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Literary agent at the Kate Nash Literary Agency. Bookish chat and moaning, mostly. Graceless in the face of free food. Often forgets what goes on in DMs.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Mar 23

Seeing a lot of 'timely' manuscripts (read 'dystopian') in our submissions inbox when all I want is ESCAPISM.

I want your fluffy romances, the book equivalent of a Bollywood film, feel-good cosy stuff with a great hook that make you WANT to stay in.

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Feb 25

So, what I want is:
- A strong voice and clear concept that grabs you immediately
- Straightforward language
- Age appropriate story

If this is you and you are writing funny, magical, adventure or detective MG stories pleeease send in!

#querytip #mswl

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Feb 25

- A mismatch between themes and reading level e.g. younger story told in advanced language
- Adopting 'young' style in dialogue but not in the rest the of narrative
#querytip #mswl

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Feb 25

Common issues that mean I'll pass on a manuscript:
- Story/writing style/word choices more suited for an older readership
- The 'call of action' coming too late / too much exposition
#querytip #mswl

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Feb 25

I've been trawling our subs inbox for great middle grade. I thought I'd share some observations:
- Firstly, we don't get sent enough of it!
- Seeing a lot eco themes, historical, & animal protagonists - Not enough contemporary
- A lot of Upper MG, not enough Lower
#querytip #mswl

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · Feb 12

Getting some traction for an old #mswl tweet so thought I should update with what I am actively looking for RIGHT NOW: Crime and psychological thrillers with a very, very, very clear hook, and wonderful MG - warm, funny, contemporary, magical - anything with a great voice!

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 29 Nov 2019


Where is Elizabeth?

#ElizabethIsMissing, adapted from Emma Healey's best-selling novel, is coming to @BBCOne & @BBCiPlayer on Sunday 8th December at 9pm.

Gosh, watching this trailer made me remember how much I love this book.
Authors, if anyone is working on a timeslip mystery or something for fans of ELIZABETH IS MISSING in general, please do send in.
#MSWL #WritingCommunity

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 26 Nov 2019

Recently started listening to Lucinda Riley's Seven Sisters series in audio, so am naturally updating my #MSWL to ask for big, emotional, multigenerational, historical/dual timeline stories with a strong thread of history/art/astrology or similar:

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 2 Oct 2019

Doing a #mswl call out to say that I am on the lookout for something dark and creepy with a reeeeeally strong hook. Edge of my seat stuff.
No biggie, right? 💁‍♀️
#writingcommunity #amwriting

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 21 Feb 2019

So... right NOW would be a good time to send me contemporary YA. I'm prowling the submissions inbox for a strong voice and interesting relationships.
(SFF - I see you, I love you, I respect you, but I am not looking for you at the mo) #mswl #amquerying

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 7 Jan 2019

Right, (like a lot of other people) I've finished reading The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (🤯) and I'm adding high-concept novels to my submissions wishlist!
Subs guidelines:
#askagent #literaryagent #MSWL #amquerying #amwriting

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 10 Oct 2018

KA Whitfield @Whit_Writes

@katenashagent @LinaLanglee #AskAgent Do you have a MSWL?

Wishlists are tricky because they are always changing BUT, I would definitely like to sign some ‘uplit’, a good crime procedural series and a bunch of YA. And I would love to see more diversity in all the aforementioned categories! #AskAgent

Lina Langlee @LinaLanglee · 10 Oct 2018

Replying to @JeannaLStars

Oh, it is difficult to say what you are NOT looking for because you sometimes surprise yourself (or rather, a great submission surprises you)! Things I'm looking for at the moment includes 'uplit', great police procedural and contemporary issue-driven YA. #AskAgent