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BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · Jan 27

Buford wasn’t fully riveted by Jessica F’s most recent read, but she was!! #MSWL for more Women’s Fiction like Abby Waxman. #SundayFeeling…

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 19 Dec 2018

It's that time of year when agents are sharing their #MSWL's like wildfire. Here's a handy guide on what James calls the two types of MSWL, and how you might decode them. #pubtip…

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 22 Oct 2018

Our Monday #Bookstagram is also James’s #WeekendReads and also his #MSWL. Susan’s Bone Gap Mystery series has everything James is looking for in a Mystery! An original and awesome……

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 3 Oct 2018

Tracy Marchini can be lured in by anything duck related. You can Trap her with (hot) chocolate and a book as thrilling as Dry by @nealshusterman and jarrodshusterman #MSWL. Or a clever……

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 1 Oct 2018

Up next: How to Trap Kim Lionetti: it’s quite simply actually, a Ryan Gosling meme, chocolate, peanut butter (or both) and a couple good reads. Specifically: a YA thriller (#MSWL) or……

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 1 Oct 2018

If you’ve got any other podcast themed books, we want to see them! #MSWL

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 26 Sep 2018

Here is Moe Ferrara capping off our Instagram run for #MSWLDay:

At the top of Moe’s #MSWL is all things LGBTQ+-related in MG, YA, and Adult. Her wants are leaniing a bit more on the……

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 26 Sep 2018

Today at BookEnds we’ll be sharing our #MSWL and #OneDreamBook across all of our social media platforms to help writers get a better sense of what we’re dying to see right now. (A one day……

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 10 Aug 2018

@wensday95 wants #Historicalfiction with a slight #speculative or #horror bent like Alma Katsu's THE HUNGER or Sarah Perry's THE ESSEX SERPENT
BONUS: she also wants contemp mystery/thriller where setting is integral like Jane Harper's books or Attica Locke's BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD.

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 23 Jun 2018

Beth celebrated Boston #pride a couple weeks ago with this badass sign. AND here is your reminder that many agents on #TeamBookEnds are actively seeking #LGBTQ & #ownvoices representation across the genres! #query #mswl