you. #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 16 May 2019

Please please send me an alternative history re-telling, particularly with a sort of fantastical twist. #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 14 May 2019

Still (and most likely forever) looking for witchy Hocus Pocus-like fiction in #MG and #YA fiction #MSWL, please! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸŽƒ

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 17 Apr 2019

As a huge astronomy buff myself, and in lieu of the first image of a black hole being released, I would love to get some more #YA and #MG submissions with characters who have a passion for fields in STEM. THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE is a perfect example of this #MSWL #amagenting

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 18 Feb 2019

Is there such a thing as a YA version of Gone With the Wind? If so, please send it to me! #MSWL #amagenting

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 12 Feb 2019

Not a huge fan of a damsel in distress (unless she eventually changes), so please send me all your strongest heroines! #MSWL #amagenting #YA #MG

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 10 Feb 2019

Though I do love fantasy, I don't usually go for stories that are heavily focused on action (huge battles, wars, etc). If there is any political upheaval going on, I need excellent character development and voice to balance out any action. #MSWL #YA #MG #amagenting #amreading

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 9 Feb 2019

Would love to see a reimagining of the modern day royals. Princess submissions are always welcome! #MSWL #YA #MG #amagenting #amreading

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 7 Feb 2019

Please send me your best #YA manuscripts with some romance! And please don’t make the two characters fall in love right away...I need some tension first. #MSWL #amagenting #amreading

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 10 Dec 2018

Was rewatching Apocalypto last night and got a huge desire to see a #YA portrayal of Mayan Civilization in my inbox. Is that possible? Someone please send! #MSWL #amagenting #amreading

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 19 Oct 2018

In the spirit of Halloween, I'd love to get more horror submissions! But I can't stress how important it is to have the overall tone and voice of your manuscript stay creepy throughout the entire story--from start to finish. #MSWL #YA #MG

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 2 Oct 2018

A YA version of Broken by lovelytheband (the song, not necessarily the music video)! #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 2 Oct 2018

Would love to see more YA romcoms in my inbox! Give me what you've got πŸ™ #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 24 Sep 2018

Really kind of sad I never got to go to summer camp as a kid--would love to get some submissions set at a camp so that I can at least pretend I did! #kidlit #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 21 Sep 2018

A YA or MG twist-y game in the vein of CARAVAL, please! #MSWL

Masha Gunic 🧒 @masha_gunic · 13 Sep 2018

Would love to find a compelling YA space opera! The setting, as well as everything that comes with it, has to be well researched. #MSWL