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Susan @smnystoriak · Jul 23

#mswl I'd love to see: Adult HistFic featuring the Schuyler Sisters or is otherwise connected to our Founding Fathers. Also seeking Adult FBI/Police Procedural, with humor, and a Female lead.

Susan @smnystoriak · Jul 10

#mswl If you have an Adult #histfic about the Schuyler sisters or otherwise connected to the Founding Father’s, I’d love to see it!

Susan @smnystoriak · Jul 10

#mswl An addition to my wishlist! Police procedural featuring a female FBI agent.

Susan @smnystoriak · Jul 4

#mswl In search of Adult and New Adult #romcom! Send me quick, witty dialogue, hilarious and unexpected scenarios, loveable yet flawed characters, and happy endings.

Susan @smnystoriak · 4 Feb 2019

#MSWL update! Looking for YA or A: clean Victorian romances; cozy mysteries with quirky sleuths; esp. if you have either with unreliable narrator. Any "artsy" connections would be a plus! Send QL+first 15 pages to, with my name in the subj.