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Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 5 Apr 2019

A random #mswl in advance of our #AskUpstart AMA on Tuesday: I'd love to see a modern day YA reboot of The Legend of Billie Jean. #fairisfair

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 8 Mar 2019

Thinking about my #mswl how I'd like to see more funny young women characters in YA.

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 13 Feb 2019

Russian Doll is an AMAZING SHOW. It got me thinking about my #MSWL. I'd love to see a Groundhog Day-esque YA. It could be a rom com. It could be dark and twisty.

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 1 Feb 2019

In my query inbox today, looking for projects that spark joy. I'm in the mood for voice-driven #mg and #ya stories that break my heart while making me laugh out loud. #MSWL #amreadingqueries #amagenting

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 12 Sep 2018

Now for some nonfiction #mswl: cookbooks, food narrative/memoir, parenting, social issues, micro histories that bring an underrated event/person/movement to light.

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 12 Sep 2018

A repelling yet compelling female YA protagonist, like in Ottessa Moshfegh's MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION. #mswl

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 12 Sep 2018

Likable YA and MG characters who do unlikable things. Think Donna Tartt's Theo in the Goldfinch. #mswl

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 12 Sep 2018

MG that's funny, charming, and full of heart. Oh! And with just a touch of magic. #MSWL

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 3 Aug 2018

My kids are Chinese American. My son, in particular, doesn’t often see himself reflected in the books he reads. I’d love to see more #ownvoices MG books featuring male Asian American characters. #MSWL #askUpstart

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 3 Aug 2018

More #MSWL notes in advance of #AskUpstart on Tue! Spooky, lyrical YA (think CHIME by Franny Billingsley).

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · 1 Aug 2018

Our #AskUpstart session is coming 8/7, I've got a few #MSWL notes. Will be tweeting these throughout the week. First up: I love a good, voicey flawed protagonist. Think Cassel in White Cat by Holly Black.