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I #amreading mythological #fantasy. Got any new takes on old, classic myths? #mswl buff.ly/1W8xyHe https://t.co/gUUbbAyQ7m

Amelia Appel
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Literary Agent @triadaus . Always learning. Love all things sports. When not reading, likely running. Or downing a dozen donuts in one sitting. She/Her
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RETELLINGS! Shakespeare, mythology, fairy tale, anything with a fresh spin on a classic story. #MSWL

Kurestin Armada
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Literary Agent at @RootLiterary . Specializes in science fiction, fantasy, & graphic novels for all ages.
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#MSWL Still into retellings of fairy-tales and myths, but with some kind of twist. Different ending? Gender swapped? You tell me!

Erica Bauman
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Literary Agent at @AevitasCreative , writer, cat lady, musical theater superfan, TV watcher, donut obsessed, she/her. All views are my own.
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On the hunt for #YA retellings of obscure fairy tales/mythology/folklore and lesser-known classic literature #mswl