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Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 20

What about The Breakfast Club, but in a youth group missions trip/mandatory community service backdrop? Either multiple POV or from the perspective of the self-declared social outcast who realizes these are her people, after all? #MSWL #Christian #YA #Contemporary

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

I've loved John Knowles since middle school. If you could call your MS "A Separate Peace" for Christian teens, I want to read it. I'm not sure how you'd make it "Christian," but I work for a Christian press, so I have to have some faith element. Just don't be cheesy :). #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

One specific #MSWL for Christian #YA: I live in a small southern town, and I'd love a narrator with that undercurrent of commentary on everyone else and their "kin" who learns the hard way that the crazies around her are HER PEOPLE. Be sure to include a covered dish scene.

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

For #contemporary #YA, smart, humorous, introspective first person is more likely to draw me in, but I can fall in love with a sweet, dreamy voice, too. My tolerance for sap and cliche is pretty low, so be very careful with those. #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

I DO love allegory, but I'm very particular about HOW it's done. Rich, gently tended symbolism is a must. Be clear, but not obvious; be original, but true to the source. #MSWL #CF #YA

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

I love Lloyd Alexander's simple, beautiful characters and the grace with which he treats even his villains, but most of all, I love his themes of honor being found among the lowly. I would love to work on a MS that makes me feel like I've found a new Prydain. #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 12

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn

With #FaithPitch coming up in a few weeks, I want to share a few #MSWL items...…

I'm just not into angels. Same goes for demons, werewolves, vampires, witches, and memoir, especially when pronounced meh-MWAH. anti-#MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 3

Speaking of allegory, I am all about rich, layered symbolism at every turn - names, characters, plot, setting, tiny, seemingly insignificant details that are actually hugely symbolic of glorious truth. If you have a #YA #CF #fantasy like this, I'd love to see it. #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 12 Sep 2018

I’m specifically looking for #YA Christian Fantasy. I’ll take Contempory YA #CF, too, but I really want to get lost in a new world! #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 12 Sep 2018

I'd love to find a lyrical #YA Christian fantasy that doesn't shy away from struggle and loss, but ultimately conveys strong themes of redemption, restoration, and hope. #MSWL #CF

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 12 Sep 2018

I hope to post more specific #MSWL items throughout the day, but this will give you a general idea what I'm looking for and how to query me at @anaiahpress. No Twitter pitches, please! :) #YA #CF…

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 31 Mar 2018

Whether allegorical fantasy or contemporary #Christian #YA, if your manuscript feels like @NeedtoBreathe - raw, honest, mud-longing for beauty- I'd love to see your query. #mswl

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 21 Feb 2018

I'm still on the hunt for #Christian/#Ispy #YA fantasy and contemporary. If you see your story on my #MSWL, I'd love to hear from you!…

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 24 Jan 2018

I'd love to see some #YA #Christian #Fantasy along the lines of C.S. Lewis, Donita K. Paul, and my ever adored Lloyd Alexander. Dragons welcome. Angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, and the like not so welcome. #mswl

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 18 Jan 2018

I hope to steal a few moments of this busy day to scroll through #IWSGPit. In the meantime, if you have something that fits my wishlist, please feel free to query me. #YA #F #Contemp #CF #MSWL…

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 11 Jan 2018

I really love Lloyd Alexander. His work is simply beautiful on so many levels. If you can add a #Christian element in a #CSLewis-esque manner - obvious, but not overwhelming, and generally enjoyed regardless of the reader's faith - I would be over the moon. #MSWL #YA, #Fantasy

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 10 Jan 2018

I'd also like #Contemporary #Christian/#Inspy #YA featuring homeschooled students in an honest, ultimately positive light. Showcase the weird and wonderful side of this diverse community with humor and love. #MSWL

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · 10 Jan 2018

Fantasy retelling of a biblical story - maybe Esther, Jonah, Hagar, or Hosea and his unfaithful wife. Set it somewhere new and magical. Add depth and imagination, but not heresy or gratuitous sex/violence. Lead reader through mud to beauty. #MSWL #Christian #YA #Fantasy