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Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · May 4

Sarah Guan @🏡 @Sarah_Guan

All this chatter about a vampire (and werewolf) comeback. I have thoughts...

I like my supernatural, human-but-not characters. But I’d love some new takes—not the resurrecting of classics that worked the last time around. Let’s see new perspectives get a bite at that apple.

I think there is lots of room for different takes on this, but for me, Sarah is spot on! Look at the clear emotional stakes (heh) throughout this thread. That's what I love and am drawn to most in stories. So if you have something like this, I 100% would love to see it. #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · Mar 21

Sarah Guan @🏡 @Sarah_Guan

Somebody write this queer Asian romcom. PLEASE. I don’t even want to edit it (unless it has speculative elements); I just want to pour this novel directly into my eyeballs multiple times.…

This is one of the most romantic stories I've ever read, and I so hope it works out for them! This is their lives so it feels a little strange to #MSWL, but anything even remotely like this for any age, I am here for.

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 31 Oct 2019

Replying to @jenazantian

And as a reminder to anyone who sees this. There is the #MSWL page, which is more general about my interests, and then there are #MSWL tweets. I am only looking for stories that fall under the tweets (and I ask that you share the specific tweet in your query).

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 30 Oct 2019

Jennifer Azantian 🕸️🎃 @jenazantian

There are so many ways to go with this. I'd curious to see a story where this tech is commonly used. Rarely (& clandestinely) used. What we as a society & tech-wise do to combat it. What someone would do if their entire likeness &words were stolen/manipulated this way. #MSWL

As always, my tastes run character-driven with cool plot elements and a fast the ideal story for me would follow one (or a couple) POVs in this world with an overarching plot that can either be directly related or somehow just tangentially affected by this tech. #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 30 Oct 2019

claribel a. ortega pre-order my book, GHOST SQUAD! @Claribel_Ortega

As cool as this is (and as useful as it would be for authors with characters on their covers/character art!) all I can think of is the abuse and propaganda that will come from it 😞…

I've heard of tech like this that could easily be used by anyone representing living people AND voice replications. It's the tech with implications I think I'm most concerned about. That said, I think that fear makes it ripe for SFF mining so...this is a must-see #MSWL for me.

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 17 Jul 2019

I need this dynamic in a novel pretty please. Bonus points if they are chefs who fall in love (these two are not, but hey, fiction!)… #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 10 May 2019

I really do love #TheBoldType. If you can comp your book to it (especially the female friendships, diverse experiences, and chasing your dreams), please send it my way. #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 13 Feb 2019

Very specific #MSWL. Brad & Claire are not a couple, but I would love to see a story about chefs who work in a kitchen and bicker/help/push/adore each other like this and fall for each other. Watch this fun series and you'll get what I mean!…