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Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 6d

Agent friends, I've been hungry for a smart, incisive, fresh retelling--think A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE. If you've got something like that in YA or MG, send it my way! #MSWL

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · May 5

Babu Prit (Preeti Chhibber) @runwithskizzers

I've been chasing the feeling of watching Hot Priest ask Fleabag what she's doing when she talks to us since I watched #Fleabag season 2 and nothing has come close

This will always be an #MSWL for me. The playfulness with form, the setting up of expectations only to blow them out to a new level, the sharp use of direct address through the fourth wall: this moment took this show from good to masterclass.

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Mar 24

gayesanders @gayesanders

@stephlystein Is there anything you’ve really yearned for lately in your inbox? #okscbwichat

Always! I'm dying for some deeply emotional MG contemporary, smart MG fantasy/adventure, and a sweeping, EPIC YA romance. More of my recent wishlist items are on the hashtag #MSWL! #okscbwichat

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Mar 11

Agent friends, it would be cool of you to send me some more stuff to read while I practice ~social distancing~ and try not to let myself anxiety spiral! Just sayin'. 👀 #MSWL

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Mar 2

Would love a killer middle grade mystery.* Spooky/supernatural, cozy, and Westing Game puzzle-style varieties all encouraged. #mswl

*no actual murder required

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Feb 12

I turned 30 (!!!) last weekend, an occasion I'm seizing to share my #MSWL this year:
- sweeping YA romance
- ✨queer magic✨
- savvy, commercial MG fantasy
- joyful queer & POC stories
- & POC authors with something to say
- emotional contemporary MG
- cozy af graphic novels

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Jan 28

Agents, I am starving for something ROMANTIC. Lush writing, big emotions, pining, a love-conquers-all mood: I want to fall in love! #mswl

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Jan 2

At the top of my #MSWL this year: AMBITION. I'm looking for books that take big swings at big feelings and bigger questions, with writing that makes me stop in my tracks and whisper, holy $%!*. Let's do this, 2020.

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 13 Dec 2019

Are we all still talking about how much we love witches? Because Y E S. Would love for witches of all kinds to be a big theme in my inbox in 2020! #mswl

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 2 Dec 2019

Back at my desk with this #mswl thought from the holiday weekend: I would love a book about advice columns! (Do I read not one but several? Yes. Did I write one for my high school newspaper? MAYBE.)

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 13 Nov 2019

Very specific #mswl time: I've been craving a middle grade book about wishes (with any degree of actual magic). Agent friends, if you've got one of these up your sleeve, send it my way!