Wendy Wong
She/her. Associate editor at Ballantine. Food + books + insomnia = my life in a nutshell.

My wishlist in a nutshell: diaspora, liminal spaces, counterintuitive, memoir w/ reportage, food, social horror, mythology, light speculative, NYC stories, historical, contemporary, multigenerational. And always, always prioritizing intersectional work from marginalized writers.

Stephanie Stein
Senior Editor @HarperChildrens & @HarperTeen , she/her, 47% caffeine by volume. Opinions my own, and I do have a lot of them. 🌈
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Alexandra Weiss
Literary Agent
Associate agent at Azantian Literary. Book lover, space enthusiast, dream chaser. (Closed to queries!) She/her. 💖💜💙 Profile pic: @KaneIcarusLynch
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For MG, I would love to see contemporary stories like FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON, STARFISH, and VIOLETS ARE BLUE. I’d also love to see more light fantasy projects inspired by non-western mythology! #MSWL

Justin Nash
Literary Agent
Managing Director @KNLitAgency . Literary agent & history geek. Emotional depth, clever ideas & immersive worlds are my thing. Current wants in the pinned tweet.
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I am looking for thrillers and crime fiction of all types; book club and historical fiction that moves me and makes me think (including novels featuring fantasy/mythology). In non-fiction, books which open up the conversation and take me on a journey. #mswl

Ernie Chiara
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @FuseLiterary ⟡ Seeking authentic stories by traditionally underpublished voices ⟡ SFWA ⟡ Founder @TBRstacklinktr.ee/erniechiara

✨ Surreal, atmospheric horror that unpacks societal and/or personal traumas
✨Monster reimaginings from BIPOC POVs or steeped in SWANA or other non-western mythologies
✨Body horror, psychological horror, gothic, historical, and/or genre-blended with fantasy or sci-fi.


Meg Gaertner
Senior editor @fluxbooks + @jollyfishpress . YA fantasy/sci-fi writer. Swing dancer. Music lover. Philosophizer. Tweets are my own. she/her. meggaertner.com

-Immersive YA high fantasy and sci-fi with well-defined rules (be it unique magic systems or technology)

-YA inspired by or reimagining folklore or mythology

-Humorous, voice-y MG, as well as MG that recognizes the harder truths of the world while being ultimately hopeful

Nivia Evans
Senior Editor at Orbit/Redhook. PW Star Watch Superstar 2020. Openly Black. I read things...all the time.

I'm in the mood for some upmarket spec fic based on the Egyptian myths. I would also love to see an angsty, romantic, political, intense high fantasy series centered on Osiris and Isis. #mswl

Kim Lindman
Literary Agent
lit agent + smm @StonesongNYC repping cookbooks, nonfiction + select fiction! (send me yours ⬇️) tweets about books/food/life/#adopteevoices *opinions mine*
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in fiction and nonfiction, I particularly want to see more BIPOC, disabled, LGBT+ authors (though please don't feel pressured to disclose anything you're not comfortable with)
more indigenous/non-Western culture, mythology, and tropes

Page Turner Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Page Turner Literary reps kid lit authors & illustrators. I stand with all people whose right to choose/privacy was taken away. 🏳️‍🌈 (he/him)

#GN horror, contemporary, HF, retelling, mythology
#CB/early readers anything goes for fiction. For NF STEM, Bios of little know historical figures

I love books that show all the brilliant colors of my community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ and underrepresented voices


#queries #MSWL

Carolina Ortiz
🇨🇱❤️💜💙 Editor @ Harper Children's | @PocPub Co-Director | @LatinxinPub Mentorship Co-Director | Lover of bookstores y tequila| She/Her| Avi @emcorm
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SFF💫 I would love to see futures that star BIPOC casts and fantasy worlds inspired by non-Western folklores and myths

Horror💫 I'm looking for elevated horror that unpacks societal, community, and/or personal traumas, as well as any monster reimaginings from a BIPOC POV

Stephanie Stein
Senior Editor @HarperChildrens & @HarperTeen , she/her, 47% caffeine by volume. Opinions my own, and I do have a lot of them. 🌈
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📚 Stories about stories, language, and how and why myths are made and passed down, especially from BIPOC and diaspora perspectives
🌟 Hopepunk! I want to be in tears about humanity's potential to work together and light a spark in the face of darkness #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson
Literary Agent
Agent @belcastr . insta: kjbelcastro. Freelance Editor. Serial comma for life. She/her. Query at QueryManager.com/1147
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Would love Horror that pulls from non-European legends, too. Myths or superstitions and whatnot that feed into this creep factor

For MG, horror that feels realistic to kids. Not something that seems to push things too far
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Hannah VanVels
Literary Agent
📚 Literary Agent @belcastr | Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | Amateur baker | Sparkling water enthusiast | she/her ✏️
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In Middle Grade, I'd love to see:
🧢Fantasy inspired by myths, folklore, or legends—especially if it's not European
🧢Historical that centers POC stories
🧢Contemporary with an environmental bent
🧢Horror with ghosts, creepy crawlies, and witches
🧢 Earth-based sci-fi

Cortney Radocaj
Literary Agent
literary agent @belcastr • she/they • queer • neurodivergent • query me at QueryManager.com/CortneyRadocaj
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a quick FYI for my #mswl:

i love retellings (fairytale, mythology, etc.) and am always happy to see them in my box!

HOWEVER, i *do not* like super obvious retellings. they HAVE to be subtle for me to like them - think ACOTAR and ACOMAF, CINDER, or FOR THE WOLF

Hilary Harwell
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @KTLiterary | Seeker of profundity, sunshine, fun, & good books. She/her. 🇸🇪🇱🇹 Closed to queries. querymanager.com/HilaryHarwell
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In the #picturebook #PB realm, I'm really focusing on culturally grounded stories from marginalized authors and non-fiction that focuses on lesser known heroes/historical figures/etc. Here I love folklore, non-western mythology, etc. I don't typically tend to gravitate toward -

Rebecca Kuss
senior editor @ rick riordan presents+disney hyperion. @DVpit_ program manager. 🇰🇷✡️. she/her.
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im ALWAYS looking for ✨contemporary✨ stories that center BIPOC & lead w joy!!!!

for RRP i'd love stories w an emphasis on intersectionality, deeply tied to culture & identity--bonus points for stories that play with magic/supernatural/mythology in fresh, exciting ways #mswl

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for 🦉 @CityOwlPress and #MysticOwlBooks . 🦉 INFJ Addicted to 🌞sunshine, ☕️coffee, 🏍motorcycle riding, and ⛺camping.
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#mswl I'd also love a twist on mythology, gods, curses, legends, fairy tales... Put a spin on the stories we already know.

The Blair Partnership
Literary Agency
Literary and Entertainment Agency | bit.ly/TBPsubmissions 📝
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I’m fascinated with folklore, fables, fairy-tales, mythology – anything which works these elements into its narrative will definitely grab my attention, whether that’s in the crime/thriller, historical or literary space #mswl